Batman Tattoos

Batman, or Bruce Wayne, is a globally iconic superhero created by DC Comics at the end of the 1940s. He maintains justice in a city analogous of New York with vigilantism and brute force. Because of his absence of super powers, he relies on his own martial arts skills, quick wit, and an array of gadgets. His humanity makes him a relatable character as his abilities are achievable by any dedicated soul.

The Batman logo is one of the most common images used and can be rendered in many ways. The sharp-lined bat silhouette is originally solid black but can be filled with designs that make the image appear more intricate. Within the outline of the logo images of Gotham City, Batman himself, any Batman villains, or anything else related to the comics will create an authentic image.

Because Batman began as a comic, the original images from the comic strip convey the history and origins of the superhero. Either black and white or in bold color, there are hundreds of scenes that serve as stunning images for tattoos. Fight scenes that include iconic combat written sound effects (BAM) or scenes that include dialogue can point to a favorite issue of the comic book or particular plot line.

Batman himself is an obvious choice and offers dozens of options for costume after over 75 years in production. The different style of “bat-suit” worn by the hero represents the different eras of the Batman comic strip. The suit ranges from grey with yellow and a blue cape to the modern completely black, sometimes with a red bat symbol on the front, more commonly yellow. The material has shifted from tighter, spandex or cloth material to a heavier, armoured suit with defined muscles to appear more intimidating.

Batman is also pictured with his sidekick Robin, an often much brighter colored hero who emphasizes Batman’s darkness. Other popular Batman tattoos include any of the iconic villains such as the Riddler, the Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy, etc. as well as Commissioner Gordon who calls upon the hero. The bat signal is also an iconic Batman image used by the Commissioner to alert Bruce Wayne of crime.