Listed below are some of the best tattoo supply companies online. They are listed in no particular order so be sure to research each individually to find which is the best fit for your needs.

  • Technical Worldwide Tattoo Supply


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    Address: 68 Cabot St West Babylon, NY 11704

    Phone: (800) 295-8991

    Technical Worldwide Tattoo Supply is an online tattoo equipment supplier that is both knowledgeable in the industry and dedicated to tattoo artists and their clients. As one of the largest and most sought after tattoo ink suppliers in the world, Technical Tattoo Supply is a reliable source of durable and quality tattoo machines, needles, machine parts and accessories, inks and much more. Owned by American tattoo artist Carlo Fodera, the customer service staff employees experienced tattoo artists that are ready to answer any questions as well as provide tips and tricks of the trade that will help improve technique and direct the customer towards the right products. Their presence at tattoo conventions around the country is an indication of their enthusiasm about tattooing and their desire to bring tattoo education to the public.

    Technical Tattoo Supply is determined to ship orders as quickly as possible so that the customer is able to maintain shop fluidity. In an effort to shorten shipping time, orders are shipped the same day that they are purchased and received more quickly by the customer. Their main office and warehouse of inventory is located in West Babylon, New York and they ship all over North America. Shipping is available globally as well in order to provide quality products for artists worldwide. In another effort to support tattoo artists, Technical has a tons of free information, forms, pages of font, videos, tutorials, and flash images that are available to the public to help improve artists and their studios.

    Technical Tattoo Supply is interested in improving the tattoo community in an effort to help create better artists and as a result, better tattoos. They call on their customers to add to the bank of information available on their page, offering free tattoo equipment in return.

  • Element Tattoo Supply


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    Address: 7472 Orangewood Ave Garden Grove, CA 92841

    Phone: (714) 975-7138

    Element Tattoo Supply is a Southern Californian-based tattoo equipment retailer geared towards professional artists and apprentices with tattoo equipment and supply needs. They are owned by renowned tattoo artist and shop owner Eddie Tana, a skilled and experienced artist who understands the needs of tattooists and their studios. Cleanliness and durability is important in tattooing for the quality of the completed product, the health of the client, and the reputation of the artist. Element seeks to keep the tattoo industry safe and clean by providing sterile and trustworthy products that can be relied on by both the tattoo artist and their clients. They have more than 21 years of experience in the field of tattooing and consider themselves experts in the industry. They hold regular hours at their walk-in store, located in Garden Grove, California, and operate their online store 24 hours a day.Element Tattoo Supply is a recognized member of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, a group dedicated to safe and professional tattooing that holds seminars on cleanliness and proper sterilization.

    Eddie Tana, using his knowledge and experience in the industry, designs his own tattoo needles that are sold on Element Tattoo Supply along with several other brands. Element also has its own line of tattoo inks that can be trusted as high in pigment as well as quality although there are many more options for artists with many different needs. They also have regular “deals of the day” so that there is always a special deal that can be taken advantage of in addition to their sale and clearance sections. For convenience, Element Tattoo Supply sells bundle packages as well to suit artists who are just starting out and aftercare bundles for newly tattooed clients. If there are any questions about their products or tattooing in general, there are two contact numbers as well as an email that can be reached to answer all inquiries.

  • Tommy’s Tattoo Supplies


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    Address: 34 Egypt Rd, Somers, CT 06071

    Phone: (866) 209-7361

    Tommy’s Supplies Quality Tattoo Products is a worldwide recognized online retailer of high quality tattoo equipment and accessories. They are the lone owner of the well-known high pigment tattoo ink “Starbrite” and proud to produce and sell an FDA certified safe and sterile line of ink. Additionally, Tommy’s is a manufacturer of many different styles of tattoo machines including the “Tommy .38” that is made with real bullet shells and sold exclusively by Tommy’s Supplies. Tommy’s Supplies Products are also sold worldwide by various retailers in over two dozen countries so if ordering online isn’t possible, purchasing in-store is always an option. They work tirelessly to keep up with industry trends and standards in order to offer the customer the latest in tattoo technology.

    Owned by Tom Ringwalt Jr., Tommy’s Supplies is renowned for its customer service which can be contacted 24 hours a day through telephone or email to ensure that the client’s needs are being met. The company is a proud member of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, a seal of safety and health standards that is recognized as the highest in the industry. The company is involved in annual conventions where their products are displayed and test publicly, showcasing their durability and quality. Tommy’s Supplies is constantly striving towards improvement and are trusted by countless artists as their sole tattoo equipment supplier.

    Tommy’s Supplies expansive inventory includes over a dozen brands of tattoo ink, several brands of tattoo machines both rotary and coil, medical supplies, art supplies, practice supplies for apprentices, and more all guaranteed sterile and made from high quality parts or ingredients. Piercing supplies and tattooed-themed apparel and gifts are also available. A product catalog is offered to those who request it, allowing them to take a sample of the company’s entire inventory wherever desired.

