Tattoo Artists in Los Angeles

Broken Art Tattoo Los Angeles

LA Tattoo Artist Jeremy Swan 4LA Tattoo Artist Jeremy Swan 3LA Tattoo Artist Jeremy Swan 2LA Tattoo Artist Jeremy Swan 1

Broken Art Tattoo

Address: 2400 Hyperion Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90039

Phone: (323) 661-4777

Tattoo Artists: Jeremy Swan, Matt Soderberg, Derrek Everette, Josue Acosta, Dillon Eaves, Johnny Vampotna

Tattoo Profile: Established in 2005, Broken Art Tattoo was opened by Jeremy Swan. Located in Silverlake, the shop offers the coolest environment and best tattoos around. All the artists offer their own unique custom designs that are tailor made from your ideas. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

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Phil Garcia Tattoos Los Angeles

Camarillo Tattoo Artist Phil Garcia 1Camarillo Tattoo Artist Phil Garcia 2Camarillo Tattoo Artist Phil Garcia 3Camarillo Tattoo Artist Phil Garcia 4

Phil Garcia (Ink Philler Studios)

Address: 832 N Ventura Rd, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

Phone: (805) 486-9500

Tattoo Styles: Realism, Portrait, Custom

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Prix Body Piercing and Tattoo

los-angeles-tattoo-artist-andres-saucedo-1 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-andres-saucedo los-angeles-tattoo-artist-tommy-borboa-1 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-tommy-borboa

Prix Body Piercing and Tattoo

Address: 56 E Colorado Blvd Pasadena, CA 91105

Phone: (626) 405-9253

Tattoo Artists: Tommy Borboa, Andres Saucedo

Tattoo Profile: Prix was established in Old Town Pasadena as a body piercing studio in 2000. A small team of dedicated employees and an owner who cares was all it took to get us off the ground. Once open, it didn’t take long to outgrow the studio’s original setup, a short year later a remodel was in order to accommodate our growing business and increasing clientele. It wasn’t long after that we welcomed our first tattoo artists in November of 2003. Here at Prix you can feel safe knowing that we only want the best for our clients. We do constant research and put into practice the safest, most advanced sterilization techniques. Our piercers and artists have a high level of experience and are dedicated to excellence in their work.

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Royal Heritage Tattoo Los Angeles

Royal Heritage Tattoo 1Royal Heritage Tattoo 2Royal Heritage Tattoo 3Royal Heritage Tattoo 4

Royal Heritage Tattoo

Address: 165 S. Crescent Heights Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Phone: (323) 782-9977

Tattoo Artists: Manu Farrrarons, Christina DeMeglio, Adam Kilss

Tattoo Profile: We are a premier tattoo and piercing studio in the heart of Los Angeles, with an incredible selection of jewelry and some of the finest tattoo artist and body piercers in the industry.

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Alchemy Tattoo Los Angeles

los-angeles-tattoo-artist-chris-breksa-1 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-chris-breksa-2 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-chris-breksa-3 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-chris-breksa

Alchemy Tattoo

Address: 2854 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Phone: (323) 666-1313

Tattoo Artists: Chris Breksa, Jake Cavaliere, Marlon Toney

Tattoo Profile: We specialize in many styles ranging from American traditional to realistic, custom designs, color, black and gray, to anything in between - bring in your ideas and we'll work with your vision to make you happy.

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The Tattoo Lounge Los Angeles

LA Tattoo Artist Owen 4LA Tattoo Artist Owen 3LA Tattoo Artist Owen 2LA Tattoo Artist Owen 1

The Tattoo Lounge

Address: 12206 Venice Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90066

Phone: (310) 391-5181

Tattoo Artists: Owen, John Saletra, Bill Beccio, Jason, Bugs, Patrick, Madeline

Tattoo Profile: Established in 2006, The Tattoo Lounge offers high quality custom tattooing in a professional atmosphere. All of our artists have certification of the Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Training Class and are registered with the Department of Public Health.

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Nikko Hurtado Tattoos Los Angeles

Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Nikko Hurtado 1Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Nikko Hurtado 2Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Nikko Hurtado 3Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Nikko Hurtado 4

Nikko Hurtado

Tattoo Styles: Realism, Portraits, Custom

Tattoo Profile: I've been a tattoo artist since 2002. I love tattooing and art. I own and work at Black Anchor Collective in the High Desert Hesperia, Ca. It's between Los Angeles and Las Vegas so if you're driving by stop by and say hi. I work with really talented artists and great friends, Carlos Rojas, Jojo, and of course my apprentice and younger brother, Mat Hurtado. I love tattooing and all that it has given me and my family. I couldn't have dreamed I would have the experiences that I've had and all the great people that I have met because of tattooing, and for that I am truly greatful.

