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Tattoo Artists in Cincinnati

Kyle Cotterman Tattoos Dayton

Dayton Tattoo Artist Kyle Cotterman 1Dayton Tattoo Artist Kyle Cotterman 2Dayton Tattoo Artist Kyle Cotterman 3Dayton Tattoo Artist Kyle Cotterman 4

Kyle Cotterman

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Designs by Dana Cincinnati

Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Dana 1Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Dana 2Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Dana 3Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Dana 4

Designs by Dana

Address: 4167 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223

Phone: (513) 681-8871

Tattoo Artists: Dana, Dot, Jason, Carter, Paul, Dasha, Greg, John

Tattoo Profile: A family business, Dana, his wife, Dot, and son, Jason, have hand picked the additional tattooists that work along side them. This allows the shop to offer a wide variety of artistic styles. We strive not only to give the customer a great tattoo but a great experience as well. Having repeatedly won City Beat's “Best Tattoo Shop,” Dana would like to thank our loyal customers and invite potential customers to “Compare the Difference.”

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Barber’s Electric Tattooing Cincinnati

Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Rich Lajoie 1Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Rich Lajoie 2Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Rich Lajoie 3Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Rich Lajoie 4

Barber's Electric Tattooing

Address: 129 Calhoun St Cincinnati, OH 45219

Phone: 513-281-5800

Tattoo Artists: Rich Lajoie, Shad Hayes, Tony Younce, Marqui, Mondo, Lizzie Cravens, Natalie

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Mothers Tattoo Cincinnati

Cincinnati Tattoo Shop Mother's Tattoo 1Cincinnati Tattoo Shop Mother's Tattoo 2Cincinnati Tattoo Shop Mother's Tattoo 3Cincinnati Tattoo Shop Mother's Tattoo 4

Mothers Tattoo

Address: 617 Main St Covington, KY 41011

Phone: (859) 261-8111

Tattoo Artists: Brian, Bret, Chu, Craig, Jeff, Jeremiah, Rene, Robyn, Tara, Anthony, Kevin, Jason

Tattoo Profile: Mothers Tattoo Studio has two locations in Northern Kentucky. Please visit us at our Covington location in the heart of Mainstrauss Village or at our Erlanger location on Dixie Highway.

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Beelistic On Vine Cincinnati

Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Bee 1Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Bee 2Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Bee 3Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Bee 4

Beelistic On Vine

Address: 2703 Vine St Cincinnati, OH 45219

Phone: 513-751-2337

Tattoo Artists: Bee, Aaron Rohn, Tom Frye, Brenda Saddlemire, Jake Hill

Tattoo Profile: The Original Beelistic Tattoo and Piercing was opened in 2004 when world famous tattoo artist Bee returned to his hometown of Cincinnati after a 17 year stint tattooing in San Francisco and Philadelphia. The three story shop stands just off the University of Cincinnati campus in Clifton Heights. Beelistic offers the largest selection of tattoo flash in the area, along with the option for custom tattoo work based upon your ideas. Beelistic also staffs some of the best piercers in the city, and offers the best selection of quality body jewelry in the area.

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Andy’s Flying Tiger Tattoo Cincinnati

Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Mr Andy 1Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Mr Andy 2Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Mr Andy 3Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Mr Andy 4

Andy's Flying Tiger Tattoo

Address: 6089 Montgomery Rd Ste 1 Cincinnati, OH 45213

Phone: (513) 841-2653

Tattoo Artists: Mr. Andy, Chris Harris, Megan Butler, Amber Howe, Mike Deye

Tattoo Profile: Conveniently located in Pleasant Ridge- just a short trip from any neighborhood in the tristate area- our experienced staff offers clean, professional tattoo work in a comfortable, hospital-sterile environment. Walk-ins and appointments alike are always welcome. Stop by and see us!

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Skincraft Cincinnati

Cincinnati Tattoo Shop Skincraft 1Cincinnati Tattoo Shop Skincraft 2Cincinnati Tattoo Shop Skincraft 3Cincinnati Tattoo Shop Skincraft 4


Address: 4036 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45219

Phone: 513-281-5798

Tattoo Artists: Todd Hennessy, India Behrens, Jeffrey Wiest, Josh Pfeifer, Jessica Seta, Zach Stahlgren

Tattoo Profile: Your ultimate tattoo and piercing shop! All work performed in private rooms. Walkins are always welcome but it's never a bad idea to make an appointment to minimize any wait you may have.

