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Address: 1593 Central Avenue, Colonie, NY 12205

Phone: (888) 9-TATTOO

Spaulding & Rogers Mfg, Inc. and Spaulding Color Corp. is an online retailer tattoo equipment and inks as well as body piercing and body art supplies. They have been manufacturing and selling tattoo products since 1956 making them one of the oldest and most experienced tattoo suppliers in the world. As a proudly American company, the manufacture much of what they sell in their plant located in Voorheesville, New York. Their inventory contains one of the largest arrays of tattooing and body piercing products available online, including traditional tattooing equipment, body piercing supplies, art supplies, medical supplies, body adornment and henna, collectibles, and animal marking tattoo equipment. They ship within North America as well as globally and can be contacted through email, telephone, mail, and fax.

Spaulding & Rogers provides pre-assembled tattoo kits for the apprentice and professional in order to offer cheaper solutions for artists who are just getting into the industry or starting up their own studio. These kits are sold at lower prices and include machines, power units, inks, how-to books, needles, inks, sterilizing supplies, and more. They also sell books and DVDs with information and tips for new artists as well as references for artists who are looking to do more. Additionally, they carry their popular line of vibrant tattoo ink which is made in the USA and sold exclusively by Spaulding & Roger Inc.

Known for their wide selection of black, grey wash, and colored ink series, there are many different brands and lines of ink, from the many Spaulding Color Corp lines to Kuro Sumi, VooDoo, Calcutta, and Pro-Line. Convenient color sample packs are also available so that the ink can be tested before larger quantities are purchased. Spaulding & Roger has been used by artists for years as their exclusive tattoo supply retailer and trusted for quality and reliability.