Best Tattoo Supplies

Looking for the best tattoo supplies online can be a daunting task. There are 50 to 100 different companies claiming they have the best supplies, ink, tattoo machines, needles, etc. Price shopping can be even more difficult because you don’t want to buy cheap equipment that will need to be replaced multiple times. Below are some reputable websites we feel deliver quality supplies to tattoo artists.

Friction Tattoo Supply

Friction Tattoo SupplyFriction Tattoo Supply carries a wide variety of tattoo supplies, perfect for both beginners and professionals, and have the lowest prices in the industry on the best quality products. They offer free shipping on all orders within the contiguous US, as well as automatic discounts for higher volume orders. They feature the best and largest variety of machines, tubes, needles, inks, and kits for both beginners and professionals, and everyone in between, and they are also the manufacturers of the world famous Diablo and Storm rotary machine lines sold in the USA and Europe. They offer the best dollar to value in the industry and are backed by exceptional customer service. They can be contacted at and

Products they sell: Tattoo machines, Storm Rotary Machines, Diablo Rotary Machines, tattoo kits, tattoo ink, needles, books, power supplies, medical supplies, and more…

Superior Tattoo

Superior Tattoo Equipment has been around for over 20 years and continues to be one of the leaders in the tattoo supplies space. They work with artists around the globe to get feedback on their products and pricing to ensure they continue to deliver quality products at affordable prices. They are located in Phoenix, AZ and build their own tattoo machines in house. They are open from 7am to 7pm everyday of the week and can take online orders 24 hours a day.

Products they sell: Tattoo machines, tattoo kits, tattoo ink, needles, books, power supplies, and more

Element Tattoo Supply

Element Tattoo Supply is located in Garden Grove, CA and boasts 15 years of high quality products and customer service. Their slogan is “We are Tattoo Artists for Tattoo Artists“. They feature custom tattoo kits and supplies that are beneficial to both experienced tattoo artists or beginners. Their customer service team will work with you to create a kit that is right for your business.

Products they sell: Tattoo machines, tattoo ink, tattoo kits, power supplies, tubes, needles, medical supplies, and much more

Kingpin Tattoo Supply

Kingpin Tattoo Supply started in 1996 as a custom needle building shop and has evolved into a full service supply store. They manufacture their own high quality tattoo machines and supplies and deliver great customer service. Kingpin’s slogan is “Where customer service and quality meet“.

Products they sell: Tattoo machines, parts, ink, tubes, needles, medical supplies, tips, grips, and much more

Joker Tattoo Supply

Joker Tattoo Supply is located in Visalia, CA. They have free shipping if your order exceeds $199 and ship worldwide. They have online customer chat support for any questions you have concerning their products and can take orders 24 hours a day/7 days a week. One of their featured products is Skin Candy tattoo ink.

Products they sell:Tattoo Ink, ink cups, tattoo kits, needles, grips, tips, tubes, and more

CAM Supply

CAM Tattoo Supplies ships from California, Kentucky, China, Canada, and the UK. They feature Cheyenne tattoo products on their homepage along with $0.50 tattoo tips. They claim to be the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of tattoo supplies and have the shipping locations to prove it. They also have live chat available if you have questions about any of their products and require a $35 minimum order if you’re located within the U.S.

Products they sell: Art supplies, body jewelry, tubes, grips, tattoo machines, needles, ink, starter kits, and more

Worldwide Tattoo Supply

Worldwide Tattoo Supply is located in Los Angeles, CA and boasts that they are the #1 manufacturer and supplier in the tattoo industry. They started in 1993 and specialize in tattoo needles. Their sterilization procedurecomplies with F.D.A. requirements and their manufacturing facilities are ISO-9002 certified.

Products they sell: Tattoo kits, needles, machines, ink, grips, tips, tubes, medical supplies, and more

Although there are hundreds of other tattoo supply companies, we suggest checking out the above companies first when doing your research. All are very reputable and have been around long enough to develop trust from tattoo artists around the world.

By Josh Schonwald