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Address: 7987 Lochlin Dr Brighton, MI 48116

Phone: (248) 667-4060

Eternal Tattoo Supply is not only known for their expansive online retail inventory but also their popular high quality tattoo ink that is sold by dozens of retailers because of the consistent demand. Established in 2006, the company is based out of Michigan, although shipping is nation-wide and all over the world. Eternal advertises products of only the highest quality and proudly backs each item with their seal of approval. They claim to believe in the integrity of the business within the tattoo industry and providing tattoo artists and studios with the best brand and lines of tattoo equipment and supplies.

Eternal Tattoo Supply is an American-based company owned by a US military veteran. Because of their history of military service, they offer a 10% discount on all orders made by fellow veterans. They also offer free shipping on orders larger than $150 to any customer as well as exceptional customer service, regardless of the details of your order. Products can be purchased online or over the phone, depending on the individual’s preference.

Eternal Tattoo Supply warns against the purchasing of counterfeit ink and cautions against buying from certain unauthorized retailers. Fortunately, they also list the dozens of authorized distributors of Eternal Tattoo Ink (a safe, sterile, and bold ink) that can be found around the world, in nearly every continent. They also provide downloadable files of ink comparisons that help the customer choose the appropriate ink for their tattoo designs and clientele. Eternal Tattoo Supply emphasizes education and knowledge in the tattoo industry with the intent to help the customer make informed choices on tattoo products. In addition to this, the website includes product and category indexes that allow the customer to view all products and categories of products to make the process of selection easier.