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Tattoo Artists in Detroit

Signature Tattoo Detroit

Detroit Tattoo Artist Mark Heggie 1Detroit Tattoo Artist Mark Heggie 2Detroit Tattoo Artist Mark Heggie 3Detroit Tattoo Artist Mark Heggie 4

Signature Tattoo

Address: 230 West 9 Mile Road Ferndale, MI 48220

Phone: (248) 439-0021

Tattoo Artists: Mark Heggie, Zach Hewitt, Kyle "Cotton" Weeks, Jeff McMullen, Brian Madson, Dan Rick, Sam Wolf

Tattoo Profile: Welcome to Signature Tattoo, one of Michigan's premier body art studios. Real tattooing, pure and simple. Here you can find information on our artists, along with hours and all relevant contact information. Come on in, let's talk about your next tattoo!

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New Skool Tattoos Detroit

Detroit Tattoo Artist Patrick Detroit Tattoo Artist Patrick 3 Detroit Tattoo Artist Patrick 2 Detroit Tattoo Artist Patrick 1

New Skool Tattoos

Address: 24644 Telegraph Rd., Brownstown, MI 48183

Phone: (734) 782-3550

Tattoo Artists: Phil, Patrick, Jimmy, Kory

Tattoo Profile: New Skool Tattoos is one of Detroit's most award winning and highly published tattoo shops, recently taking the cover of "worlds most incredible tattoos magazine". We pride ourselves on customer service, cleanliness and quality of work. Ask around and you'll hear we are one if the best.

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Big Top Tattoo Detroit

Detroit Tattoo Artist Loaf 1Detroit Tattoo Artist Loaf 2Detroit Tattoo Artist Loaf 3Detroit Tattoo Artist Loaf 4

Big Top Tattoo

Address: 45446 Van Dyke Avenue Utica, MI 48317

Phone: (586) 323-3115

Tattoo Artists: Loaf, Dan Rick, Mark Heggie, Lorne Morris

Tattoo Profile: Our tattoo shop specializes in traditional and contemporary body art. We are the area's longest established and leading shop, with over 100 years of combined experience between our tattoo artists. We will re-work or cover up existing tattoos, or help your bring your own new vision to life. Call today to schedule your consultation. We also accept walk-ins.

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B’z Ink Tattoo Shop Detroit

B'z Ink Tattoo Shop 4B'z Ink Tattoo Shop 1B'z Ink Tattoo Shop 2B'z Ink Tattoo Shop 3

B’z Ink Tattoo Shop

Address: 6453 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085

Phone: (248) 828-2465

Tattoo Artists: Garrett Metcalf, Larry Farley, Steve Lemirande, Ali Kat, Joe Destefano

Tattoo Profile: We are a custom tattoo and piercing shop licensed and regulated by Oakland County Health Department located in Troy, Michigan. Our team is experienced, friendly, and our environment is clean. Stop by or give us a call!

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Evolve Body Art Studio Detroit

Detroit Tattoo Artist Jon Joslin Detroit Tattoo Artist Jon Joslin 3 Detroit Tattoo Artist Jon Joslin 2 Detroit Tattoo Artist Jon Joslin 1

Evolve Tattoo and Body Art Studio

Address: 33329 Grand River Avenue Farmington Hills, MI 48336

Phone: (248) 987-2065

Tattoo Artists: Jon Joslin

Tattoo Profile: Evolve body art studio is down town Farmingtons oldest and finest Tattoo and Body piercing studio.

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Royal Oak Tattoo Detroit

Detroit Tattoo Artist Josh Glaser Detroit Tattoo Artist Josh Glaser 3 Detroit Tattoo Artist Josh Glaser 2 Detroit Tattoo Artist Josh Glaser 1

Royal Oak Tattoo

Address: 820 South Washington Avenue Royal Oak, MI 48067

Phone: (248) 398-0052

Tattoo Artists: Ed DeLoney, Josh Glaser, Jaime

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Gypsy Kings Tattoos Detroit

Detroit Tattoo Artist John Madigan Detroit Tattoo Artist John Madigan 3 Detroit Tattoo Artist John Madigan 2 Detroit Tattoo Artist John Madigan 1

Gypsy Kings Tattoos

Address: 39500 West 14 Mile Road Commerce Twp, MI 48390

Phone: (248) 438-6857

Tattoo Artists: John Madigan, Jhed Guevara, Jesse Corven, Alyssa Shirkey

Tattoo Profile: Gypsy Kings Tattoos is focused on providing clients with only the highest quality tattoos and piercings in a sterile and clean environment. Our artists are friendly, knowledgeable and are focused on customer service – just ask all of our satisfied customers! We aim to provide the best experience possible for anyone that wants to get a quality piercing or tattoo.

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9 Lives Tattoo Detroit

Detroit Tattoo Artist Kristian Slywka 1Detroit Tattoo Artist Kristian Slywka 2Detroit Tattoo Artist Kristian Slywka 3Detroit Tattoo Artist Kristian Slywka 4

9 Lives Tattoo

Address: 309 W Nine Mile Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220

Phone: (248) 582-8800

Tattoo Artists: Kristian Slywka, Shawn Finley, Doug Berger

Tattoo Profile: In life, relationships are everything! 9 Lives Tattoo Artists understand that the quality of your tattoo is important to you. Why? Because the artwork that you put on your body has meaning. Don’t let just anybody create and share that meaning with you. Whatever your level of commitment to body art is 9 Lives has artists who want to begin a relationship with you. Contact us with any questions.

