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Address: 7472 Orangewood Ave Garden Grove, CA 92841

Phone: (714) 975-7138

Element Tattoo Supply is a Southern Californian-based tattoo equipment retailer geared towards professional artists and apprentices with tattoo equipment and supply needs. They are owned by renowned tattoo artist and shop owner Eddie Tana, a skilled and experienced artist who understands the needs of tattooists and their studios. Cleanliness and durability is important in tattooing for the quality of the completed product, the health of the client, and the reputation of the artist. Element seeks to keep the tattoo industry safe and clean by providing sterile and trustworthy products that can be relied on by both the tattoo artist and their clients. They have more than 21 years of experience in the field of tattooing and consider themselves experts in the industry. They hold regular hours at their walk-in store, located in Garden Grove, California, and operate their online store 24 hours a day.Element Tattoo Supply is a recognized member of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, a group dedicated to safe and professional tattooing that holds seminars on cleanliness and proper sterilization.

Eddie Tana, using his knowledge and experience in the industry, designs his own tattoo needles that are sold on Element Tattoo Supply along with several other brands. Element also has its own line of tattoo inks that can be trusted as high in pigment as well as quality although there are many more options for artists with many different needs. They also have regular “deals of the day” so that there is always a special deal that can be taken advantage of in addition to their sale and clearance sections. For convenience, Element Tattoo Supply sells bundle packages as well to suit artists who are just starting out and aftercare bundles for newly tattooed clients. If there are any questions about their products or tattooing in general, there are two contact numbers as well as an email that can be reached to answer all inquiries.