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Tattoo Artists in Vancouver

Rain City Tattoo Vancouver

Vancouver Tattoo Shop Rain City Tattoo 1Vancouver Tattoo Shop Rain City Tattoo 2Vancouver Tattoo Shop Rain City Tattoo 3Vancouver Tattoo Shop Rain City Tattoo 4

Rain City Tattoo

Address: 1077 W Broadway Vancouver, BC V6H 1E5

Phone: 604-569-1522

Tattoo Artists: Marky, Stephanie, Trish, Sean, Jarret, Leanne

Tattoo Profile: Hailing from the vast regions of British Columbia, and settling here, in our glorious rainy city of Vancouver, Mark, Kirk, Stephanie and Trish are here to get wicked!

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Funhouse Tattoo Vancouver

Vancouver Tattoo Artist Art Godoy 1Vancouver Tattoo Artist Art Godoy 2Vancouver Tattoo Artist Art Godoy 3Vancouver Tattoo Artist Art Godoy 4

Funhouse Tattoo

Address: 3001 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4N4

Phone: 604-879-4114

Tattoo Artists: Art Godoy, Fester, Ryan Tsutsumi, Justin Cox

Tattoo Profile: At Funhouse, we maintain this reputation. We uphold strictest industry health compliant methods. All artists have certifications in blood borne pathogens training, and artistically, the sky's the limit. In this ego driven industry where image takes a back seat to education, we still believe tattooing to be a client service job. The client is the most important ingredient in our mix. Our comfortable atmosphere, good humor and artistic competence puts us at the top.

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Arcane Body Arts Vancouver

Vancouver Tattoo Artist Casper Macabre 1Vancouver Tattoo Artist Casper Macabre 2Vancouver Tattoo Artist Casper Macabre 3Vancouver Tattoo Artist Casper Macabre 4

Arcane Body Arts

Address: 1111 Commercial Drive Vancouver, BC V5L 3X3

Phone: 604-254-5111

Tattoo Artists: Casper Macabre, Lydia K

Tattoo Profile: We are constantly sharing knowledge with our peers, updating our techniques and practices - but we also value the contemporary history of our industry and the history of body art practices throughout the world.

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The Fall Tattooing Vancouver

Vancouver Tattoo Artist Emilio Hidalgo 1Vancouver Tattoo Artist Emilio Hidalgo 2Vancouver Tattoo Artist Emilio Hidalgo 3Vancouver Tattoo Artist Emilio Hidalgo 4

The Fall Tattooing

Address: 644 Seymour Street Vancouver, BC V6B 3K4

Phone: 604-676-3066

Tattoo Artists: Emilio Hidalgo, Richard Vega, Jordan Frank, Shwa, Alison Woodward, J-Cee Capila, Giorgia Mae, Mason Hamilton

Tattoo Profile: The FALL started almost 20 years ago in Halifax, it was a creative space that allowed artists to grow and provide excellent service to their customers. Now located in Vancouver, The FALL, still hold this value in high regard.

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Sacred Heart Tattoo & Body Piercing Vancouver

Vancouver Tattoo Artist Lu 1Vancouver Tattoo Artist Lu 2Vancouver Tattoo Artist Lu 3Vancouver Tattoo Artist Lu 4

Sacred Heart Tattoo & Body Piercing

Address: 25 W 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1K2

Phone: 604-647-0826

Tattoo Artists: Lu, Dave Green, Tyler Charles, Kaija Heitland, Michie Kojima, Dave Pelham, Darci Love

Tattoo Profile: Over the years we have had the pleasure and fortune to work with some incredible people both personally and professionally - as well as certain miscreants we would rather forget. All those years will be remembered fondly and all the work, drive, and dedication to simply do the best work possible will always be an inspiration , now and in the years to come.

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Liquid Amber Tattoo Vancouver

Liquid Amber Tattoo

Address: 62 Powell Street Vancouver, BC V6A 1E7

Phone: 604-738-3667

Tattoo Artists: Adrian Ciercoles, Ashley Horncastle, Crystal Alexandria, Diana Lin, Hooka Hermosa, Justina Kervel, Milo Marcelo, Miranda Boire, Shannon O'Shea, Olivia Granger

Tattoo Profile: Providing custom tattoos in a boutique gallery showcasing local artists since 2001. Located in the heart of Gastown, Vancouver, Canada. Clean, friendly, professional, health board approved. Walk-ins welcome, appointments recommended.

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Adrenaline Professional Body Piercing & Tattoos Vancouver

Vancouver Tattoo Artist Craig Gilbert 1Vancouver Tattoo Artist Craig Gilbert 2Vancouver Tattoo Artist Craig Gilbert 3Vancouver Tattoo Artist Craig Gilbert 4

Adrenaline Professional Body Piercing & Tattoos

Address: 1014 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L5

Phone: 604-669-6800

Tattoo Artists: David Nixon, Craig Gilbert, Meghan Person, Galen Lewis-Chan, Neil Rose, Ashley McGraw, Nigel Tung, TJ McTavish, Austin Gregg, Nat Gilfoyle, Bianca Cooper, Francis Richard, Ashneel Rai, Brad Davis

Tattoo Profile: Whether you are covered in tattoos, or you don't have any at all, the Adrenaline family is here to guide you through this personal experience. Our diverse group of accomplished tattoo artists offer a variety of styles that are sure to meet your desired tattoo needs.

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Darkday Studio Vancouver

Vancouver Tattoo Shop Darkday Studio 1Vancouver Tattoo Shop Darkday Studio 2Vancouver Tattoo Shop Darkday Studio 3Vancouver Tattoo Shop Darkday Studio 4

Dark Day Studio

Address: 4560 Main Street Vancouver, BC V5V 3L7

Phone: 604-568-4253

Tattoo Artists: Ani Zack, Bryan Glatiotis

Tattoo Profile: Renowned artists! 15+ years in experience. Clean, professional atmosphere. Come in with something in mind, or lets discuss something completely custom!

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Next! Piercing & Tattooing Vancouver

Vancouver Tattoo Artist Alex 1Vancouver Tattoo Artist Alex 2Vancouver Tattoo Artist Alex 3Vancouver Tattoo Artist Alex 4

Next! Piercing & Tattooing

Address: 1068 Granville Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L5

Phone: 604-684-6398

Tattoo Artists: Alex M, Naomi King, Pual Luke, Iqbal Amazi

Tattoo Profile: Opened in 1992 as one of the city's first dedicated piercing shops, Next! has had a reputable and established presence of over 20 years in downtown Vancouver.

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Fraser Street Tattoo Shop Vancouver

Vancouver Tattoo Artist Chad Woodley 1Vancouver Tattoo Artist Chad Woodley 2Vancouver Tattoo Artist Chad Woodley 3Vancouver Tattoo Artist Chad Woodley 4

Fraser Street Tattoo Shop

Address: Fraser Street Tattoo Shop

Phone: 778-371-5084

Tattoo Artists: Chad Woodley, Geoff McCann, Chris Stiles

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Gastown Tattoo Parlour Vancouver

Vancouver Tattoo Artist Mitch Kirilo 1Vancouver Tattoo Artist Mitch Kirilo 2Vancouver Tattoo Artist Mitch Kirilo 3Vancouver Tattoo Artist Mitch Kirilo 4

Gastown Tattoo Parlour

Address: 105 W Cordova Vancouver, BC V6B 4K2

Phone: 604-642-6556

Tattoo Artists: Mitch Kirilo, Uncle Arlo, Craig, Stephen Shaw, Logan, Amanda, Henry Black, Nomi Chi, Boone Naka, Noah Davis, Rene Botha, Bree Crosby, Baily Howatt, Alexis Thomson, Matty McLughlin

Tattoo Profile: Our tattoo studio is a sanctuary of creative self-expression and we hold a zero-attitude-policy. Each client is treated as an individual with integrity and respect. We strive to be the type of tattoo shop where you feel comfortable the moment you walk through our door.

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Pennyblack Tattoo and Art Vancouver

Vancouver Tattoo Shop Pennyblack Tattoo and Art 1Vancouver Tattoo Shop Pennyblack Tattoo and Art 2Vancouver Tattoo Shop Pennyblack Tattoo and Art 3Vancouver Tattoo Shop Pennyblack Tattoo and Art 4

Pennyblack Tattoo and Art

Address: 438 Richards Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z3

Phone: 604-568-1643

Tattoo Artists: Keith Durocher, Shayla

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Vancouver, British Columbia has a rich tattoo history. Featuring shops such as Liquid Amber Tattoo, Funhouse Tattoo, The Fall Tattooing, Gastown Tattoo Parlour, and Tattoo Union, Vancouver is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink. With a population of around 578,000 million, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town. Yelp currently lists 77 different shops when searching for “tattoo” in Vancouver. Google Places lists 280 different tattoo shops in the Vancouver area, which shows how competitive the city truly is. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.

Most Popular Tattoo Styles

American Traditional, Biomechanical, Celtic, Cover Up, Japanese, New School, Photo Realism, Polynesian, Portrait, Watercolor, Script, Floral, Geometric, Black & Grey, 3D, Black & White, Tribal, Animal
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