We’ve all made mistakes in our lives and most of the time we can move on from these mistakes. However, mistakes made in ink can be permanent. You may have thought you would love that Tasmanian Devil or Bugs Bunny tattoo forever but now you’re having second thoughts. Getting a cover up tattoo may be the best option for you at this point.

Tattooing has come a long ways over the years and the skill level of tattoo artists today has never been higher. The days of trying to blot out the tattoo you have is gone. Depending on the size of your current tattoo, you should plan on your cover up tattoo taking a few visits to finish but in the end, you’ll be grateful you had the patience to do so.

The biggest thing you’ll need to remember though is that every cover up tattoo is dependent on a lot of factors including the size and color of the current piece. An artist will need to see it in person before they can concept an idea that will work with your vision so it’d be best if you set up a time to stop in to meet with someone in person.

Cover up tattoos can be a saving grace for those trying to forget mistakes of the past. Do your research and if you need help with a recommendation, just ask. Our experts will match you with the best artist for what you need.