Tattoo SEO Fri, 22 May 2015 17:53:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 MPLS Tattoo Shop Minneapolis Fri, 08 May 2015 17:40:06 +0000 MPLS Tattoo Shop Minneapolis 1MPLS Tattoo Shop Minneapolis 2MPLS Tattoo Shop Minneapolis 3MPLS Tattoo Shop Minneapolis 4

MPLS Tattoo Shop

2211 Lyndale Ave South 1 Minneapolis, MN 55405
(612) 875-6717

Tattoo Artists: Nikki Time, Kayla, Allison, Emilie

Site Facebook Yelp instagram iconInstagram

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Dragon Tattoos for Women Wed, 06 May 2015 19:54:47 +0000 These mythical, fire breathing creatures called dragons have a legend of being terrifying monsters that would burn down any village that might be as unfortunate enough to be under it while looking for it’s next meal. However, dragons also can mean widsom, good luck, and goodwill. These creatures have a tendency to seem very masculine but they are also very sleek and beautiful.

Dragon tattoos for women aren’t any different than what a man might get. Dragons, capture many different qualities and have become very popular designs for tattoos. Check out some of the dragon tattoos on women below.

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Gun Tattoos For Girls Thu, 30 Apr 2015 18:01:29 +0000 Most people might think of gun tattoos and think they’re reserved for guys. However, the woman of today is a lot more independent and more willing to take on these “masculine” images.¬†Weapons have long been popular images to get tattooed and depending on who the canvas is, these can mean a variety of different things.

Gun tattoos for girls look very cool when done right. Check out some of these beautiful and sexy images below if you need any ideas for your next gun tattoo.


00d06a57fddb89d59962d09f8c3b412b 1abdf8b5baa1c698c0fe528fce1f8241 2f0764c52f4b93e58a1d169063793732 4c45d4be31c7e69c946e30709d8d0444 5c5f35188f086c0771b6fa60c036d41b 7df2a9989a7f421ca91dd51b2537ecb3 8f1f6d87355cae34e3e1e526a86bc64a 9ddc5f1bdbd96dfe3afd464e9335cdb8 9e021fcbab853bb78caa03507346d588 14b349a158c98d7d3ebf92d9d80dcf7f 20f1794b7842dce6887d11f20df78b8c 33ca881213d782e9836c54323c71fc5a 46f14519a20df9271b452c6ee84d1555 49c41fa1376f6737ae0254551513748b 58aec78f66db68e77e1a196a84138f05 71c3a6c6c3c6dd9a88d348385573e7b8 95c066d188687a442b523fca62f51af7 245d4859ceeb912011570011cd1c168d 721a33eb03d45bf838be1e3537e4dba2 813c9859e747212362e162b760b0a6bc 881d093ba1acddec65d87c11d105aad6 1437c8218757c3437fd4bdfd53191390 2345f00bd9accf6811690b07fcae598c 52765d2f7d11d4b76b4ae18a4a00f410 56420e57048a702e020bb7d0447a3454 858253912144d6de4d32801bc3c9c50d 119437140155651e995b1dd4d3f777b6 a82567d16a84819a9c5b04b765f15ffc aeb3ad6d7430dc64b89604752ba84918 b5b4963b4f0e4fc564f2a1c78955b3b1 f49b0887197086f09a984b9ffafc84d8 fbcb9eb00f9c987354cb7073b2bec642 ]]> 0
Butterfly Tattoos for Women Wed, 29 Apr 2015 21:45:57 +0000 Butterfly tattoos have always been a favorite in the tattoo world for women. Butterflies are beautiful, delicate and graceful. In addition to having these meanings, there are so many different kinds of butterflies that one is almost guaranteed to find the perfect one for them. You’re generally not going to see a great deal of men getting butterfly tattoos but some of these insects do have features that could be pulled off by a man.

Check out some of these pictures of butterfly tattoos for women to see if you get any ideas. Many artists have different styles so please enjoy some of the pictures.

