Tired of the ordinary tattoo? A heart with “mom” across it just doesn’t cut it for you? Are unicorns, flowers, dolphins, and rainbows just too blasé for you? Well then you might be the type of person that could better express yourself with an abstract tattoo. What is an abstract tattoo you ask? Well, first let’s look at what abstract means.

Abstract is defined a few different ways, but these definitions combined may explain the complexity that is you, and this in turn can be expressed artistically through the art of tattoo. Abstract as an adjective can mean “existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence”, which describes the image in your mind as you conceive the image you wish to portray.

Abstract is also defined as verb as “something theoretical or separate from something else,” which could describe you as an individual, separate from the mainstream, a unique individual which is expressed in the design of your skin art. Abstract can also be defined as a noun, as in a “summary of the contents of a book, article, or formal speech.” Just like the tattoo you wear is a summary of you, a peek inside what is you, if you will.

Finally, abstract is defined as “a work of art which often requires an in depth analysis to understand the complexity of the work.” All of these things combined complete the full story; an abstract tattoo is a work of art that is an outward expression of the inner complexity and uniqueness that is you. Here are some of our favorite abstract tattoos: