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Tattoo Artists in Virginia

Classic Tattoo Richmond

richmond tattoo shop classic tattoo 1richmond tattoo shop classic tattoo 2richmond tattoo shop classic tattoo 3richmond tattoo shop classic tattoo

Classic Tattoo

Address: 1158 Wilkinson Rd Richmond, VA 23227

Phone: (804) 264-8002

Tattoo Artists: Jason Hobbie, Willie Kirby, Maria Inoue

Tattoo Profile: Walk-in and appointment tattooing.

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Cliff Evans Tattoos Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Tattoo Artist Cliff Evans 1Virginia Beach Tattoo Artist Cliff Evans 2Virginia Beach Tattoo Artist Cliff Evans 3Virginia Beach Tattoo Artist Cliff Evans 4

Cliff Evans - Virginia Beach, VA

Tattoo Styles: Realism, Portrait, Custom

Tattoo Profile:

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River City Tattoo Co Richmond

Richmond Tattoo Artist Charlie Jones 4Richmond Tattoo Artist Charlie Jones 3Richmond Tattoo Artist Charlie Jones 2Richmond Tattoo Artist Charlie Jones 1

River City Tattoo Co

Address: 1128 N Blvd Richmond, VA 23230

Phone: (804) 359-5252

Tattoo Artists: Charlie Jones, Zac Vining, Adam McKown, Adam Marton, Ashly Hutchens, Jason Talbot

Tattoo Profile: River City Tattoo Company is Virginia’s premiere tattoo and piercing studio.

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All About You Tattoo Richmond

richmond tattoo artist diana burkholder 1richmond tattoo artist diana burkholder 2richmond tattoo artist diana burkholder 3richmond tattoo artist diana burkholder

All About You Tattoo

Address: 6856 Midlothian Tpke Ste 104 Richmond, VA 23225

Phone: (804) 495-8658

Tattoo Artists: Diana Burkholder, Mia Abele, Graciela Diaz, Raine Lanno

Tattoo Profile: We offer custom black and grey, bright color - girly to gore...we do it all! Friendly, comfortable atmosphere with reasonable prices. Stop by and get a tattoo or consult with an artist to design the tattoo you will be proud to wear.

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World Famous BHS Ink Norfolk

Norfolk Tattoo Artist Nick DeGenova 1Norfolk Tattoo Artist Nick DeGenova 2Norfolk Tattoo Artist Nick DeGenova 3Norfolk Tattoo Artist Nick DeGenova 4

World Famous BHS Ink

Address: 3513 Virginia Beach Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Phone: (757) 486-8286

Tattoo Artists: Ryan Anderson, Joe Hitt, Dre Muntes, Nick DeGenova

Tattoo Profile: Our goal is to provide a high quality service in a safe, sterile, and comfortable environment for anyone wanting to get a new tatto or piercing.

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Lucky 13 Tattoo Richmond

richmond tattoo artist rev bob 1richmond tattoo artist rev bob 2richmond tattoo artist rev bob 3richmond tattoo artist rev bob

Lucky 13 Tattoo

Address: 1800 W Broad St Richmond, VA 23220

Phone: (804) 358-2012

Tattoo Artists: Brad Buehrle, Robert Knox, Bryan Buehrle, Abel Killian, Lantz Fisk, Travis Wasko, Jerry Watelski, Big Daddy Jaz, Angel Quinonez, Edmond Vayo, Chris Wilson, Sara Bell

Tattoo Profile: Since opening its doors over 10 years ago Lucky 13 has offered high quality tattoos and piercings to Richmond locals and visitors alike. Here, you do not have to sacrifice quality to fit your budget. We pride ourselves to be a coalition of talented and versatile artists who can help you express yourself no matter what your idea may be.

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Salvation Gallery Richmond

Richmond Tattoo Artist Fred Pinckard 4Richmond Tattoo Artist Fred Pinckard 3Richmond Tattoo Artist Fred Pinckard 2Richmond Tattoo Artist Fred Pinckard 1

Salvation Gallery

Address: 819 W Cary St Richmond, VA 23220

Phone: (804) 643-3779

Tattoo Artists: Fred Pinckard, Katie Davis, Matt Brotka, Josh Autrey, Nate Moretti

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Saunders Custom Tattoo Richmond

richmond tattoo artist brandon saunders 1richmond tattoo artist brandon saunders 2richmond tattoo artist brandon saunders 3richmond tattoo artist brandon saunders

Saunders Custom Tattoo

Address: 10158 W Broad St Glen Allen, VA 23060

Phone: (804) 270-6012

Tattoo Artists: Brandon Saunders, Josh Shortridge, John Lindblad

Tattoo Profile: We are a tattoo shop located in the West End of Richmond, Va. Our artists have experience in many different styles of tattooing, from American traditional to Japanese to black and gray. Whether it's custom work or flash designs, we're happy to work with any idea you might have. Walk-ins always welcome.

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Heroes & Ghosts Richmond

richmond tattoo artist josh richey 1richmond tattoo artist josh richey 2richmond tattoo artist josh richey 3richmond tattoo artist josh richey

Heroes & Ghosts

Address: 3035 W Cary St Richmond, VA 23221

Phone: (804) 342-0042

Tattoo Artists: Ish, Josh Richey, Jess Versus, Mitchell Canter, Nick Barnett, Dylan Mott

Tattoo Profile: We tattoo any style you can think of and are only limited to your imagination.

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Red 5 Tattoo Norfolk

Norfolk Tattoo Artist Brett Spickard 1Norfolk Tattoo Artist Brett Spickard 2Norfolk Tattoo Artist Brett Spickard 3Norfolk Tattoo Artist Brett Spickard 4

Red 5 Tattoo

Address: 829 Lynnhaven Pkwy #121, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Phone: (757) 644-6484

Tattoo Artists: Brett Spickard, Carl Fuchs, Chris Garcia, Chris Stoll, Jason Adkins, Martin Buechler, Rob Beresford

Tattoo Profile: Red 5 is a tattoo studio located in the heart of Virginia Beach, VA and Hampton Roads. Award winning artists for every style of tattooing.

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Otzi Tattoo Agency Norfolk

Norfolk Tattoo Artist Jaimeson Trocheck 1Norfolk Tattoo Artist Jaimeson Trocheck 2Norfolk Tattoo Artist Jaimeson Trocheck 3Norfolk Tattoo Artist Jaimeson Trocheck 4

Otzi Tattoo Agency

Address: 1130 Boissevain Ave, Norfolk, VA 23507

Phone: (757) 502-8666

Tattoo Artists: Sean Karn, Matti Hixson, Jaimeson Trocheck, Brandon Glass

Tattoo Profile: Otzi Tattoo Agency is a custom tattoo parlor that is located in the Chelsea Business District, West Ghent Norfolk Virginia. We specialize in custom tattoos. Visit our shop if you are interested in body art from one of our artists.

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Studio Evolve Tattoo Norfolk

Studio Evolve Tattoo

Address: 512 S Independence Blvd, Ste 200 Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Phone: (757) 497-1865

Tattoo Artists: Gabriel Cece, Sierra Orrick, Johnny Renteria, Marshall Sinclair, J Vall, Andy Chambers, Abby Hume, Mattlock Lopes, Lucy Lou, Carl Huggins, James Rivera, Flaco Martines, Nikki Canady, Taylor Morrison, Keith Maynard, Canada, Mark Wroblewski

Tattoo Profile: Studio evoLve is all about evolution, which to us means moving forward through experimentation, education and pushing limits. We wish to combine our artwork with the way the shop looks and feels in order to better the client’s experience in our environment. Providing excellent tattooing in a comfortable space is essential to a positive client experience.

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Fuzion Ink Tattoo Norfolk

Fuzion Ink Tattoo - Norfolk, Virginia

Address: 729 Granby St, Norfolk, Virginia 23510

Phone: (757) 226-9840

Tattoo Artists: Richard Verville, Lon Bennett, Vinnie Smith, Brian Stringer, Tony Nucklez, Mike P-Dex Poindexter

Tattoo Profile: Established in 2007, Fuzion Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio is one of the top award winning studios in the Hampton Roads area and the first to operate legally in the City of Norfolk in over 55 years! With a refreshingly unique atmosphere, our first-class studio is unrivaled in style and quality. With over 4,000 sqft of creative space, the first-time collector or the long-time enthusiast can appreciate this professional and clean upscale environment.

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True Tattoo Richmond

Richmond Tattoo Artist Tony Amundson 4Richmond Tattoo Artist Tony Amundson 3Richmond Tattoo Artist Tony Amundson 2Richmond Tattoo Artist Tony Amundson 1

True Tattoo

Address: 6106 Jahnke Rd Richmond, VA 23225

Phone: (804) 233-8783

Tattoo Artists: Tony Amundson, Scott Calcaterra, Jesse Vardaro, Matt Grosso, Don Sellers

Tattoo Profile: Whether you are looking for a huge, custom back piece, a tribal armband, or a petite little flower, we've got you covered. Stop on in and hang out.

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Loose Screw Tattoo Richmond

Richmond Tattoo Artist Jesse Smith 4Richmond Tattoo Artist Jesse Smith 3Richmond Tattoo Artist Jesse Smith 2Richmond Tattoo Artist Jesse Smith 1

Loose Screw Tattoo

Address: 3313 W Cary St Richmond, VA 23221

Phone: (804) 342-1981

Tattoo Artists: Chris Jenkins, Nick Mitchell, Sabrina Elliotte, Jason Stephan, Jesse Smith

Tattoo Profile: Loose Screw Tattoo is a high quality, custom tattoo studio, located in Richmond, Virginia's very own Carytown. The artists which represent Loose Screw Tattoo have been featured in over 60 national and international magazines, have won over 50 awards for their work and have over 50 years of cumulative experience.

