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Address: 560 N Bullard Ave Goodyear, AZ 85338

Phone: (855) 633-3537

Needle Tattoo Supply is an online tattoo supply retailer intended for professional tattoo artists as well as their apprentices. They are proud distributors of countless favored brands such as Eternal Ink, Tat Soul, Kuro Sumi Ink, Starbrite, Inkeeze, and much more. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Needle Supply has been invested in the industry since 2005 and continues to prove themselves as a company dedicated to promoting safe and clean tattooing and tattoo products. They specialize in tattoo needles and for four years they sold nothing but their HEXTAT brand of needles, made from stainless steel and crafted with quality. Responding to the demand in the industry for more high quality tattoo products, Needle Tattoo expanded their company and began to sell much more than just needles.

Needle Tattoo’s blog is an example of their dedication to the industry and efforts to increase awareness of cleanliness and good practice in artists all over the world. The blog includes tips on properly following health codes as well as information on inks, machines, and other products they sell to ensure that the customer is completely informed on every aspect of their purchase. This information also helps the customer choose the right products for their tattooing style and needs.

Machines, needles, inks, medical supplies, tubes and grips, and much more can be purchased through Needle Supply individually or in larger quantities. Piercing supplies can be ordered as well as body piercing is often another component of the modern tattoo studio. The competitive prices of Needle Supply make them a first choice among many tattoo artists to fulfill their tattooing needs. The fast and reliable shipping, available to anywhere in the world with a post office number or address, has led to customers counting them as their exclusive tattoo equipment supplier.