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Omaha Tattoo Artists

Good Life Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist ET Nichols 4Omaha Tattoo Artist ET Nichols 3Omaha Tattoo Artist ET Nichols 2Omaha Tattoo Artist ET Nichols 1

Good Life

3165 Leavenworth St Omaha, Nebraska 68105
(402) 991-5072

Tattoo Artists: ET Nichols, Nick, Ryan
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Lab Tattoo & Body Piercing Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist Chad 4Omaha Tattoo Artist Chad 3Omaha Tattoo Artist Chad 2Omaha Tattoo Artist Chad 1

Lab Tattoo & Body Piercing

1234 S 13th St # 101 Omaha, Nebraska 68108
(402) 884-1807

Tattoo Artists: Chad
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Nuclear Ink Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist Jesse 4Omaha Tattoo Artist Jesse 3Omaha Tattoo Artist Jesse 2Omaha Tattoo Artist Jesse 1

Nuclear Ink

159 N 72nd St Omaha, Nebraska 68114
(402) 556-8500

Tattoo Artists: Jesse Neese
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Black Squirrel Tattoo Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist Mel Judkins 4Omaha Tattoo Artist Mel Judkins 3Omaha Tattoo Artist Mel Judkins 2Omaha Tattoo Artist Mel Judkins 1

Black Squirrel Tattoo

4001 Farnam St Omaha, Nebraska 68131
(402) 885-8282

Tattoo Artists: Mel Judkins, Matt Dinovo, Justin McIntyre
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The Black Tattoo Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist Ronn Coon 4Omaha Tattoo Artist Ronn Coon 3Omaha Tattoo Artist Ronn Coon 2Omaha Tattoo Artist Ronn Coon 1

The Black Tattoo

8453 Frederick St Omaha, Nebraska 68124
(402) 208-3115

Tattoo Artists: Ronn Coon, Jacko, Grant Nagle, Nadine Cooper
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Viking Tattoo INC Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist Robby Holmes 4Omaha Tattoo Artist Robby Holmes 3Omaha Tattoo Artist Robby Holmes 2Omaha Tattoo Artist Robby Holmes 1

Viking Tattoo INC

2440 S 120th St Omaha, Nebraska 68144
(402) 334-2778

Tattoo Artists: Robby Holmes, Zach Taylor, Xander Stone, Aaron
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Liquid Courage Tattoos Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist Devin 4Omaha Tattoo Artist Devin 3Omaha Tattoo Artist Devin 2Omaha Tattoo Artist Devin 1

Liquid Courage Tattoos

809 S 75th St Omaha, Nebraska 68114
(402) 926-4968

Tattoo Artists: Andrew, Chad, De La Rosa, Devin, Dup, Fierto, Jason, J, Johnna, Tobias, Jonny, Jarad, Ryan
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Authentic Ink Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist Nick 4Omaha Tattoo Artist Nick 3Omaha Tattoo Artist Nick 2Omaha Tattoo Artist Nick 1

Authentic Ink

14465 W Center Rd Omaha, Nebraska 68102
(402) 933-3505

Tattoo Artists: Nick, Rudy, Spike
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Bizarre Tattoos Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist Raul Longoria 4Omaha Tattoo Artist Raul Longoria 3Omaha Tattoo Artist Raul Longoria 2Omaha Tattoo Artist Raul Longoria 1

Bizarre Tattoos

5102 S 108th St Omaha, Nebraska 68137
(402) 891-7993

Tattoo Artists: Raul Longoria, Matt Stensrud, Isaac Armas
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Omega Point Tattoo Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist Andy K 4Omaha Tattoo Artist Andy K 3Omaha Tattoo Artist Andy K 2Omaha Tattoo Artist Andy K 1

Omega Point Tattoo

8998 L St Omaha, Nebraska 68127
(402) 932-9376

Tattoo Artists: Andy K, Paul Schulz, Natasha Greenwade, Greg Fountain
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Big Brain Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist Jason Marrow 4Omaha Tattoo Artist Jason Marrow 3Omaha Tattoo Artist Jason Marrow 2Omaha Tattoo Artist Jason Marrow 1

Big Brain

1123 Jackson St Omaha, Nebraska 68102
(402) 342-2885

Tattoo Artists: Bryan Mozjesik, Dominic Holmes, Josh Hansen, Jason Marrow, Lenny Renken, Seth Agar, Tanner Kunz, Dave Brown
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Dr Jack’s Ink Emporium Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist John 4Omaha Tattoo Artist John 3Omaha Tattoo Artist John 2Omaha Tattoo Artist John 1

Dr Jack's Ink Emporium

3020 N 102nd St Omaha, Nebraska 68134
(402) 571-0406

Tattoo Artists: Don, Aaron, John, Nasr, Troy
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Grinn & Barrett Tattoo Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist Jen Beirola 4Omaha Tattoo Artist Jen Beirola 3Omaha Tattoo Artist Jen Beirola 2Omaha Tattoo Artist Jen Beirola 1

Grinn & Barrett Tattoo

3021 Leavenworth St Omaha, Nebraska 68105
(402) 553-7714

Tattoo Artists: Jen Beirola, Jeremiah Connor, Erik Anderson, Katie Martin
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American Tattoo Omaha

Omaha Tattoo Artist Asa Larson 4Omaha Tattoo Artist Asa Larson 3Omaha Tattoo Artist Asa Larson 2Omaha Tattoo Artist Asa Larson 1

American Tattoo

4452 S 84th St Omaha, Nebraska 68127
(402) 339-9000

Tattoo Artists: Eric Zuerlein, Asa Larson, Dan Bailey, Ben Matheny, Donald Bless, Meatloaf, Phil Everroad
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Omaha, Nebraska has a rich tattoo history. Featuring shops such as Dr Jack’s Ink Emporium, Liquid Courage Tattoos, Big Brain Tattoos, Bizarre Tattoos, American Tattoo, Nuclear Ink, Omaha is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink. With a population of around 415,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town. Yelp currently lists 40 different shops when searching for “tattoo” in Omaha. Google Places lists 312 different tattoo shops in the Omaha area, which shows how competitive the city truly is. Big Brain Tattoo currently boasts one of the best selection of artists in the area, featuring Bryan Mozjesik, Dominic Holmes, Josh Hansen, Jason Marrow, Lenny Renken, Seth Agar, Tanner Kunz, and Dave Brown. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.

By Josh Schonwald