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Tattoo Artists in Baltimore

Capone’s Ink Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Artist Jesse Goldup 1Baltimore Tattoo Artist Jesse Goldup 2Baltimore Tattoo Artist Jesse Goldup 3Baltimore Tattoo Artist Jesse Goldup 4

Capone's Ink

Address: 6717 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD 21206

Phone: (410) 661-2008

Tattoo Artists: Jesse Goldup, Kevin

Tattoo Profile: Capone's Ink is Baltimore's hottest studio for tattoos, piercings and tattoo supplies. We do custom designs in all colors and locations, and you can count on our friendly artists for superior design work in our clean, modern location.

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Tattooed Heart Studios

Baltimore Tattoo Artist Kinsey Roehm 1Baltimore Tattoo Artist Kinsey Roehm 2Baltimore Tattoo Artist Kinsey Roehm 3Baltimore Tattoo Artist Kinsey Roehm 4

Tattooed Heart Studios

Address: 7410 Coca Cola Dr #108, Hanover, MD 21076

Phone: (410) 712-4000

Tattoo Artists: John F Garancheski III, Amy Nicholls, Kinsey Roehm, Meredith Bertschin, Natalie Sek

Tattoo Profile: John Garancheski opened Tattooed Heart Studios in 2005 with a vision to provide a unique tattoo studio environment that focuses on custom artwork creation and customer service that exceeds client expectations. Today, THS is a collective of hard working, award winning and accomplished professionals who all share the same mission.

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SouthSide Tattoo & Social Club Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Artist Dave Cutlip 1Baltimore Tattoo Artist Dave Cutlip 2Baltimore Tattoo Artist Dave Cutlip 3Baltimore Tattoo Artist Dave Cutlip 4

Southside Tattoo

Address: 5000 Governor Ritchie Highway Baltimore, MD 21225

Phone: (410) 589-0550

Tattoo Artists: Dave Cutlip, Eric, Taylor

Tattoo Profile: All of the artists at Southside Tattoo provide quality work and are happy to work with whatever ideas and designs you bring to us. We will work with you until your are one hundred percent happy with the piece and leave you with a product that you will love for the rest of your life.

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Charm City Tattoo Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Jacki Randall 4Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Jacki Randall 3Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Jacki Randall 2Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Jacki Randall 1

Charm City Tattoo

Address: 300 South Monroe Street Baltimore, MD 21223

Phone: (410) 566-7528

Tattoo Artists: Jacki Randall

Tattoo Profile: Offering original, unique, custom, fineline, freehand, portraiture, coverup & repair work. I strongly recommend calling in advance as I run a single-artist operation and when I'm booked, the lights are off & the door is locked. Rest assured, you will be given the same attention and focus when it's your turn.

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Read Street Tattoo Parlour Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Artist Joe Kundrat 1Baltimore Tattoo Artist Joe Kundrat 2Baltimore Tattoo Artist Joe Kundrat 3Baltimore Tattoo Artist Joe Kundrat 4

Read Street Tattoo Parlour

Address: 882 Park Avenue Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone: (410) 523-4657

Tattoo Artists: Charlie Foos, Joe Kundrat, Violet Fivel, Hunter R Spanks, Mike Kohler

Tattoo Profile: Expert custom tattooing and friendly service in a non-intimidating environment. Walk-Ins welcome. Owned and operated by Charlie Foos.

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Charmed Life Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Artist Darl Gnau 1Baltimore Tattoo Artist Darl Gnau 2Baltimore Tattoo Artist Darl Gnau 3Baltimore Tattoo Artist Darl Gnau 4

Charmed Life

Address: 4505 Harford Road Baltimore, MD 21214

Phone: (443) 449-7630

Tattoo Artists: Darl Gnau, Wolf, Joe Mackenzie

Tattoo Profile: Our artists are true to the craft of tattooing, specialist in creating one of a kind designs in traditional, new school, and of course custom.

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Mr B’s Tattoos Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Artist Mike Brennan 1Baltimore Tattoo Artist Mike Brennan 2Baltimore Tattoo Artist Mike Brennan 2Baltimore Tattoo Artist Mike Brennan 3

Mr B's Tattoos

Address: 7554 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD 21236

Phone: (410) 668-3567

Tattoo Artists: Mike Brennan, Jay Needlez, Rob Smith

Tattoo Profile: Mr B's offers quality and professional body piercings to customers . Serving the area for the past 7 years, our staff is experienced and able to provide a wide variety of piercings.

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The American Tattoo Company Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Rob Smith 4Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Rob Smith 3Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Rob Smith 2Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Rob Smith 1

The American Tattoo Company

Address: 6308 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, MD 21224

Phone: (410) 633-5999

Tattoo Artists: Rob Smith, Joe Harris, Lauren

Tattoo Profile: Welcome to The American Tattoo Company page. We are open everyday from 11 A.M. to 9 P.M. except for Mondays. Mondays we are closed. Our address is 6308 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD, 21224.

