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Tattoo Artists in Sacramento

Side Show Studios Sacramento


Side Show Studios

Address: 2111 28th Street Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone: (916) 391-6400

Tattoo Artists: Char Hall, Maddy Smith

Tattoo Profile: Our artists are amazing! They come from a variety of different art backgrounds, giving the studio a supportive environment for fostering creativity. Stop in sometime to check out the gallery space if you are wanting to get a feel for our studio.

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Soulution Ink Tattoos Sacramento

Sacramento Tattoo Artist Jaye 4Sacramento Tattoo Artist Jaye 3Sacramento Tattoo Artist Jaye 2Sacramento Tattoo Artist Jaye 1

Soulution Ink Tattoos

Address: 10466 Franklin Blvd, Elk Grove, CA 95757

Phone: (916) 681-3888

Tattoo Artists: Jaye, Mauricio, Stefan, Marifel

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Legacy Tattoo Sacramento


Legacy Tattoo

Address: 5140 Folsom Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95819

Phone: (916) 454-5404

Tattoo Artists: Jackson, Steve Trevino, Jason Sheffield, Jose Diaz, Tayler Wooten

Tattoo Profile: Legacy Tattoo was founded in 2006 by Jackson and is located in beautiful East Sacramento, CA. Legacy is a custom electric tattoo studio that offers a diverse collection of artists specializing in popular styles of tattooing such as; American traditional, Japanese, black & grey, realism, portraits, and more.

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Relentless Tattoo Sacramento

Sacramento Tattoo Artist Liz Miller 4Sacramento Tattoo Artist Liz Miller 3Sacramento Tattoo Artist Liz Miller 2Sacramento Tattoo Artist Liz Miller 1

Relentless Tattoo

Address: 1422 28th Street Sacramento, CA 95816

Phone: (916) 452-2000

Tattoo Artists: Liz Miller, Chris Hampton, Taylor Marie, Big Chuck

Tattoo Profile: Established in 2007, Relentless Tattoo strives to give everyone who walks through the door quality tattoos in a friendly welcoming environment. The shop is open everyday from 12-10pm. Walk-ins and appointments welcome.

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Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor Sacramento


Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor

Address: 2101 P St, Sacramento, CA 95816

Phone: (916) 448-1979

Tattoo Artists: Britton McFetridge, Jessee Mitchell, Tony Gray, Jimmy Valenzuela, Tim Reasons, Butch Felix, Carlos Perez, Chris Arredondo, Chris Ludovina, Brandon McAfee, Rye Gregg

Tattoo Profile: Located in the heart of mid-town Sacramento, the Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor is Sacramento's premier tattoo shop. With a commitment to excellence and integrity we specialize in custom and classic designs. At the Royal Peacock, walk-ins are welcome but appointments are recommended. We are open from noon to midnight, 7 days a week. Come check out and see why were known as “The fanciest” shop in town.

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Bonehead Tattoos Sacramento

Sacramento Tattoo Artist Tyler 4Sacramento Tattoo Artist Tyler 3Sacramento Tattoo Artist Tyler 2Sacramento Tattoo Artist Tyler 1

Bonehead Tattoos

Address: 1207 21st St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Phone: (916) 444-5631

Tattoo Artists: Troy, Chuck, Tyler, Morgan

Tattoo Profile: Since 1996, Bonehead Tattoos and Piercings has offered unique art and piercings in a clean, professional environment. Currently, Bonehead offers a friendly staff of male and female artists and piercers available for walk-ins and appointments.

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Monster Ink Tattoo Sacramento

Sacramento Tattoo Artist Greg 4Sacramento Tattoo Artist Greg 3Sacramento Tattoo Artist Greg 2Sacramento Tattoo Artist Greg 1

Monster Ink Tattoo

Address: 1126 19th Street Sacramento, CA 95811

Phone: (916) 446-7181

Tattoo Artists: Tuan Tran, Stephen Bailey, Greg Ulibas, Maricelia Dominguez

Tattoo Profile: Remember, these tattoos are on you for life so make sure you choose your artists wisely. Do your homework and find the artist who fits with what you want. We’ve each done all styles but we each have out own style. So come by and talk about an idea you need us to bring to life and bring any photo reference to help direct us, our doors are open to all.

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The Exotic Body Sacramento

sacramento-tattoo-artist-garySacramento Tattoo Artist Gary Burton 3Sacramento Tattoo Artist Gary Burton 2Sacramento Tattoo Artist Gary Burton 1

The Exotic Body

Address: 807 30th Street Sacramento, California 95816

Phone: (916) 447-6824

Tattoo Artists: Mike Hare, Gary Burton

Tattoo Profile: The Exotic Body Tattoo and Piercing is located in Sacramento, California and is one of Sacramento’s premiere studios. We’ve worked, very hard, to provide Sacramento with a unique alternative to the other shops in town. All of the artists who work out of The Exotic Body are well known in Sacramento and they represent the best that our industry has to offer- check out their portfolios and bios!

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Reclamare Gallery and Custom Tattoo Sacramento


Reclamare Gallery and Custom Tattoo

Address: 2737 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone: (916) 760-7461

Tattoo Artists: Corey Bernhardt, Jessica White, Steven Shippey, Dave Barnitz, Shrek Mathews, Josh Turpin

Tattoo Profile: Each artist at Reclamare has a very unique focus and a specific style. Make sure you take the time to look at each artists gallery section to find an artist and a style that you feel will fit best for your idea. We ask that you email the artist directly if you have any questions.