00a3c6ec8f60d004b49ec54f808c2143 0b64f79521ab380c54566cdd102c3fc0 1a8e3e993f3536d68a43f7310a2320b0 1a5710cecc48b4797a08beaa36a41d84 02e7ec147667fe78f0507fb8a7a90b7a 2a17b803cd5f6cdf6c89e749c40dbe10 2cde5d3a4c0373d5b831dbeffdbd44a4 2ce0963aa6bc77884934457e196c51a9 3fa3fbe4721136a8322688ab7f4e91c0 3fd21bbd957ce256226062754ff5f8b2 5bd30282b1e8bae8edbf10dab094cc7b 5fb3dda03bda33b71734567b9991d74b 6ba7204357439891ee0531d45cd6b6eb 6bbbf07211925796ab9c2f61c98dfc14 7e685db1aede3663baa391fb53d5fa75 13b6f7def8004babe58766fde08e8ed0 19bdad04ca2ae9bc0e16166d64f17d09 34dc123152ef17f4d85faf6876312f73 47ae20eb4b745b7b709992e5ff3641ab 58c3b89653cfb9dd1a9dfc3e556f159e 71fc3f397fd3075312d04aca7159f8b9 92dd3db6afc7ceca722574c040ae83a3 97e729b8d5732809d7e87d3bb3d70df3 99efc837b52554d1f035c6343844e807 213fbe0a8db76683115ecb3262e47fc6 311ed21ef3becbf85b9af7e581afd8ba 473ca7e5056d34f6c267a5dafddf79ff 1816e8c3ae944a74f84f79b72fdf4ee4 4816d18d5bc4827ec5dd41d35b77b947 8058f30927330ec101c3f86133bd4ba4 9479bc6ff94549be9fbe264b3c6da521 61492ff7a3ccdc3c0fc97fbfe2d4e7d0 0152670ff7b4ceafbd6b00164852dca9 05395580ed330330b7142e3deb14d83f 9250752abed08644be111a0da3db7a30 404408424cf61f2b8d3210a08493200f c5dea32c8d0b286f9de9d42992147ff6 c5700bc9aa6e128cb8af11d634e65267 cc3fb18c47097c107c88385972fb6bed cd9df4353ab51a0f5911382fbdad7d75 d93a722969d56deed34ef867a67ba6ed d513cf49b88138bbdba9cb9f4ef74e9c daea14f762e11c7a91ff2c2d92da3da0 e21f4e8cdadbb693be6423716d1fb7d9 ecef8d98712e3d7d2325f601eb55156b f6c5e7411a2391077fb81ba091191c45 ]]> 0
Little Pricks Tattoo Austin Tue, 07 Apr 2015 16:52:53 +0000 Little Pricks Tattoo Austin 1Little Pricks Tattoo Austin 2Little Pricks Tattoo Austin 3Little Pricks Tattoo Austin 4

Little Pricks Tattoo

11815 North FM 620, Suite 6, Austin, TX 78750

(512) 502-4591

Tattoo Artists: Kyle Giffin, Tita Jewels, Jonny, Travis

Site FacebookYelpGoogle instagram iconInstagram

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Garnet Tattoo Fri, 27 Mar 2015 15:29:30 +0000 Shane Wallin Garnett Tattoo 4Shane Wallin Garnett Tattoo 3Shane Wallin Garnett Tattoo 2Shane Wallin Garnett Tattoo 1

Garnet Tattoo

1968 Garnet Ave. San Diego, CA 92109

(619) 942-9737

Tattoo Artists: Shane Wallin

Site FacebookGoogleinstagram iconInstagram

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Leah Williams Fri, 09 Jan 2015 18:23:52 +0000 botanical trail guide tattoo by leah williamsgramophone tattoo by leah williams2hitchcock portrait tattoowatercolor leaves tattoo by leah williams

Leah Williams (Energy Tattoo)

428 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101



Tattoo Styles: Watercolor, Portraits, Lettering, Fine line, Fantasy, Cover-ups
Site Facebook

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