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Trinity Tattoo Norfolk

Norfolk Tattoo Artist Bennett Edwards 1Norfolk Tattoo Artist Bennett Edwards 2Norfolk Tattoo Artist Bennett Edwards 3Norfolk Tattoo Artist Bennett Edwards 4

Trinity Tattoo

Address: 3795 Bonney Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Phone: (757) 275-9391

Tattoo Artists: Dave Lukeson, Bennett Edwards, Jamie Cary, Robert Beck, Sean Green, Ryan Mallory, Draya Penso

Tattoo Profile: A premier tattoo studio in Hampton Roads where each customer is offered a unique experience, simply due to the interaction between the artist and the customer.

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All-Out Tattoo Norfolk

Norfolk Tattoo Artist Amy Boone 1Norfolk Tattoo Artist Amy Boone 2Norfolk Tattoo Artist Amy Boone 3Norfolk Tattoo Artist Amy Boone 4

All-Out Tattoo

Address: 1540 Azalea Garden Rd, Ste G Norfolk, VA 23502

Phone: (757) 857-4465

Tattoo Artists: George Goss, Amy Boone, Barry Huffman, Tattman Street

Tattoo Profile: We have very talented artists working here, and between them they can certainly cover all of your tattooing needs! Our team is fully equipped to tattoo any style you could ever want, and execute it beautifully. We are also one of the last remaining true street shops, meaning we do take walk-ins every day, as well as take appointments.

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Fable Tattoo Gallery Richmond

richmond tattoo artist daniel farren 1richmond tattoo artist daniel farren 2richmond tattoo artist daniel farren 3richmond tattoo artist daniel farren

Fable Tattoo Gallery

Address: 3202 W Cary St Richmond, VA 23221

Phone: (804) 278-8700

Tattoo Artists: Daniel Farren, Will Gonzalez, Barham Williams, Clutch

Tattoo Profile: Carytown, RVA's custom tattoo shop and art gallery. Whether you're wanting a large scale custom piece, or simply a little walk-in, our guys have you covered. We're now booking, so shoot us a message if you'd like to get in, or just come say hi and check out the gallery any time.

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Ocean Mystique’s Norfolk Ink Gallery

Norfolk Tattoo Artist AJ Gavin 1Norfolk Tattoo Artist AJ Gavin 2Norfolk Tattoo Artist AJ Gavin 3Norfolk Tattoo Artist AJ Gavin 4

Ocean Mystique's Ink Gallery

Address: 2100 Monticello Ave Norfolk, VA 23517

Phone: (757) 625-4658

Tattoo Artists: AJ Gavin, Matthew Luettger, Randy Stout, Brandon Campbell, Shannon Stoner, Mike Rickards, Joe Weber, Tony Riccio, Keith Maynard

Tattoo Profile: Premier Body Piercing and Tattooing in the gateway to Ghent. Custom tattoos, flash, & cover-ups.

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The Independence Tattoo Norfolk

Norfolk Tattoo Artist Jon Sillyman 1Norfolk Tattoo Artist Jon Sillyman 2Norfolk Tattoo Artist Jon Sillyman 3Norfolk Tattoo Artist Jon Sillyman 4

The Independence Tattoo

Address: 1764 Independence Blvd. Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455

Phone: (757) 351-1350

Tattoo Artists: Jon Sillyman, Patrick Loud, Jeff Malota, Armand Felton, Justin Britt, Taylor Riley, Nick Vega, Chris Fitch, Navada Smith, Mandy Malbon, Ryan Anderson, Anna Ramirez, Carson Ellen, Chris Settles, Marena Coppola, Angel Caraballo, Iron Palm Pudge, Ed Alvarado

Tattoo Profile: Virginia Beaches newest tattoo parlor. Over 50 years of combined artist experience specializing in classic, bold, tattoos that last a lifetime!

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Unkindness Art Richmond

richmond tattoo artist teresa sharpe 1richmond tattoo artist teresa sharpe 2richmond tattoo artist teresa sharpe 3richmond tattoo artist teresa sharpe

Unkindness Art

Address: 220 West Broad Street Richmond, VA 23220

Tattoo Artists: Teresa Sharpe, Erin Chance, Geary Morrill, William Volz, Jessie Rae Brennan, William Van, Doomkitten

Tattoo Profile: Erin Chance and Teresa Sharpe have come together to form the art collective known as "Unkindness". Come follow us as we travel the world and create some wonderful pieces of art.

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Clutch Art

Richmond Tattoo Artist Clutch Tattoo 1Richmond Tattoo Artist Clutch Tattoo 2Richmond Tattoo Artist Clutch Tattoo 3Richmond Tattoo Artist Clutch Tattoo 4

Clutch Art

Tattoo Artists: Clutch

Tattoo Profile: I have been tattooing for the past 18 years throughout my military career. In 2009 I began studying under some incredible artists in Hawaii and learned a whole new art form, polynesian tattooing. I came back home to Virginia and have been tattooing in various Richmond shops. I can create a custom work of art for you or rework an old piece if you so desire.

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Most Popular Tattoo Styles

American Traditional, Biomechanical, Celtic, Cover Up, Japanese, New School, Photo Realism, Polynesian, Portrait, Watercolor, Script, Floral, Geometric, Black & Grey, 3D, Black & White, Tribal, Animal
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