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Atlanta Tattoo Artists

Mystic Owl Tattoo Atlanta

Mystic Owl Tattoo 1Mystic Owl Tattoo 2Mystic Owl Tattoo 3Mystic Owl Tattoo 4

Mystic Owl Tattoo

Address: 44 Fairground St NE Marietta, Georgia 30060

Phone: (678) 594-0533

Tattoo Artists: Vince Villalvazo and his team of award winning artists!

Tattoo Profile: Mystic Owl Tattoo is Atlanta’s premier tattoo and piercing studio, and hosts some of the best artists from across the globe. Our commitment to quality and the comfort of our clients is unparalleled. No matter how big, nor small your tattoo may be, we can ensure you will feel right at home.

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All Or Nothing Tattoo Atlanta

Atlanta Tattoo Artist Oscar Zornosa 4Atlanta Tattoo Artist Oscar Zornosa 3Atlanta Tattoo Artist Oscar Zornosa 2Atlanta Tattoo Artist Oscar Zornosa 1

All Or Nothing Tattoo

2569 South Cobb Drive Southeast Smyrna, Georgia 30080
(770) 435-9966

Tattoo Artists: Brandon Bond, Dave Tedder, Joe Waulken, Matt Dunlap, Mike McMahon, Josh Lindley, Flaco Martinez, Oscar Zornosa, Frankie Mirisciotti
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Brandon Bond Tattoos Atlanta

Atlanta Tattoo Artist Brandon Bond 1Atlanta Tattoo Artist Brandon Bond 2Atlanta Tattoo Artist Brandon Bond 3Atlanta Tattoo Artist Brandon Bond 4

Brandon Bond
(All or Nothing Tattoo)

2569 South Cobb Dr SE, Smyrna, GA 30080
(770) 435-9966

Tattoo Styles: Custom, Realism, Horror
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Memorial Tattoo Atlanta

Atlanta Tattoo Artist Phil Colvin 4Atlanta Tattoo Artist Phil Colvin 3Atlanta Tattoo Artist Phil Colvin 2Atlanta Tattoo Artist Phil Colvin 1

Memorial Tattoo

809 Moreland Avenue Southeast Atlanta, Georgia 30316
(404) 622-9222

Tattoo Artists: Phil Colvin, Gary Yoxen, Malia Reynolds, Jason Kelly, Mikie Webb, Jett, Laura Rachel, Dustin Swinks
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Only You Tattoo Atlanta

Atlanta Tattoo Artist Matt Greenhalgh 4Atlanta Tattoo Artist Matt Greenhalgh 3Atlanta Tattoo Artist Matt Greenhalgh 2Atlanta Tattoo Artist Matt Greenhalgh 1

Only You Tattoo

415 Memorial Drive Southeast Atlanta, Georgia 30312
(404) 659-4900

Tattoo Artists: Matt Greenhalgh, Danielle Distefano, Jake Wilkes, Charles Chatov
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Southern Star Tattoo Atlanta

Atlanta Tattoo Artist Demian Bouchon 4Atlanta Tattoo Artist Demian Bouchon 3Atlanta Tattoo Artist Demian Bouchon 2Atlanta Tattoo Artist Demian Bouchon 1

Southern Star Tattoo

736 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30306
(404) 810-0080

Tattoo Artists: Bill Conner, Brian Gattis, Chris Howell, Demian Bouchon, Eric Thrice, Keet D'Arms
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848 Tattoo Studio

Atlanta Tattoo Artist Abyss 1 Atlanta Tattoo Artist Abyss 2 Atlanta Tattoo Artist Abyss 3 Atlanta Tattoo Artist Abyss

848 Tattoo Studio

4126 Pleasantdale Rd. Atlanta, GA 30340
(404) 610-9953

Tattoo Artists: Abyss

Tattoo Styles: Traditional Japanese, Black & Grey

Vince Villalvazo – Mystic Owl Tattoo – Marietta, GA


Vince Villalvazo - Mystic Owl Tattoo

Address:44 Fairground St NE Marietta, GA 30060

Phone:(678) 594-0533

Tattoo Artists:Vince Villalvazo

Tattoo Profile:Vince Villalvazo began his tattoo career in a small town in Michigan in 2005. In 2011 he achieved his goals of creating a welcoming and warm environment for artists and clients alike. Vince enjoys various styles of tattooing, especially those with an illustrative approach containing realistic elements. When he is not tattooing he enjoys creating art of all forms, including painting, drawing and woodworking.

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Chris Valencia – Mystic Owl Tattoo – Marietta, GA


Chris Valencia - Mystic Owl Tattoo

Address:44 Fairground St NE Marietta, GA 30060

Phone:(678) 594-0533

Tattoo Artists:Chris Valencia

Tattoo Profile:Chris Valencia is from a small town in West Texas; he moved his family to Georgia in order to take his career to the next level in Fall 2015. Chris enjoys all styles of tattooing and is extremely well rounded. When he is not tattooing he enjoys experimenting with various media, and would love to make his own action figures.