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Chroma Tattoo Detroit

Detroit Tattoo Artist John Vasquez 1Detroit Tattoo Artist John Vasquez 2Detroit Tattoo Artist John Vasquez 3Detroit Tattoo Artist John Vasquez 4

Chroma Tattoo

Address: 33028 Northwestern Highway West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322

Phone: (248) 522-6644

Tattoo Artists: Jason Benci, Barbara Jones, Kim Johnson, Karlos Kowaleski, John Catfish Vasquez, Cam Hubel

Tattoo Profile: Chroma Tattoo is a professional tattoo studio providing expert custom tattoo work and body piercing services to clients in West Bloomfield. We are here to put beautiful art on people and in the process, change their lives forever. All of our work is custom-drawn on the spot so that you will end up with a unique tattoo that looks exactly the way you want it to. Contact us today to book an appointment!

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Red Anchor Tattoo Co. Detroit

Detroit Tattoo Artist Chris GuinanDetroit Tattoo Artist Chris Guinan 4Detroit Tattoo Artist Chris Guinan 3Detroit Tattoo Artist Chris Guinan 2

Red Anchor Tattoo Co.

Address: 614 S. Main, Plymouth, MI, 48170

Phone: (734) 354-7546

Tattoo Artists: Chris Guinan

Tattoo Profile: Downtown Plymouth's original and best tattoo studio, the Red Anchor Tattoo Company offers fine hand crafted tattooing and the highest quality craftsmanship using your design or ours, from standard to custom, to meet and exceed your expectations. All of our tattoos are done using tried and true methods under sanitary conditions assuring you a safe, pleasant tattooing experience done while you wait.

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Eternal Tattoos Livonia

Detroit Tattoo Artist Trent Thompson 1Detroit Tattoo Artist Trent Thompson 2Detroit Tattoo Artist Trent Thompson 3Detroit Tattoo Artist Trent Thompson 4

Eternal Tattoos

Address: 27590 Plymouth Road, Livonia, MI 48150

Phone: (734) 425-0428

Tattoo Artists: TJ Hodge, Doug Bickle, Trent Thompson, Kevin Lytle, Cheryl Tash, Corey Lewis, Dennis Halbritter, Joey Gonyea, Dennis Mackie

Tattoo Profile: Eternal Tattoos was founded by Terry "Tramp" Welker in 1980. Since then he has expanded to 5 tattoo shops and is the creator of Eternal Inks. Eternal has been the home of world class artists such as Bob Tyrell, Marshall Bennett, Tom Renshaw and many more.

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American Pride Tattoos Berkley

Detroit Tattoo Artist Jennifer Elliott 1Detroit Tattoo Artist Jennifer Elliott 2Detroit Tattoo Artist Jennifer Elliott 3Detroit Tattoo Artist Jennifer Elliott 4

American Pride Tattoos

Address: 27815 Woodward Avenue, Berkley, MI 48072

Phone: (248) 591-0100

Tattoo Artists: Jennifer Elliott, Pat Nice, Odysseus Ink, James Smith

Tattoo Profile: American Pride Tattoos has 5 award winning locations in Oakland County. That are opened 7 days a week for all of your tattoo and piercing needs! Appointments are preferred but not required we always accept walk-ins! Please visit our web page www.aptattoos.com to find a location closest to you and see the many verity of artist and piercers we have on staff for you to choose, the one who you think would be the best for you to make your tattoo something you can be proud of and cherish for a life time!

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Ironclad Tattoo Co. Detroit

Detroit Tattoo Artist Emmanuel Mendoza 1Detroit Tattoo Artist Emmanuel Mendoza 2Detroit Tattoo Artist Emmanuel Mendoza 3Detroit Tattoo Artist Emmanuel Mendoza 4

Ironclad Tattoo Co.

Address: 3871 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48083

Phone: (248) 528-0810

Tattoo Artists: Emmanuel Mendoza, Keith Grodi, Melise Hill, Mike "Bagz" Bagwell, Ryan Lientz, Tom Renshaw

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Detroit, Michigan has a rich tattoo history. Featuring shops such as American Pride Tattoos, Red Anchor Tattoo Co., Eternal Tattoos, Big Top Tattoo, Royal Oak Tattoo, and Chroma Tattoo, Detroit is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink. With a population of around 707,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town. Yelp currently lists 120 different shops when searching for “tattoo” in Detroit. Google Places lists 282 different tattoo shops in the Detroit area, which shows how competitive the city truly is. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.

Most Popular Tattoo Styles

American Traditional, Biomechanical, Celtic, Cover Up, Japanese, New School, Photo Realism, Polynesian, Portrait, Watercolor, Script, Floral, Geometric, Black & Grey, 3D, Black & White, Tribal, Animal
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