  • Eternal Tattoo Supply


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    Address: 7987 Lochlin Dr Brighton, MI 48116

    Phone: (248) 667-4060

    Eternal Tattoo Supply is not only known for their expansive online retail inventory but also their popular high quality tattoo ink that is sold by dozens of retailers because of the consistent demand. Established in 2006, the company is based out of Michigan, although shipping is nation-wide and all over the world. Eternal advertises products of only the highest quality and proudly backs each item with their seal of approval. They claim to believe in the integrity of the business within the tattoo industry and providing tattoo artists and studios with the best brand and lines of tattoo equipment and supplies.

    Eternal Tattoo Supply is an American-based company owned by a US military veteran. Because of their history of military service, they offer a 10% discount on all orders made by fellow veterans. They also offer free shipping on orders larger than $150 to any customer as well as exceptional customer service, regardless of the details of your order. Products can be purchased online or over the phone, depending on the individual’s preference.

    Eternal Tattoo Supply warns against the purchasing of counterfeit ink and cautions against buying from certain unauthorized retailers. Fortunately, they also list the dozens of authorized distributors of Eternal Tattoo Ink (a safe, sterile, and bold ink) that can be found around the world, in nearly every continent. They also provide downloadable files of ink comparisons that help the customer choose the appropriate ink for their tattoo designs and clientele. Eternal Tattoo Supply emphasizes education and knowledge in the tattoo industry with the intent to help the customer make informed choices on tattoo products. In addition to this, the website includes product and category indexes that allow the customer to view all products and categories of products to make the process of selection easier.

  • Painful Pleasures Tattoo Supply


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    Phone: (410) 712-0145

    Painful Pleasures is an online retailer and distributor of thousands of tattoo supply products as well as body piercing supplies and body jewellery. Founded in 1999, the company built themselves on a foundation of product variety and customer service. The inventory warehouse is located in Hanover, Maryland and contains Pain Pleasures’ entire stock of product so that every item is shipped from the same location. They are trusted by countless artists and tattoo shops as their exclusive supplier because of their promise of fair prices, wide selection of products, and prompt, helpful customer service.

    Painful Pleasures makes shopping for body art supplies easy. With their online store, products are made available to individual customers, artists, and shops and studios all around the globe. All products are pictured on the website and accompanied by a full description of the item, prices, reviews, details on shipping and handling, as well as related products that will work in conjunction with the described item. They also have video tutorials of how to use and care for certain items to ensure that their products are utilized to their full potential. There are special deals for those who buy in bulk to better suit tattoo shops and their employees. Painful Pleasures employees a number of specialists who are hired specifically to focus on the customer and their purchases to ensure that each order is packaged and shipped correctly and on time.

    For tattoo supply, Painful Pleasures offers everything from dozens of brands of tattoo ink to machines and parts, medical supplies like sterile gloves, tattoo aftercare products, and studio furniture. Everything necessary to begin and maintain a tattoo studio can be purchased and shipped directly to the customer from this website. All types of jewellery, clothing, and accessories are available as well.

  • Hildbrandt Tattoo Supplies


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    Address: 13980 Maycrest Way #113, Richmond, BC V6V 3C3, Canada

    Phone: (888) 944-8841

    Hildbrandt Tattoo Supplies is an online retailer of tattoo supplies and equipment that also places a focus on tattoo education through online training and safety videos as well as tips and advice on their blog. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, David and his brother Mark Hildbrandt began designing and constructing tattoo machines to sell locally, becoming a popular choice in the market by 2004. In 2006 they were able to expand their small business into a much larger company that provides tattoo equipment and supply to artists all over the world. Hildbrandt tattoo is a Canadian tattoo supplier with warehouses in British Columbia and Washington as well as a retailer located in Mexico to ensure quick and easy shipping of their expansive inventory.

    Hildbrandt’s online store is an inventory of countless tattoo and aftercare supplies that provides all of the equipment necessary for a tattoo studio. They offer various brands of machines, inks, needles, parts and accessories, aftercare products, arts supplies, and much more. Their emphasis on customer service can be seen in their shipping and handling policies as well as their guaranteed 6 month warranty on all products sold.

    Hildbrandt specializes in tattoo machines, selling their own Vancouver-made machines as well as more than a dozen other brands. They also sell tattoo kits that contain machines, needles, inks, and all other necessary items for the amateur seeking to gain expertise. The kits also contain tattoo education resources that provide professional tutorials and videos as well as access to online databases of information. Hildbrandt Tattoo puts education, safety, and professionalism first in order to prevent incidents or errors in the tattooing process. As an effort to create an online community of support for tattoo apprentices and artists, Hildbrandt runs a forum open to tattoo artists looking to gain experience and ask questions as well as artists with knowledge and experience to share.

