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Tucson Tattoo Artists

Tattoo Avenue Tucson

Tucson Tatoo Aritst Gee 4Tucson Tatoo Aritst Gee 3Tucson Tatoo Aritst Gee 2Tucson Tatoo Aritst Gee 1

Tattoo Avenue

5245 E Pima St, Tucson, Arizona 85712
(520) 777-4333

Tattoo Artists: Gee, Levi
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UnHoly Ink Tattoo & Piercing Studio Tucson

Tucson Tatoo Aritst Jory Byerly 4Tucson Tatoo Aritst Jory Byerly 3Tucson Tatoo Aritst Jory Byerly 2Tucson Tatoo Aritst Jory Byerly 1

UnHoly Ink Tattoo & Piercing Studio

5807 E 22nd St Tucson, Arizona 85711
(520) 514-0885

Tattoo Artists: D2, David Byerly, Jory Byerly, Reed, Wes
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Maggie Maye’s Tuscon Tattoo & Desert Rose Cosmetcs

Tucson Tatoo Aritst Greg Alexander 4Tucson Tatoo Aritst Greg Alexander 3Tucson Tatoo Aritst Greg Alexander 2Tucson Tatoo Aritst Greg Alexander 1

Maggie Maye's Tuscon Tattoo & Desert Rose Cosmetcs

204 W Grant Rd Tucson, Arizona 85705
(520) 620-0144

Tattoo Artists: Greg Alexander, Marcos Raymond, Marcos Valencia
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Johnny Jinx Tattoos Tucson

Tucson Tattoo Artist Johnny Jinx 1Tucson Tattoo Artist Johnny Jinx 2Tucson Tattoo Artist Johnny Jinx 3Tucson Tattoo Artist Johnny Jinx 4

Johnny Jinx
(Broken Clover Tattoo)

710 E 9th St, Tucson, AZ 85715
(520) 808-2102

Tattoo Styles: Realism, Portrait, New School
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Fast Lane Tattoo Tucson

Tucson Tatoo Aritst Big Mike 4Tucson Tatoo Aritst Big Mike 3Tucson Tatoo Aritst Big Mike 2Tucson Tatoo Aritst Big Mike 1

Fast Lane Tattoo

1108 S Wilmot Rd Tucson, Arizona 85711
(520) 790-8282

Tattoo Artists: Big Mike, Pat, Kevo, Danny Boy
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The Enchanted Dragon Tucson

Tucson Tatoo Aritst Jason Tackett 3Tucson Tatoo Aritst Jason Tackett 1Tucson Tatoo Aritst Jason Tackett 4Tucson Tatoo Aritst Jason Tackett 2

The Enchanted Dragon

4243 E Speedway Blvd Tucson, Arizona 85712
(520) 323-2817

Tattoo Artists: Jason Tackett, Kenneth Deets Jr., Geras, Leslie Wood, Vicki Fuhrmann
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Sanctity Tattoo Tucson

Tucson Tatoo Aritst Tracy Martino 4Tucson Tatoo Aritst Tracy Martino 3Tucson Tatoo Aritst Tracy Martino 2Tucson Tatoo Aritst Tracy Martino 1

Sanctity Tattoo

970E E University Blvd Tucson, Arizona 85719
(520) 623-3154

Tattoo Artists: Jay Cavna, Josh Mixer, Tracy Martino, Aaron Coleman
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Red Sky Studio Tucson

Tucson Tatoo Aritst Philip J. Felix 4Tucson Tatoo Aritst Philip J. Felix 3Tucson Tatoo Aritst Philip J. Felix 2Tucson Tatoo Aritst Philip J. Felix 1

Red Sky Studio

561 N 4th Ave Tucson, Arizona 85705
(520) 393-3401

Tattoo Artists: Philip J Felix, Haji, Alex Oddeven
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Black Rose Tattooers Tucson

Tucson Tatoo Aritst Mac 4Tucson Tatoo Aritst Mac 3Tucson Tatoo Aritst Mac 2Tucson Tatoo Aritst Mac 1

Black Rose Tattooers

47 S 6th Ave Tucson, Arizona 85701
(520) 388-9091

Tattoo Artists: Mac, Phil, Nino, Harrison
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Old Towne Tattoo Tucson

Tucson Tatoo Aritst Tony Edwards 4Tucson Tatoo Aritst Tony Edwards 3Tucson Tatoo Aritst Tony Edwards 2Tucson Tatoo Aritst Tony Edwards 1

Old Towne Tattoo

4240 E Speedway Blvd Tucson, Arizona 85712
(520) 321-9042

Tattoo Artists: Tony Edwards, Alex Verdugo, Sarah Wakefield
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Tucson, Arizona has a rich tattoo history. Featuring shops such as Istari Studios, Sanctity Tattoo, Inkaholics Anonymous, Black Rose Tattooers, Red Sky Studio, and Fast Lane Tattoo, Tucson is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink. With a population of 526,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town. Yelp currently lists 70 different shops when searching for “tattoo” in Tucson. Google Places lists 89 different tattoo shops in Tucson, which shows how competitive the city truly is. Istari Studios currently boasts one of the largest selection of artists in the area, listing the following artists on their site: Jim Quinn II, Nikki Simpson, Matt Howard, Sydney Scott, Jerry Wagner Jr, and Roman Casillas. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.

By Josh Schonwald