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Ashley Bennett Tattoo Artist

Connecticut Tattoo Artist Ashley Bennett 1Connecticut Tattoo Artist Ashley Bennett 2Connecticut Tattoo Artist Ashley Bennett 3Connecticut Tattoo Artist Ashley Bennett 4

Ashley Bennett
(Body Graphics Tattoo)

73 John Fitch Blvd, South Windsor, Connecticut 06074
(860) 289-6534

Tattoo Styles: American Traditional
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Lydia Bruno Tattoo Artist

New York Tattoo Artist Lydia Bruno 1New York Tattoo Artist Lydia Bruno 2New York Tattoo Artist Lydia Bruno 3New York Tattoo Artist Lydia Bruno 4

Lyndia Bruno
(Unique Arts Studio)

130 Broad St, Glens Falls, New York 12801
(518) 542-9050

Tattoo Styles: Custom, New School, Color, Black & Grey
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Blue Dragon Tattoo San Francisco


Blue Dragon Tattoo

Address: 3402 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94118

Phone: (415) 742-4467

Tattoo Artists: Jeff Gentry, Nakona, Hayden Strong

Tattoo Profile: We are a close-knit group of artists dedicated to creating quality tattoos. We treat every client with care and respect. We have a high level of stylistic versatility ranging from dotwork, bold traditional, realistic, and illustrative tattooing. Stop by the shop and talk with us about your ideas. Walk-ins are always welcome!

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Damon Butler Tattoo Artist

Massachusetts Tattoo Artist Damon Butler 1Massachusetts Tattoo Artist Damon Butler 2Massachusetts Tattoo Artist Damon Butler 3Massachusetts Tattoo Artist Damon Butler 4

Damon Butler
(Extreme Fantasy Body Art)

491 Washington St, Abington, Massachusetts 02351
(781) 871-7272

Tattoo Styles:Custom, New School, Black & Grey
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Jose Fernandez Fresno

Jose Fernandez - Fresno

Tattoo Styles: Portrait, Realism, Black & Grey, Custom Script

Tattoo Profile: Currently a free-lance tattoo artist who's primary focus is in providing my clients with quality art, professional service and a clean sterile environment. I specialize in realistic tattoos and add my personal touch to every piece to make it unique. My work is mostly influenced by Gothic art, architecture, portraiture, surrealism, and nature.

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Angel Cruz Chicago

Angel Cruz Tattoos 4Angel Cruz Tattoos 3Angel Cruz Tattoos 2Angel Cruz Tattoos 1Chicago Tattoo Artist Angel Cruz 5Chicago Tattoo Artist Angel Cruz 6Chicago Tattoo Artist Angel Cruz 7Chicago Tattoo Artist Angel Cruz 8

Angel Cruz (Tattoo Boulevard)

Address: 4835 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60630

Phone: (872) 206-2807

Tattoo Styles: Realism, Portrait, Watercolor, Japanese, Americana, Cover-ups, Custom

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Omar ‘Fame’ Gonzalez Tattoos Miami

g1 (1) lebron james tattoo lion bodyp1 (15)

Fame Tattoos

Address: 1409 W 49th St, Hialeah, FL 33012

Phone: (305) 303-2025 or (305) 303-8308

Tattoo Artists: Omar Gonzalez

Tattoo Styles: Realism, Portrait, Black & Grey, Color, Traditional, Japanese, New School, Neo-Traditional, Polynesian, and Custom

Tattoo Removal: We provide All natural, Non-Laser Tattoo Removal, Tattoo Vanish Method is far Less Painful, More Cost Effective as it requires up to 50% Fewer Treatments.

Tattoo Profile: Fame Tattoos is the Best Tattoo Shop in Miami we take Tattoo Art to a different level spiritually and mentally. We have a high level of continuous clientele and catering to famous people. We don't consider ourselves average tattoo artist. Our work is based on passion and vision, where we like to picture ourselves as if were writing or drawing a story of our clients life, past, future, or artistic Passion.

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Jay Blondel Tattoo Artist

New York Tattoo Artist Jay Blondel 1New York Tattoo Artist Jay Blondel 2New York Tattoo Artist Jay Blondel 3New York Tattoo Artist Jay Blondel 4

Jay Blondel
(Alchemy Tattoo)

2771 Jerusalem Ave, North Bellmore, New York 11710
(516) 783-1820

Tattoo Styles: Custom, Portrait, Black & Grey
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Side Show Studios Sacramento


Side Show Studios

Address: 2111 28th Street Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone: (916) 391-6400

Tattoo Artists: Char Hall, Maddy Smith

Tattoo Profile: Our artists are amazing! They come from a variety of different art backgrounds, giving the studio a supportive environment for fostering creativity. Stop in sometime to check out the gallery space if you are wanting to get a feel for our studio.

