The sign of the Aries (♈) is the noble and steady ram. The born under the sign of Aries, between March 21st and April 20th, are known for their determination, courage, and assertiveness. Ruled by the Roman god Mars, the god of war, Aries are symbolized by their independence and their ability to manage any situation that is thrown at them. The symbol of the ram, steadfast with their aggressive horns, Aries are a force to be reckoned with.

The sign itself (♈) is a replication of the ram’s head, a symbol of the Aries head-first attitude. It is a popular image for conveying the Zodiac symbol. The ram is a representation of the Golden Fleece (aka Chrysomallus), a legend of Greek mythology. In this story, a winged ram is both a hero and an object of great value, a symbol of kingship and valor. The golden fleece that covers the legendary winged ram is sought out by Greek heroes who must undertake great feats in order to obtain the fleece which was guarded by a dragon. The image of the winged, golden ram, the origin of the constellation of Aries, is the ultimate symbol of the Zodiac sign. It conveys the bold and strong-willed qualities of the Aries.

A butting ram is a popular image for the Aries, displaying the bold and forward confidence of the sign. Depicting the ram head on with its large horns framing the visage is another perspective that shows these qualities. The horns themselves can also be used to portray the more specific obstinate characteristics of the ram.

The constellation can also be used as a striking tattoo, which in the Western Zodiac creates the image of a kicking ram. The constellation is one of the dimmest but ubiquitously written about in many ancient cultures. Egyptians worship the constellation as a representation of the ram-headed god Amon-Ra, a representation of fertility and creation.