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Rich Pineda Tattoos Yucca Valley

Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Rich Pineda 1Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Rich Pineda 2Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Rich Pineda 3Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Rich Pineda 4

Rich Pineda (Liquid Tattoo)

Address: 56318 29 Palms Hwy, Yucca Valley, CA 92284

Phone: (760) 820-1188

Tattoo Styles: Realism, Portrait, Custom

Tattoo Profile: I got my start in tattooing through my friend Jeff Cooper in March of 2010. So I have been tattooing a relatively short time. Check out my portfolio and contact me to setup a consultation.

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Body Electric Tattoo & Piercing LA

body-electric-tattoo-shop los-angeles-tattoo-artist-jacob-ramirez los-angeles-tattoo-artist-mike-g los-angeles-tattoo-artist-tone-tenorio

Body Electric Tattoo & Piercing

Address: 7274 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90046

Phone: (323) 954-0408

Tattoo Artists: Brian Keith Thompson, Mike Gutowski, Martin Kelly, Mosco Tenorio, Daniel Sartor, Jacob Ramirez

Tattoo Profile: Situated on Melrose Avenue amidst the influential locale of Hollywood, Body Electric opened its doors in 1992 and has been a prominent provider of specialized artistic tattoo design, consulting and superior piercing services. A sanctuary of creative self-expression, the studio withholds a zero-attitude policy. Each client is treated with integrity and respect, and we do not discriminate against race, nationality, religious background or sexual orientation. We blend old-school values with modern safety standards. Our tattoo and piercing artists are fully licensed and highly knowledgeable. Please do not hesitate to stop by or contact us with any questions. We are looking forward to meeting you.

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High Voltage Tattoo Shop Los Angeles

los-angeles-tattoo-artist-kat-von-d-1 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-kat-von-d-2 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-kat-von-d-3 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-kat-von-d

High Voltage Tattoo Shop

Address: 1259 North La Brea Avenue West Hollywood, CA 90038

Phone: (323) 969-9820

Tattoo Artists: Nate Fierro, Kevin Lewis, Adrian Gallegos, Kat Von D, Khoi Nguyen, Mikey Carrasco

Tattoo Profile: We are a custom shop with amazing artists that can help you bring your vision to life. All of our tattooers are excellent and have varying styles to accommodate most any idea. Our shop is also masterfully decorated by Kat Von D and has a beautiful and unique atmosphere that you don't find in any other tattoo shop.

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Artistic Element Tattoo

Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Roman Abrego 1Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Roman Abrego 2Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Roman Abrego 3Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Roman Abrego 4

Artistic Element Tattoo

Address: 34247 Yucaipa Blvd Yucaipa, CA 92399

Phone: (909) 797-8280

Tattoo Artists: Roman Abrego, Marvin 346Ink, Hogan, Poch, Richie Montez, Jeff Seeds, Glenn Violencia, Sam Enriquez, Charlie Medina

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Studio City Tattoo Los Angeles

Studio City Tattoos Los Angeles 1Studio City Tattoos Los Angeles 3Studio City Tattoos Los Angeles 4Studio City Tattoos Los Angeles 5

Studio City Tattoo

Address: 11032 Ventura Boulevard Studio City Los Angeles, CA 91604

Phone: (818) 769-4049

Tattoo Artists: Capt Dave, Jose Menendez, Emily Grant, Nero, Mike Erwin, Jim Down, Jason Paul, Joey Nichols

Tattoo Profile: We’ve been voted the number one shop in LA multiple years by Citysearch, Best Of LA and Fox LA. In a city with many great tattoo artists, we’re proud to be one of Los Angeles’s top tattoo parlors. We love what we do and are passionate about doing the best we can for you. We have a modern facility using state-of-the-art sterilization procedures and autoclaves to ensure the safest methods. All artists are CAL-OSHA certified annually in the latest blood-borne pathogen standards for handling equipment,& using anti-cross contamination techniques. Both shop and artists licensed by the Los Angeles County Health Department.

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My Tattoo Los Angeles

LA Tattoo Artist Jess Yen 4LA Tattoo Artist Jess Yen 3LA Tattoo Artist Jess Yen 2LA Tattoo Artist Jess Yen 1

My Tattoo

Address: 1230 South Garfield Avenue Alhambra, CA 91801

Phone: (626) 570-9224

Tattoo Artists: Jess Yen, Andy Tran, Man Yao, Kashu Horishin, Lucy Hu, Danny Chen, Mario Caudillo, Damien Ornelas

Tattoo Profile: My Tattoo is a multi-cultural tattoo shop located in Southern California. We specialize in producing a variety of tattoos using both machine and traditional tebori hand style. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional body art and customer service.