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One Shot Tattoo Cincinnati

Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Jason Morgan 1Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Jason Morgan 2Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Jason Morgan 3Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Jason Morgan 4

One Shot Tattoo

Address: 5971 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45238

Phone: (513) 471-5100

Tattoo Artists: Jason Morgan, Jherek Britt, Tony Beuke, Micheal Mcglinchey

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Asylum Tattoo Cincinnati

Cincinnati Tattoo Artist James Dryer 1Cincinnati Tattoo Artist James Dryer 2Cincinnati Tattoo Artist James Dryer 3Cincinnati Tattoo Artist James Dryer 4

Asylum Tattoo

Address: 821 Delta Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226

Phone: (513) 376-6960

Tattoo Artists: James Dryer

Tattoo Profile: Every Tattoo Artist prefers to do custom art for each client's tattoo. Several Artists rotate between both Locations to make sure we can provide the same high standard and quality of work in both Tattooing and Piercing.

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Bluegrass Tattoo

Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Brett Hoersting 1Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Brett Hoersting 2Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Brett Hoersting 3Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Brett Hoersting 4

Bluegrass Tattoo

Address: 222 Elm St, Ludlow, KY 41016

Phone: (859) 391-1569

Tattoo Artists: Brett Hoersting

Tattoo Profile: Bluegrass Tattoo is a fully custom tattoo experience. Whether it's your first tattoo, or you are working towards a body suit, Bluegrass Tattoo offers you the best materials, and techniques available in the industry. We offer designs that are as unique as the person that is going to wear them. Specializing in all things tattoo. Color work, Tribal, Black and Grey, Japanese, Traditional American, Mastectomy tattooing, Cover ups, Lettering etc.

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Live Loud Studios Cincinnati

Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Christopher Wolfe Riesenberg 1Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Christopher Wolfe Riesenberg 2Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Christopher Wolfe Riesenberg 3Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Christopher Wolfe Riesenberg 4

Live Loud Studios

Address: 6520 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211

Phone: (513) 574-8287

Tattoo Artists: Christopher Wolfe Riesenberg

Tattoo Profile: Our main goal is that every client leave happy with their experience here at Live Loud Studios. We are not only known for our high quality Tattoo work, but also our Cleanliness and Relaxed Atmosphere. We strive for every client to feel comfortable when receiving any type of service, from 18 year old “Punk Rockers,” to your Grandmother’s first tattoo experience, we guarantee you will come back and see us for more.

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Nightshade Ink Cincinatti

Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Christopher Sanders 1Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Christopher Sanders 2Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Christopher Sanders 3Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Christopher Sanders 4

Nightshade Ink

Address: 315 W 4th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Phone: (513) 381-2808

Tattoo Artists: Christopher Sanders, Jake Hill

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Hybrid Image Cincinnati

Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Carrie Crutcher 1Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Carrie Crutcher 2Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Carrie Crutcher 3Cincinnati Tattoo Artist Carrie Crutcher 4

Hybrid Image

Address: 2721 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45219

Phone: (513) 221-8288

Tattoo Artists: Carrie Crutcher, Dara Jo Allen, Damian Ridgeway

Tattoo Profile: Established in August of 2008, Hybrid Image was opened with the client in mind. We specialize in color realism, portraits, and cover-ups, however we have an artist to fit any style desired. With years of combined experience and full color portfolios to show what is available, we are the best fit for all your tattoo and body piercing needs.

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Cincinnati Tattoo Studio

Cincinnati Tattoo Artist J.R. Robinson 1Cincinnati Tattoo Artist J.R. Robinson 2Cincinnati Tattoo Artist J.R. Robinson 3Cincinnati Tattoo Artist J.R. Robinson 4

Cincinnati Tattoo Studio

Address: 4951 Glenway Ave Cincinnati, OH 45238

Phone: 513-921-3308

Tattoo Artists: J.R. Robinson

Tattoo Profile: Welcome to Cincinnati Tattoo & Piercing, Cincinnati's original tattoo and piercing studio. We have been offering precision tattoos and body piercing to art enthusiasts across the queen city and beyond since we first opened our doors in 1966.

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Cincinnati, Ohio has a rich tattoo history. Featuring shops such as Designs by Dana, Beelistic On Vine, Skincraft, Mothers Tattoo, Andy’s Flying Tiger Tattoo and Barber’s Electric Tattooing, Cincinnati is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink. With a population of around 297,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town. Yelp currently lists 65 different shops when searching for “tattoo” in Cincinnati. Google Places lists 212 different tattoo shops in the Cincinnati area, which shows how competitive the city truly is. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.

Most Popular Tattoo Styles

American Traditional, Biomechanical, Celtic, Cover Up, Japanese, New School, Photo Realism, Polynesian, Portrait, Watercolor, Script, Floral, Geometric, Black & Grey, 3D, Black & White, Tribal, Animal
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