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Mr B’s Tattoos Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Artist Mike Brennan 1Baltimore Tattoo Artist Mike Brennan 2Baltimore Tattoo Artist Mike Brennan 2Baltimore Tattoo Artist Mike Brennan 3

Mr B's Tattoos

Address: 7554 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD 21236

Phone: (410) 668-3567

Tattoo Artists: Mike Brennan, Jay Needlez, Rob Smith

Tattoo Profile: Mr B's offers quality and professional body piercings to customers . Serving the area for the past 7 years, our staff is experienced and able to provide a wide variety of piercings.

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Max Growick

NYC Tattoo Artist Max Growick 1NYC Tattoo Artist Max Growick 2NYC Tattoo Artist Max Growick 3NYC Tattoo Artist Max Growick 4

Max Growick

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Las Vegas Tattoo Artist Spider 1Las Vegas Tattoo Artist Spider 2Las Vegas Tattoo Artist Spider 3Las Vegas Tattoo Artist Spider 4


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Dragonfly Tatoo Studios Kansas City

Kansas City Tattoo Artist Troy 4Kansas City Tattoo Artist Troy 3Kansas City Tattoo Artist Troy 2Kansas City Tattoo Artist Troy 1

Dragonfly Tattoo Studios

Address: 7111 Leavenworth Rd, Kansas City, KS 66109

Phone: (913) 287-7374

Tattoo Artists: Troy, Abigail, Diana, Jeremy

Tattoo Profile: Dragonfly Tattoo Studios is not your typical tattoo shop. We offer a bright, clean, and safe environment to service all your tattoo needs. Here, you won't find a lot of bells and whistles but you will find good honest people, some good conversation, and you will get an awesome tattoo. It's just that simple!

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Billy Jack Gunter

Billy Jack Gunter

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Sean Adams

Chicago Tattoo Artist Sean Adams 1Chicago Tattoo Artist Sean Adams 2Chicago Tattoo Artist Sean Adams 3Chicago Tattoo Artist Sean Adams 4

Sean Adams

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Saints & Sinners Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Jim Judeikis 4Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Jim Judeikis 3Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Jim Judeikis 2Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Jim Judeikis 1

Saints & Sinners

Address: 1610 Thames Street Baltimore, MD 21231

Phone: (410) 276-1300

Tattoo Artists: Jim Judeikis, Dwaine Shannon, Christian Beckman, Brett Burnham

Tattoo Profile: Saints and Sinners wants your blood. Come get tattooed.

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Joy Rumore

NYC Tattoo Artist Joy Rumore 1NYC Tattoo Artist Joy Rumore 2NYC Tattoo Artist Joy Rumore 3NYC Tattoo Artist Joy Rumore 4

Joy Rumore

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Deanna Wardin Tattoos San Francisco

San Francisco Tattoo Artist Deanna Wardin 1San Francisco Tattoo Artist Deanna Wardin 2San Francisco Tattoo Artist Deanna Wardin 3San Francisco Tattoo Artist Deanna Wardin 4

Deanna Wardin (Tattoo Boogaloo)

Address: 528 Green Street San Francisco, CA 94133

Phone: (415) 391-1053

Tattoo Profile: I am a shop co-owner and tattoo artist at Tattoo Boogaloo in the heart of North Beach in San Francisco, California. Because of my varied interests, It now seems that a lot of my tattoos look like paintings with elements of graphic design, and a lot of my illustrations look like tattoos.

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Alan Ferioli

NYC Tattoo Artist Alan Ferioli 1NYC Tattoo Artist Alan Ferioli 2NYC Tattoo Artist Alan Ferioli 3NYC Tattoo Artist Alan Ferioli 4

Alan Ferioli

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Eternal Tattoos Livonia

Detroit Tattoo Artist Trent Thompson 1Detroit Tattoo Artist Trent Thompson 2Detroit Tattoo Artist Trent Thompson 3Detroit Tattoo Artist Trent Thompson 4

Eternal Tattoos

Address: 27590 Plymouth Road, Livonia, MI 48150

Phone: (734) 425-0428

Tattoo Artists: TJ Hodge, Doug Bickle, Trent Thompson, Kevin Lytle, Cheryl Tash, Corey Lewis, Dennis Halbritter, Joey Gonyea, Dennis Mackie

Tattoo Profile: Eternal Tattoos was founded by Terry "Tramp" Welker in 1980. Since then he has expanded to 5 tattoo shops and is the creator of Eternal Inks. Eternal has been the home of world class artists such as Bob Tyrell, Marshall Bennett, Tom Renshaw and many more.

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