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American Electric Tattoo Los Angeles

los-angeles-tattoo-artist-craig-jackman-1 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-craig-jackman-2 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-craig-jackman-3 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-craig-jackman

American Electric Tattoo

Address: 2518 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026

Phone: (213) 413-6530

Tattoo Artists: Craig Jackman, Sean Smith, Sagent Staygold, Mike V, Nico Bassill, Justin Boyle

Tattoo Profile: American Electric Tattoo is an old fashioned street shop serving Los Angeles since 1999. In a relaxed, friendly environment American Electric offers first rate tattoos in every style, from single needle portraits to old school traditional tattoos. Whether working with your own design or creating one with you, American Electric can make any idea come to life beautifully. An acclaimed shop for over 15 years, American Electric has been ranked one of the best by the Huffington Post, Refinery 29, Racked, Time Out LA, The Learning Channel and many others.

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Justin Tauch Tattoos Los Angeles

Justin Tauch Tattoos Los Angeles 1Justin Tauch Tattoos Los Angeles 2Justin Tauch Tattoos Los Angeles 3Justin Tauch Tattoos Los Angeles 4

Justin Tauch (Paper Crane Studio)

Address: 530 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802

Phone: (562) 999-1454

Tattoo Styles: Watercolor, Neo Traditional, Custom

Tattoo Profile: I am a tattoo artist and illustrator from Chicago, IL. I studied art at the American Academy of Art and majored in watercolor and illustration. I have been tattooing professionally since 2010 and I specialize in custom work. I enjoy tattooing nature, space and sea life inspired imagery with an illustrative style. I am currently located in Long Beach, California.

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Shogun Tattoo Studios Los Angeles

LA Tattoo Artist Charles Belnavis 4LA Tattoo Artist Charles Belnavis 3LA Tattoo Artist Charles Belnavis 2LA Tattoo Artist Charles Belnavis 1

Shogun Tattoo Studios

Address: 2480 East Colorado Boulevard Pasadena, CA 91107

Phone: (626) 578-1330

Tattoo Artists: Andrew Moore, Pete Castro, Joe Reno, Charles Belnavis, Tony Action

Tattoo Profile: Established in 2002. Doing proper tattoos that are built to last. Bringing you our nearly 100 years of combined experience and knowledge. Looking forward to making tattoos that last for you.

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Inkfiend Art Studio Los Angeles

LA Tattoo Artist Master Mike 4LA Tattoo Artist Master Mike 3LA Tattoo Artist Master Mike 2LA Tattoo Artist Master Mike 1

Inkfiend Art Studio

Address: 2428 West Valley Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 91803

Phone: (626) 588-2078

Tattoo Artists: Master Mike, Frank

Tattoo Profile: We’re located in Los Angeles, California’s area of Alhambra. We’re artist that respect the game and work that strive to better ourselves on a daily basis. Here at Inkfiend Art Studio, we take pride in creating you one of a kind pieces in a safe and comfortable environment. Our artists are well trained and professional. Take some time and browse around our website to learn more about the artist as well as our work. You can also keep up to date with our news. When you’re ready, stop on by for a consultation or just to say hi!

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Mike DeVries Tattoos Los Angeles

Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Mike DeVries 1Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Mike DeVries 2Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Mike DeVries 3Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Mike DeVries 4

Mike DeVries

Tattoo Styles: Realism, Portrait, Custom

Tattoo Profile: I started tattooing professionally in 2003. As I progressed as a tattoo artist I soon realized that I found my niche with color realism. Constantly refining and polishing this craft keeps me extremely busy and motivated to climb to the next level. A glimpse through my portfolio reveals my preference for wildlife and portrait tattoos. Although realism is the style I'm technically "known for," I do enjoy tattooing other styles and incorporating different aspects in my work to keep things fresh and interesting. Southern California’s own, Mike Devries is another fantastic tattoo artist. It’s hard to find another tattoo artist that can match Mike’s color realism talents. This award winning artist owns his own shop in Northridge, CA called MD Tattoo Studio and you should consider yourself lucky if you can get in to see him. However, we feel he’s worth the wait.

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Jorell Tattoos Los Angeles

Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Jorrell 1Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Jorrell 2Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Jorrell 3Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Jorrell 4

Jorell (Outer Limits Tattoo)

Address: 22 S Chestnut Place Long Beach, CA 90802

Phone: (770) 990-3237

Tattoo Styles: Watercolor, Abstract, Custom

Tattoo Profile: Through my journeys I earned a reputation for doing brightly-colored, illustrative tattoos. In the process, I strived to listen to important details from my clients (you might say i have selective hearing) to successfully create a one-of-a-kind statement. I'm a very collaborative artist and encourage my clients to share their inspirations with me. Through discussion, ideas, and sometimes a battle, I can guarantee an amazing tattoo experience, but more importantly, a piece that will remain timeless.

