All-Seeing Eye Tattoo Meaning

The All-seeing Eye, also known as the Eye of Providence, is a symbol of the Christian God, often used in American iconography to represent the strong Christian background that the country has adopted. The eye is imaged on the American dollar bill, pictured above an incomplete pyramid, encircled by beams of light to emphasize the eye’s significance. It is associated with Freemasonry and more recently, with the purportedly surreptitious organization, the Illuminati. It is also used on many state seals within the United States as well as in Eastern Europe. The eye is a representation of God and his omnipotence which is then created as a symbol of the power of the country or state by which it is used.

The All-seeing Eye is almost always enclosed in a triangle, pointing to the pyramid over which it is pictured on the dollar bill. The triangle is often embellished with a design, sometimes made to appear like a frame, geometric shapes, or mandalas. The eye is usually done semi-realistically with the pupil looking directly forward, although it can be rendered to appear looking away as well.

Owls, a symbol of wisdom, or other birds and animals are sometimes used to create a larger image often geometric lines added. These shapes fill space surrounding the Eye to add visual appeal as well as a design more specific to the individual.

The All-seeing Eye can be designed much smaller and more simply, placed in a smaller area of the body. The Eye is often done in simple lines without detail but still encased in a triangle. Lines representing light beams, within or without the triangle, are often included as well to ensure the Eye is clearly represented.

The hamsa hand is sometimes incorporated into the design along with the Eye to create a symbol of protection. The All-seeing Eye in this way becomes a ward against the Evil Eye, blending culture of the Middle East with the culture of the West.