Angel Wings Tattoos

The sight of angel wings can reference different aspects of angelic mythology, mostly found within the Christian Bible. Wings can be a representation of purity and innocence or the great strength of a warrior, depending on the way they are rendered. Regardless of the wings’ appearance, they convey a heavenly and celestial aura that radiates from the image.

When placed on the back, angel wings are often a tribute to oneself, portraying a stellar quality. If the wings are smaller, delicate, or rounded and appear soft and light, the image is angelic. The symbol is a representation of an innate kindness and generosity that makes a charitable personality. They also appear cherubic, conveying a strong sense of innocence and a sweet, adoring air.

Larger, more defined and more sharply detailed wings can be meant to represent the wings of an archangel, one of the high-ranking warrior angels of God’s army. They often are charged with bringing the message of God to the people of Earth and appear to various significant figures throughout various religious texts (particularly Judaism and Christianity). The appearance of these wings is often darker and more realistic, lending a graver tone to the image. This enhances the authority that the wings of an archangel command, giving the image the quality of a protector.

Angel wings are also placed on various parts of the body, notably the wrists or forearms to serve as a reminder. This can be a reminder for oneself or a reminder of a loved one who has passed on. Wings often accompany R.I.P. tattoos to show that the deceased has become an angel in heaven.

The appearance of wings is associated with flight and the freedom of that ability, the angelic qualities elevate that image to one of purity and virtue. Not only is the spirit liberated, but also set free into the Kingdom of God to preform good and live on as an angel.