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Yer Cheat’n Heart Tattoo Los Angeles

LA Tattoo Artist Johnny 2 Thirds 4LA Tattoo Artist Johnny 2 Thirds 3LA Tattoo Artist Johnny 2 Thirds 2LA Tattoo Artist Johnny 2 Thirds 1

Yer Cheat'n Heart Tattoo

Address: 49 Pier Ave Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Phone: (310) 318-8980

Tattoo Artists: Johnny 2/3, Candice Bauman, Chris Bowman, Lisa Bracero, Darla Deville, Jon Hall, Justin Klegka, Timm Nasario, Dave Sanchez, Mike Yniguez

Tattoo Profile: World famous electric tattooing, specializing in American Traditional, Japanese, Black & Grey and Portraits. Female tattooers available and all staff is certified in cross contamination and disease prevention. Walk ins are always welcome! Completely custom designs. Family owned and operated.

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Shamrock Social Club Los Angeles

LA Tattoo Artist Isaiah Negrete 4LA Tattoo Artist Isaiah Negrete 3LA Tattoo Artist Isaiah Negrete 2LA Tattoo Artist Isaiah Negrete 1

Shamrock Social Club

Address: 9026 West Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069

Phone: (310) 271-9664

Tattoo Artists: Mark Mahoney, Freddy Negrete, Dr. Woo, Danny Romo, Isaiah Negrete, East the Asian Typhoon, Louie Perez, Rick Walters, Asa Lee Crow III, Max Hanson

Tattoo Profile: We are a "full service" tattoo shop. We specialize in fine line black and grey as well as American traditional, Japanese, photo realism, and all forms of color tattooing.

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The Honorable Society Tattoo Parlour Los Angeles

los-angeles-tattoo-artist-monty-1 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-monty-2 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-monty-3 los-angeles-tattoo-artist-monty

The Honorable Society Tattoo Parlour

Address: 8424 Santa Monica Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069

Phone: (323) 654-2440

Tattoo Artists: Emily Effler, Rus Laich, Monty Siam, Tim Lebron, Marco Cerretelli, Kristen Fancher

Tattoo Profile: Our purpose is to provide the most comfortable ambience for our customers and the most nurturing of creative environments for our artists, allowing for the cultivation of life-long relationships. Our commitment to excellence affords no error in ensuring that our customers have nothing but complete satisfaction in their experience within our walls. We invite your visitation and inquiry with open arms and receptive ears, and look forward to serving your artistic needs.

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Skanvas Tattoo Los Angeles

Portrait Tattoos Los Angeles 1Portrait Tattoos Los Angeles 2Portrait Tattoos Los Angeles 3Portrait Tattoos Los Angeles 4

Skanvas Tattoo

Address: 4143 Ball Rd Cypress, CA 90630

Phone: (714) 236-5956

Tattoo Artists: Dustin Yip, Anthony Carreiro, Rich Martinez, Tony Minero, Josh Hernandez, Fabrizio Sassarini

Tattoo Profile: Established in 2011. Skanvas Tattoo started in the city of Artesia, CA in October of 2011 with just 1 tattoo artist, the owner Dustin Yip. Currently we have 6 full time tattoo artists who can do just about every tattoo style you can think of.

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Incognito Tattoo Los Angeles

LA Tattoo Artist Jason Schroder 4LA Tattoo Artist Jason Schroder 3LA Tattoo Artist Jason Schroder 2LA Tattoo Artist Jason Schroder 1

Incognito Tattoo

Address: 4714 Franklin Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027

Phone: (323) 661-0720

Tattoo Artists: Jason Schroder, Sara Lou, Henry Lewis, Amelia Rose

Tattoo Profile: After 18 years in Pasadena, resident artist Jason Schroder has brought Incognito to the lovely Los Feliz Village. The shop is now by appointment only. So please check out the work on the website and give us a call. Jason specializes in Asian and traditional Americana, but can fulfill whatever tattoo needs may arise.

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Popular Tattoo Styles

American Traditional, Biomechanical, Celtic, Cover Ups, Japanese, New School, Photo Realism, Polynesian, Portraits, Watercolor

Los Angeles is home to some of the most interesting people in the world and with over 150 tattoo studios, one can see that body art is very popular among the locals. According to a MSNBC report, Los Angeles is the 10th most tattooed city in America.

If you’ve had bad experiences getting tattoos or you’re not fond of what you currently have, you have options. There are laser removal businesses and you can even get a cover-up from your tattoo artist. The point is, LA is home to some of brightest and best minds when it comes to tattoo art. If you’re looking for the perfect piece of body art, you can’t go wrong when you’re in the City of Angeles.

Hours vary and some may be open 24 hours. Check our listings for tattoo artists that serve the LA area.

By Josh Schonwald

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