New School Tattoos


New school tattoos are something totally unique to the individual. New school tattoos are about freestyling a bit. It almost references a hip-hop and graffiti style with jagged edges, bubble lettering, and cartoonish characteristics. With modern equipment, fresh ideas, and new techniques, new school tattooing is becoming more and more popular.

New school tattoos are just what it says, new concepts and new mediums. While some old school tattoos may still be found on the walls of a tattoo parlor to be pointed out as a choice by the traditionalist personality. For many people the average Flash rose, heart, anchor, or flaming skull just doesn’t cut it. They need to be more creative to express themselves.

New school tattoos can run the gambit from images of graffiti art, gang or club affiliations, to a cartoon character, or can be anything your mind can conceive.

Jesse Smith from Loose Screw Tattoo in Richmond, VA is one of the best new school tattoo artists out there. He developed his love of art while living in Germany as a child and became interested in urban culture and graffiti while there. He then moved back to the United States and eventually picked up a tattoo gun. From there he has become one of the best in the business.

Here are some of our favorite new school tattoo designs: