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Popular Tattoo Styles

American Traditional, Biomechanical, Celtic, Cover Ups, Japanese, New School, Photo Realism, Polynesian, Portraits, Watercolor

Austin Tattoo Artists

Diablo Tattoo Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Pat Carmack 4Austin Tattoo Artist Pat Carmack 3Austin Tattoo Artist Pat Carmack 2Austin Tattoo Artist Pat Carmack 1

Diablo Rojo Tattoo

2604 Guadalupe Street Austin, Texas 78705
(512) 476-7656

Tattoo Artists: Leo Calleros, Pat Caramack, Doug Curtis, Briza Camacho, Jevon Coleman, Austin Gervais, Jarret Crosson
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Bijou Studio Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Paul Smith 4Austin Tattoo Artist Paul Smith 3Austin Tattoo Artist Paul Smith 2Austin Tattoo Artist Paul Smith 1

Bijou Studio

1618 East 6th Street Austin, Texas 78702
(512) 474-1975

Tattoo Artists: Megan Emery, Billy Baca, Matt Morren, Paul Smith
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Art Realm Tattoo Austin

Art Realm Tattoo Austin 1Art Realm Tattoo Austin 2Art Realm Tattoo Austin 3Art Realm Tattoo Austin 4

Art Realm Tattoo

1806 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX 78757
(512) 373-3694

Tattoo Artists: David Handy, Andrew Matela, Chris Hedlund, Nez Jr
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Amillion Tattoos & Body Piercing Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Erik Axel Austin Tattoo Artist Wolfmeyer 1 Austin Tattoo Artist Wolfmeyer 3 Austin Tattoo Artist Wolfmeyer

Amillion Tattoo

8556 Research Boulevard Austin, Texas 78758
(512) 453-8287

Tattoo Artist: Shane Watkins, Clamore Wolfmeyer, Erik Axel Brunt, Michael Williams, Ian Bederman, Jorge Molina, Karina Figueroa, Drew Cottom
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Taste of Ink

skull-raven-trent-valleau111-1383758246 marilyn-trent-valleau-1383758221 day-of-the-dead-girl-tattoo-1383758295 popeye-trent-1383758194

Taste of Ink

9505 Burnet Rd. Austin, Texas 78757
(512) 800-6608

Tattoo Artists: Trent Valleau, Adam Beatty, Phlan Mac aka Lucky Mac

Tattoo Styles: Japanese, Lettering, Neo-Traditional, Portraits, Realism

Zulu Tattoo Austin

Zulu Tattoo Austin 1Zulu Tattoo Austin 2Zulu Tattoo Austin 3Zulu Tattoo Austin 4

Zulu Tattoo

200 E Live Oak St #2b, Austin, TX 78704
(512) 462-4678

Tattoo Artists: Zulu, Pinky Rae

Tattoo Styles: Black & Grey, Fantasy, Fine Line, Japanese, Polynesian, Portraits, Tribal
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Sideshow Tattoo and Piercing Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Jesse Vomhit 4Austin Tattoo Artist Jesse Vomhit 3Austin Tattoo Artist Jesse Vomhit 2Austin Tattoo Artist Jesse Vomhit 1

Sideshow Tattoo and Piercing

4507 Airport Boulevard Austin, Texas 78751
(512) 458-8288

Tattoo Artists: Jesse Vomhit, Adam Ballard, Aj Ruin
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Affinity Tattoo and Piercing Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Ali Walters 4Austin Tattoo Artist Ali Walters 3Austin Tattoo Artist Ali Walters 2Austin Tattoo Artist Ali Walters 1

Affinity Tattoo and Piercing

513 East 6th Street Austin, Texas 78701
(512) 476-4596

Tattoo Artists: Barry Barthelemy, Michael Williams, Ali Walters, David Guy, Nic Lynds, Matt Morren, Ollie Haerle
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Golden Age Tattoo Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Cara Massacre 4Austin Tattoo Artist Cara Massacre 3Austin Tattoo Artist Cara Massacre 2Austin Tattoo Artist Cara Massacre 1

Golden Age Tattoo

2708 South Lamar Boulevard Austin, Texas 78704
(512) 666-1923

Tattoo Artists: Annie Mess, Bradley Closson, Cara Massacre, Darryl Hanna
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Chris Trevino’s Perfection Tattoo Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Jaie Devore 4Austin Tattoo Artist Jaie Devore 3Austin Tattoo Artist Jaie Devore 2Austin Tattoo Artist Jaie Devore 1

Chris Trevino's Perfection Tattoo

4205 Guadalupe Street Austin, Texas 78751
(512) 453-2089

Tattoo Artists: Chris Trevino, Katja Ramirez, Jaie Devore
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Hub Tattoo Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Michael Norris 4Austin Tattoo Artist Michael Norris 3Austin Tattoo Artist Michael Norris 2Austin Tattoo Artist Michael Norris 1

Hub Tattoo

1200 East 11th Street Austin, Texas 78702
(512) 524-1847

Tattoo Artist: Michael Norris

Tattoo Styles: Large/Small, Japanese/Asian, Realism, Comprehensive, Black and Grey, Color, Naturalist, Neo-traditional
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Christopher Hedlund

Christopher Hedlund Tattoos Austin 1Christopher Hedlund Tattoos Austin 2Christopher Hedlund Tattoos Austin 3Christopher Hedlund Tattoos Austin 4

Christopher Hedlund
(Art Realm Tattoo)

1806 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX 78757
(512) 373-3694

Tattoo Styles: Color, Illustration, Neo-Traditional, Neo-Japanese, Watercolor
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Shaman Modifications Tattoo & Body Piercing Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Justin VickersAustin Tattoo Artist Justin Vickers 4Austin Tattoo Artist Justin Vickers 3Austin Tattoo Artist Justin Vickers 2

Shaman Modifications Tattoo & Body Piercing

1601 East Cesar Chavez Street #106, Austin, Texas 78702
(512) 981-6637

Tattoo Artists: Justin Vickers, Tony Corral
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Atomic Tattoo Body Piercing Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Nathan Hebert 4Austin Tattoo Artist Nathan Hebert 3Austin Tattoo Artist Nathan Hebert 2Austin Tattoo Artist Nathan Hebert 1

Atomic Tattoo

5533 Burnet Road Austin, Texas 78756
(512) 458-9693

Tattoo Artists: Mike Pain, Nathan Hebert, Abrahan Favela, Ronny Veritas, Brandi DiPietro, Justin Timming, Olaf, Alli Baker
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Karina Figueroa Tattoos Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Karina Austin Tattoo Artist Karina 3 Austin Tattoo Artist Karina 2 Austin Tattoo Artist Karina 1

Karina Figueroa
(Amillion Tattoo)

8556 Research Boulevard Austin, Texas 78758
(512) 453-8287

Tattoo Styles: Traditional, Neo Traditional, Full Color, Lettering, Cover Ups, Black & Grey, Floral, Henna Paisley

Steadfast Tattoo Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Pete Gilcrease 4Austin Tattoo Artist Pete Gilcrease 3Austin Tattoo Artist Pete Gilcrease 2Austin Tattoo Artist Pete Gilcrease 1

Steadfast Tattoo

11657 Research Boulevard #105 Austin, Texas 78759
(512) 707-6966

Tattoo Artists: Pete Gilcrease, Evan McMichael, Joel Guardado, Randie

Resurrection Tattoo Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Jeff Ensminger 4Austin Tattoo Artist Jeff Ensminger 3Austin Tattoo Artist Jeff Ensminger 2Austin Tattoo Artist Jeff Ensminger 1

Resurrection Tattoo

2108 South Lamar Boulevard Austin, Texas 78704
(512) 851-8288

Tattoo Artists: Ben T. Fiedler, Cody Moore, Jeff Ensminger, Jenna Lee, Roger McMahon, Tina Forever

Tattoo Styles: Modern Texas Traditional, Japanese
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True Blue Tattoo and Body Piercing Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist True Blue 4Austin Tattoo Artist True Blue 3Austin Tattoo Artist True Blue 2Austin Tattoo Artist True Blue 1

True Blue Tattoo and Body Piercing

607 Red River Street Austin, Texas 78701
(512) 472-2783

Tattoo Artists: Mike, Rachel, Deana, Jose, Curtnz, Jerrid, Cory
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Rock of Ages Tattoo Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Steve Byrne 4Austin Tattoo Artist Steve Byrne 3Austin Tattoo Artist Steve Byrne 2Austin Tattoo Artist Steve Byrne 1

Rock of Ages Tattoo

2310 South Lamar Boulevard #105 Austin, Texas 78704
(512) 804-1213

Tattoo Artists: Steve Byrne, Tony Hundahl, Jay Chastain
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Triple Crown Tattoo Parlour Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Scott EllisAustin Tattoo Artist Scott Ellis 4Austin Tattoo Artist Scott Ellis 3Austin Tattoo Artist Scott Ellis 2

Triple Crown Tattoo Parlour

1157 Chicon Street Austin, Texas 78702
(512) 524-1447

Tattoo Artists: Scott Ellis, Ezra Haidet, Joey Ortega, Zach Nelligan, Annie Alonzi, Lee Bullock, Mo Malone
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Trent Valleau Tattoos Austin

Trent Valleau Tattoo Austin 4Trent Valleau Tattoo Austin 3Trent Valleau Tattoo Austin 2Trent Valleau Tattoo Austin 1

Trent Valleau (Taste of Ink)

9505 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757
(512) 800-6608

Tattoo Styles: Realism, Portrait, Custom
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Dovetail Tattoo Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Wendi Ramirez 4Austin Tattoo Artist Wendi Ramirez 3Austin Tattoo Artist Wendi Ramirez 2Austin Tattoo Artist Wendi Ramirez 1

Dovetail Tattoo

310 West 17th Street Austin, Texas 78701
(512) 708-1117

Tattoo Artists: Wendi Ramirez, El Sando, Jerrid Rodriguez, Santi, Dana Melissa Dixon
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Platinum Ink Austin

Austin Tattoo Artist Jeff Baker 4Austin Tattoo Artist Jeff Baker 3Austin Tattoo Artist Jeff Baker 2Austin Tattoo Artist Jeff Baker 1

Platinum Ink

5128 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78756
(512) 453-9465

Tattoo Artists: Alix, Jeff Baker, James
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Austin, Texas has a rich tattoo history. Featuring shops such as Affinity Tattoo & Piercing, Shaman Modifications Tattoo & Body Piercing, True Blue Tattoo & Body Piercing, Resurrection Tatoo, and Atomic Tattoo, Austin is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink. With a population of around 821,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town. Yelp currently lists 95 different shops when searching for “tattoo” in Austin. Google Places lists 229 different tattoo shops in the Austin area, which shows how competitive the city truly is. Amillion Tattoos & Body Piercing currently boasts one of the largest selections of artists in the area, listing the following artists on their site: Shane Watkins, Nate Haynes, Olivia Zephyr Sanders, Erik Axel Brunt, Drew Cottom, Ian Bederman, Raymond Wallace, and Ben Haynes. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.

By Josh Schonwald