Aquarius Tattoos

A sign that thrives in deep and swirling waters, the symbol of the Aquarius (♒) is that of the water-bearer. Those born between January 20th and February 18th enter the world under the constellation of Aquarius and are known for their fluid and friendly personalities. Their significance as humanitarians and world leaders is embodied in the metaphor of the water-bearer, a being whose existence serves the good of humanity.

The constellation is a depiction of an ancient deity from the Babylonian era holding an overflowing vase or cup. It is a symbol of bounty, good omens, and good will. One of the oldest and most active constellations (multiple meteor showers can be seen running through the constellation annually), the form of Aquarius has been noted in dozens of ancient cultures. In all mythologies, the water-bearer is a gorgeous, desirable being who goes on to serve others in some way. The image of the constellation is often pictured with the (♒) waves of the zodiac sign, emphasizing the quick-flowing intellect of the Aquarius.

The water-bearer can be illustrated in various ways, depending on the intent of the image. A beautiful woman with long, flowing hair holding or carrying a vase spilling with water is a popular choice for men and women. It emphasizes the sensitive, caring, and compassionate qualities of the Aquarius sign while incorporating the myth behind the constellation. Mermaids are used as well to add focus to the aquatic nature of the zodiac sign, or other majestic creatures like tigers, elephants, etc.

The image of a strong, muscular man pouring an enormous vase of water serves well as a more masculine symbol. It portrays the bolder and more self-sustaining qualities of the Aquarius, highlighting their authority and tendencies toward leadership.

The image of the over-flowing vase is an attractive symbol on its own, focusing on the generosity of the Aquarius person. The seemingly endless stream of crystal clear water is also a symbol of the fluid wisdom and inquisitive nature of the sign.