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White Buffalo Gallery Sacramento


White Buffalo Gallery

Address: 3671 J St, Sacramento, CA 95816

Phone: (916) 970-5004

Tattoo Artists: Sam Laurent, Eric Goodman, Kenneth Vilalnueva, John Laurent, Nick Stephenson, Ryan El Dugi Lewis

Tattoo Profile: We want to remember to keep what motivates and drives us, central to our daily lives and close to our hearts. We want to live our lives in line with these ideas and to pass them on to our children. Art is sacred and beautiful; and we want to share these gifts we have with those around us in our community. We want to remember our roots and our past, and honor our ancestors. Art is extremely powerful and can transcend language, culture and even time. This gallery was created with that principle in mind and this tattoo shop was created with that as its core.

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Forever Tattoo Sacramento

Sacramento Tattoo Artist Brent Patten 4Sacramento Tattoo Artist Brent Patten 3Sacramento Tattoo Artist Brent Patten 2Sacramento Tattoo Artist Brent Patten 1

Forever Tattoo

Address: 2418 16th Street Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone: (916) 443-8118

Tattoo Artists: Brent Patten, Eiland Hogan, Timpac Cyrus, Ian Carder

Tattoo Profile: Specializing in all traditional styles of tattooing, our goal is to give you a timeless tattoo that you will be proud to wear for the rest of your life. We use 100% natural pigments, brand new needles for every tattoo, hospital style sterilization, and a sterile work environment.

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Capital Ink Sacramento


Capital Ink

Address: 1021 2nd Street Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 470-7699

Tattoo Artists: Oak Morgan, Sean Kane, Red Xone, Rick Kaplan, Tattoo Joel, Trisha Jean

Tattoo Profile: Located in the heart of Old Sacramento, Capital Ink Tattoo houses a staff of exceptional artists specializing in traditional, realism, old school, neo-traditional and other styles.

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River City Tattoo Sacramento

Sacramento Tattoo Artist Chris Brusby 2 Sacramento Tattoo Artist Chris Brusby 3 Sacramento Tattoo Artist Chris Brusby 4 Sacramento Tattoo Artist Chris Brusby

River City Tattoo

Address: 1028 2nd Street Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 448-1212

Tattoo Artists: Chris Brusby, Johnny Bebadd, Irish Jake, Steve'O, Ted Smith

Tattoo Profile: River City Tattoo is the original premiere tattoo studio in Old Sacramento. A professional environment with a comfortable atmosphere. Our roster of artists are specialists in their work, who take pride in their art and trade.

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American Graffiti Tattoo & Piercing Sacramento


American Graffiti Tattoo & Piercing

Address: 608 12th St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 443-7778

Tattoo Artists: Thea Hogan, Dixon Hogan, Chops, Kyle Lent, Whitey Neil

Tattoo Profile: Known for its American Traditional tattoo style, American Graffiti is a custom shop with tattoo artists who are well versed in all aspects of tattooing. Whether it’s a custom design or something you find in one of the many books of designs available to look through at American Graffiti, trust that you will receive the best work professional tattooing has to offer.

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Westfall Tattoo Sacramento


Westfall Tattoo

Address: 122 I St, Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 917-5589

Tattoo Artists: Nic Westfall, David Garner, Chris Youngblood

Tattoo Profile: The studio is truly one of a kind, built in the late 1800's the natural elements of brick and wood still cover the walls, with a touch of modern floors and glass walls, you feel more like you're in a modern art studio than a tattoo shop. we do keep the doors locked and the studio private from walk-ins, making for an even more relaxing environment for our one client a day. Keep your ears open over the next year, We plan on opening the The Skull Museum, Soon to be the largest Tattoo and custom Art studio in California!!!

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The American Tradition Tattoo Sacramento


The American Tradition Tattoo

Address: 1219 19th St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Phone: (916) 706-0734

Tattoo Artists: Tanton, RJ, Wrath, Vinny, Grimace, Junod

Tattoo Profile: All of our artists have over 10 years servings the greater Sacramento area. The shop is located on 19th street, in the original location of what was American Graffiti, which Ryan Tanton owned & operated from 2008-20014. Back where it all began, The American Tradition continues; built on honor, respect, and pride in the tattoos we make and for the clients we serve. We love tattooing and our goal is to give our customers the best possible tattoos & experience we can.

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Fallen Angel Sacramento

Sacramento Tattoo Artist Boss Tom 4Sacramento Tattoo Artist Boss Tom 3Sacramento Tattoo Artist Boss Tom 2Sacramento Tattoo Artist Boss Tom 1

Fallen Angel

Address: 5911 Auburn Boulevard Citrus Heights, CA 95621

Phone: (916) 344-1012

Tattoo Artists: Boss Tom, Dr. Myk, Chuck James, Shayla

Tattoo Profile: Established by Tom Cooney (Boss Tom) March 5th 2001, Fallen Angel Tattoo is Sacramento and Citrus Heights most referred and award-winning custom studio. Our male and female artists love to draw custom tattoos, so everyone leaves with a unique piece of art (no flash). Each of our artists specializes in a specific art style, from realism to neo-traditional to graffiti, so check out the photos and find which artist best fits your style.

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Popular Tattoo Styles

American Traditional, Biomechanical, Celtic, Cover Ups, Japanese, New School, Photo Realism, Polynesian, Portraits, Watercolor

Sacramento, California has a rich tattoo history. Featuring shops such as Soulution Ink Tattoos, The Exotic Body, Forever Tattoo, Side Show Studios, River City Tattoo, and Legacy Tattoo, Sacramento is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink. With a population of around 473,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town. Yelp currently lists 106 different shops when searching for “tattoo” in Sacramento. Google Places lists 333 different tattoo shops in the Sacramento area, which shows how competitive the city truly is. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.

By Josh Schonwald

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