Black and grey tattoos have been said to have their origins in prison. It is said it was the Chicano prison population that really developed the style and turned it into what it is today. Inmates only had access to black ink and no color so they had to work with what they had. By diluting the ink in distilled water, lighter shades were created.

For many years, “Jailhouse Tattooing” was not available commercially. This very fine line method of tattooing was only known for being inked on those that were locked up. As soon as people started to understand the intricacy and beauty of this style of tattooing, it really blossomed into what we are seeing today. From there, it has become one of the most popular styles of tattooing out there.

If you’re having trouble deciding on who the right black and grey artist to work with is, let us know. Our crew will help find a fit for you and keep it close to where you’d like to get it done.

Here are some of our favorite black & grey tattoos: