Angel tattoos are an incredibly popular choice for both men and women.

Traditionally, angels are used to represent the relationship between heaven and earth and are viewed as messengers between divine entities and humans.

Angel tattoos are also used by many to memorialize a loved one who has passed. In this regard they are viewed as guardians of the soul who protect and guide our loved ones to the heavenly realms.

Historically, angels can be used to symbolize power, victory and courage. They were used to represent determination and skill in battle. An example of this is Archangel Michael who was the ultimate warrior and whose image can be used to depict spiritual strength in the face of adversity.

Angel tattoos can also represent ones faith. Angels are watchers who are forever observing. An angel tattoo can be a reminder to keep the faith and trust our inner light.

Other symbolic meanings for angels are hope, trust, divinity, spirit, awareness, intelligence, purity, courage, innocence, love and protection.

As with most tattoos there are multiple versions of these tattoos that can be selected. Examples are:

Cherub: Characterized by winged babies with chubby cheeks, cherubs represent love. The most iconic cherub includes a bow and arrow to symbolize cupid.

Guardian angel: These angels are viewed as being protective representatives of god who guide mankind towards good deeds. These tattoos depict a man or woman with wings and occasionally are shown holding the hand of a child. Some people also opt to get a tattoo of just a guardian angel wing to protect them from dangers and difficulty in their lives.

Fallen angel: These tattoos often depict men or women in tattered or torn clothing and wings. Fallen angels are those who have been banished from heaven for wrong doing. They represent the good and evil inside every man. They are also considered evil angels and can represent the dark side of life. Popular choices are Lucifer, Mephistopheles and Beelijibub.

Angel of death: This angel is also referred to as the grim reaper. However, there is a difference between the two- the grim reaper does not have wings and is draped in a black cloak whereas the angel of death typically has exotic wings.