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Ink & Dagger Tattoo Parlour Atlanta

Atlanta Tattoo Artist Russ Abbott 4Atlanta Tattoo Artist Russ Abbott 3Atlanta Tattoo Artist Russ Abbott 2Atlanta Tattoo Artist Russ Abbott 1

Ink & Dagger Tattoo Parlour

1036 West College Avenue Decatur, Georgia 30030
(404) 373-6655

Tattoo Artists: Russ Abbott, Kelly Doty, Javier Rivera, Race Dylan, Jason Monroe
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City of Ink Atlanta

Atlanta Tattoo Artist Miya Bailey 1 Atlanta Tattoo Artist Miya Bailey 2 Atlanta Tattoo Artist Miya Bailey 3 Atlanta Tattoo Artist Miya Bailey

City of Ink

323 Walker St SW Atlanta, Georgia 30313
(404) 525-4465

Tattoo Artists: Miya Bailey, Corey, Melvin, Roger, Charity, Colbert, Frank, Mcadoo, Qulock
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Sacred Heart Tattoo Atlanta

Atlanta Tattoo Artist Tony Olivas 4Atlanta Tattoo Artist Tony Olivas 3Atlanta Tattoo Artist Tony Olivas 2Atlanta Tattoo Artist Tony Olivas 1

Sacred Heart Tattoo

483 Moreland Avenue Northeast Atlanta, Georgia 30307
(404) 222-8385

Tattoo Artists: Tony Olivas, Loki Shane Defriece, KC Wagner, Jenny Collins, Emily Effler, Eddy Argibay
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Timeless Tattoo Atlanta

Atlanta Tattoo Artist Lew HandsAtlanta Tattoo Artist Lew Hands 4Atlanta Tattoo Artist Lew Hands 3Atlanta Tattoo Artist Lew Hands 2

Timeless Tattoo

2271 Cheshire Bridge Road Atlanta, Georgia 30324
(404) 315-6900

Tattoo Artists: Cap Szumski, Rob Knight, Lew Hands, Brian Snape, Jenny Bunny Bunns
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Clipper Ship Tattoo Atlanta

Clipper Ship Tattoo Atlanta 1Clipper Ship Tattoo Atlanta 2Clipper Ship Tattoo Atlanta 3Clipper Ship Tattoo Atlanta 4

Clipper Ship Tattoo

1188 Glenwood Avenue Southeast Atlanta, Georgia 30316
(404) 622-5688

Tattoo Artists: Tim McGrath, Amy Ross, Michael Broussard
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Tenth Street Tattoo Atlanta

Atlanta Tattoo Artist Mikey Lehman 4Atlanta Tattoo Artist Mikey Lehman 3Atlanta Tattoo Artist Mikey Lehman 2Atlanta Tattoo Artist Mikey Lehman 1

Tenth Street Tattoo

533 10th Street Northwest Atlanta, Georgia 30318
(404) 817-8131

Tattoo Artists: Shane Willoughby, Mark Magee, Mikey Lehman
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Todo Tattoos McDonough

Atlanta Tattoo Artist Todo 1Atlanta Tattoo Artist Todo 2Atlanta Tattoo Artist Todo 3Atlanta Tattoo Artist Todo 4

(ABT Tattoo)

1182 Georgia 155, McDonough, GA 30253
(770) 320-9498

Tattoo Styles: Realism, Portrait, Custom
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Liberty Tattoo Atlanta

Atlanta Tattoo Artist Joey Galigher 4Atlanta Tattoo Artist Joey Galigher 3Atlanta Tattoo Artist Joey Galigher 2Atlanta Tattoo Artist Joey Galigher 1

Liberty Tattoo

755 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast Atlanta, Georgia 30306
(404) 347-9595

Tattoo Artists: Joey Galigher, Shay Cannon, Rachel Anne, Stenvik Mostrom, Tad Coleman, Kaki Cannon, Scott Bakoss, Ben Thomas
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Atlanta, Georgia has a rich tattoo history. Featuring shops such as Mystic Owl Tattoo, Memorial Tattoo, Only You Tattoo, Southern Star Tattoo, Ink & Dagger Tattoo Parlor, and Liberty Tattoo, Atlanta is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink. With a population of around 435,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town. Yelp currently lists 182 different shops when searching for “tattoo” in Atlanta. Google Places lists 298 different tattoo shops in the Atlanta area, which shows how competitive the city truly is. Mystic Owl Tattoo currently boasts one of the best selection of artists in the area, featuring Mike Bugenhagen, Jace Masula, Vince Villalvazo, and Taylor Anne. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.