Best-In-The-Midwest-2013At the “Best of the Midwest” Tattoo Convention there will be 200 Artist tattooing all weekend. Doors open at noon all three days and close at10pm on Friday and Saturday but close at 8pm Sunday. The general public is invited to attend and shop for a tattoo during these hours. All artists are licensed by Iowa Board of Health and have been trained in blood borne pathogens, first aide, and safe tattooing techniques. For attending artist there will be continuing education and professional seminars.

Attending Artists

Paul Deters

Alayna Magnan

DJ Tambe


Scutt Ruckus

CM Rutledge

Dan Claessens

Brandon Heffron

Travis Daugherty

Bradley Pierce

Matthew Davidson

Craig Beasley

Dani Felczak

Cee Jay Jones

Brian Webb

Anthony Van Stratten

Timmy Stahr

Armando Mena

Bobby Ortiz

Todd Grant


Ethen Jackson

Wayne Wells

Jake Richardson

Emily Veach

James Finch

Jason Taylor

Mike Slone

JP Decker

Matt Stines

Matt Diana

Scott Clevenger

Matt Mattson

Jared Olson

Jason Tritten

Amber Star

Dillon Hild

Rylee Wes Anderson

Kolt King

Craig Lee

Tylor Schwarz

Chris May

Jason Kramer

Duncan Macormac

Juan Zamora

Tony Evangelista

Andre Lawrence

Willy Cutlip

John Sundara

Luis Avitia

Rick Serna

Benjamin Duarte


Jason Workman

Scott Marshall