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Idle Hands Tattoo Emporium

Baltimore Tattoo Artist Robin 1Baltimore Tattoo Artist Robin 2Baltimore Tattoo Artist Robin 3Baltimore Tattoo Artist Robin 4

Idle Hands Tattoo Emporium

Address: 706 Crain Hwy N, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Phone: (410) 760-3121

Tattoo Artists: Robin Lasky, Mariana Rosales, Ely Wick

Tattoo Profile: We welcome everyone to visit the shop and look around or meet our artist. For any more information about the Idle Hands Tattoo Emporium or about artist that is not listed feel free to contact us directly via phone or email. We gladly answer any questions or concerns as quickly as we can in a timely manner.

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Island City Tattoos Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Artist Ray 1Baltimore Tattoo Artist Ray 2Baltimore Tattoo Artist Ray 3Baltimore Tattoo Artist Ray 4

Island City Tattoos

Address: 4004 West Belvedere Avenue Baltimore, MD 21215

Phone: (410) 466-0555

Tattoo Artists: Ray

Tattoo Profile: Island City Tattoos is the best tattoo shop in baltimore city for tattoos and piercings. If you're looking for someone to help you take your ideas and turn it into that beautiful tattoo you always wanted come visit us.

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Have Fun Be Lucky Tattoo Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Emily Sloman Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Emily Sloman 4 Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Emily Sloman 3 Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Emily Sloman 2

Have Fun Be Lucky Tattoo

Address: 820 West 36th Street Baltimore, MD 21211

Phone: (410) 235-5930

Tattoo Artists: Joe Lathe-Vitale, Andrea Vitale-Lathe, Emily Sloman, Alex Doucette, Erik Keifer, Bill Stevenson, Josh Griffin, Paul Natale

Tattoo Profile: We do fine tattoos for fine folks. From custom to classic we do it all. We also sell paintings, t shirts and other handcrafted items made by our incredibly talented staff.

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Absolute Tattoo & Body Piercing Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Sean McGlone 4Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Sean McGlone 3Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Sean McGlone 2Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Sean McGlone 1

Absolute Tattoo & Body Piercing

Address: 6614 Holabird Avenue Baltimore, MD 21224

Phone: (410) 633-8334

Tattoo Artists: Sean McGlone, Jason Hamrick, Allan

Tattoo Profile: Welcome and thanks for visiting. At Absolute Tattoo we take pride in our art and our goal is to give you artwork that lasts a lifetime.

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Dave Wah Tattoos Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Artist Dave Wah 1 Baltimore Tattoo Artist Dave Wah 2 Baltimore Tattoo Artist Dave Wah 3 Baltimore Tattoo Artist Dave Wah

Dave Wah - Baltimore, MD

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Deville Ink Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Tony Deville 4Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Tony Deville 3Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Tony Deville 2Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Tony Deville 1

Deville Ink

Address: 5920 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, MD 21224

Phone: (410) 400-9641

Tattoo Artists: Tony DeVille, KC DeVille, James Majik, Anthony Mota

Tattoo Profile: With 6 full time tattoo artist and a full time piercer, DeVille Ink can handle all of your tattoo and piercing needs. We always prefer appointments, but we do accept walk-ins on a first come basis and availability.

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Baltimore Tattoo Museum Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Chris Keaton 4Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Chris Keaton 3Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Chris Keaton 2Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Chris Keaton 1

Baltimore Tattoo Museum

Address: 1534 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, MD 21231

Phone: (410) 522-5800

Tattoo Artists: Chris Keaton, Chris Smith, Adam Jeffrey, Dave Cise, Joseph Shupp, Tory Destromp

Tattoo Profile: Welcome to the Baltimore Museum. Within these walls, we hope to explore the history and artifacts of modern electric tattooing. We have been a pioneer of tattooing in Baltimore, opening our doors in1999.

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Saints & Sinners Baltimore

Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Jim Judeikis 4Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Jim Judeikis 3Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Jim Judeikis 2Baltimore Tattoo Aritst Jim Judeikis 1

Saints & Sinners

Address: 1610 Thames Street Baltimore, MD 21231

Phone: (410) 276-1300

Tattoo Artists: Jim Judeikis, Dwaine Shannon, Christian Beckman, Brett Burnham

Tattoo Profile: Saints and Sinners wants your blood. Come get tattooed.

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Baltimore, Maryland has a rich tattoo history. Featuring shops such as Baltimore Tattoo Museum, Saints & Sinners, Read Street Tattoo Parlour, Positive Image Tattoos, and Charm City Tattoo, Baltimore is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink. With a population of around 620,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town. Yelp currently lists 25 different shops when searching for “tattoo” in Baltimore. Google Places lists 448 different tattoo shops in the Baltimore area, which shows how competitive the city truly is. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.