Bible Verse Tattoos

Verses taken from the Christian Bible, both the Old and New testaments, are popular choices for Christians. The scripture found in the Bible is pedagogical and used to teach important lessons that should be carried through one’s life and actions. Bible verses serve as a reminder of the teachings or miracles of Jesus Christs, as well as the creation theory and other allegories from the Old testament.
There are various passages from the scripture that are commonly used for tattoos and other means of expression. Depending on which book of the Bible the passage is taken from, the context of the quote can change as the intended speaker changes. A passage taken from the Book of Psalms is meant to be taken more at its face value while quotes from God or disciples are more open to interpretation from person to person.

Arguably the most popular Bible verse is John 3:16 which recites the sacrifice of God giving his “only son” to the world. This is most likely the most common passage because of it represents the integral facet of Christianity, the birth of Christ into the world.

Another popular verse, also commonly used in part as lyrics, is Psalm 23:4 which begins “Yea, though I walk through the valley…”. This is a popular choice because again, it perfectly conveys God’s guardianship over His followers. The passage ends with “I will fear no evil,” which emphasizes the protection that God can provide.

Because many verses of scripture are written in the first person, they work as a mantra, a phrase that is repeated to oneself in order to affirm it. When the verse is permanently scribed on the body, it provides an even stronger affirmation of one’s faith and religious beliefs. Bible verses in this way act as a seal, solidifying personal and spiritual beliefs and serving to strengthen that faith. Making a favorite or cherished verse from the Bible eternally represented on the body is the ultimate dedication to the worship of Christianity.