  • Spaulding and Rogers Tattoo Supplies


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    Address: 1593 Central Avenue, Colonie, NY 12205

    Phone: (888) 9-TATTOO

    Spaulding & Rogers Mfg, Inc. and Spaulding Color Corp. is an online retailer tattoo equipment and inks as well as body piercing and body art supplies. They have been manufacturing and selling tattoo products since 1956 making them one of the oldest and most experienced tattoo suppliers in the world. As a proudly American company, the manufacture much of what they sell in their plant located in Voorheesville, New York. Their inventory contains one of the largest arrays of tattooing and body piercing products available online, including traditional tattooing equipment, body piercing supplies, art supplies, medical supplies, body adornment and henna, collectibles, and animal marking tattoo equipment. They ship within North America as well as globally and can be contacted through email, telephone, mail, and fax.

    Spaulding & Rogers provides pre-assembled tattoo kits for the apprentice and professional in order to offer cheaper solutions for artists who are just getting into the industry or starting up their own studio. These kits are sold at lower prices and include machines, power units, inks, how-to books, needles, inks, sterilizing supplies, and more. They also sell books and DVDs with information and tips for new artists as well as references for artists who are looking to do more. Additionally, they carry their popular line of vibrant tattoo ink which is made in the USA and sold exclusively by Spaulding & Roger Inc.

    Known for their wide selection of black, grey wash, and colored ink series, there are many different brands and lines of ink, from the many Spaulding Color Corp lines to Kuro Sumi, VooDoo, Calcutta, and Pro-Line. Convenient color sample packs are also available so that the ink can be tested before larger quantities are purchased. Spaulding & Roger has been used by artists for years as their exclusive tattoo supply retailer and trusted for quality and reliability.

  • Intenze Tattoo Ink


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    Intenze Advanced Tattoo Ink is a high quality brand of bright and bold ink created with high levels of true pigment that results in vivid and dimensional tattoo designs. It all began in Austria in 1987 with experiments with ink recipes at home and developed from there when the founder Mario Barth moved to the United States. First created in 2002 when the artists found themselves unsatisfied with current tattoo inks available, Intenze Tattoo Ink came on the market as a tough competitor against other, lower quality inks.

    One of the first to ship their products worldwide, the company created a 54-color set, one of the very first larger sets of ink available and then expanded their brand to multiple lines of flesh tones, grey wash, bright hues, and the blackest blacks. Intenze Advanced Tattoo Ink is a top-of-the-line ink brand that is renowned for its dark darks and vivid colors utilized around the world by famed and ordinary tattoo artists.

    Intenze Tattoo Ink offers more than 250 shades of ink to their consumers in various sizes, including a single-use sterile cap so that the ink purchased is exactly what is needed, leaving no waste. They also offer a 19 color set with a 30 day money-back guarantee to allow artists to test Intenze ink without risk. Intenze guarantees the quality of their ink and is certain that once an artist uses the product, they will remain an exclusive customer. The safety and sterility of Intenze Ink is of the highest importance to the company, leading them to test and retest all of their products which are first created in a clean room. They treat safety regulations as their responsibility to the consumer and the consumer’s clients and refuse to cut corners when it comes to their products.

  • Skin Candy Tattoo Supplies


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    Address: 2919 Thornton Ave Burbank, CA 91504

    Phone: (818) 567-1848

    Skin Candy Tattoo Supply totes the motto “Quality Forever” and carries that mantra with them from production to sales and shipment. They are an online retailer of tattoo inks, including their own line of Skin Candy Tattoo Ink, as well as equipment, machines, and all necessary accessories. Owner August Worchell first began Skin Candy Tattoo in San Francisco in 1995 when his own tattooing experiences lead him to question the quality and reliability of ink that was currently available. He started on his own, mixing and creating inks by hand until he gained fame in 2004 with Miami Ink, eventually coming to be their exclusive supplier, and was able to expand his operation.

    Skin Candy designed the first blacklight inks available on the market in 2000 and now sells over 125 shades of tattoo ink with more colors constantly being introduced. The ink is made in Burbank, California in a certified clean room facility by qualified technicians to ensure the sterility and highest quality possible. Skin Candy Tattoo Supply is an authorized distributor of dozens of popular brands of tattoo equipment including Bloodline Ink, Eternal Ink, Intenze Ink, Kabuki, Black Panther, Dynamic, Starbrite, H2O aftercare products, and much more. They provide links to all of the MSDS information for their products, revealing the ingredients and exact chemical compounds for the consumer to review in order to avoid allergic reactions and other health complications.

    Skin Candy Tattoo Supply has been involved with television and film for years, renowned for their high quality tattoo ink. The trust that has been put into their brand is a testament to their dedication to sterile production and integrity with in tattoo industry. Although they specialize in tattoo inks, Skin Candy Supply offers fair prices, deals, and sales on all tattooing necessities as well as products for piercing and more.

  • Monster Steel Tattoo Supply


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    Address: 350 Hiatt Dr Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 33418

    Phone: (800) 630-9256

    Monster Steel Tattoo and Piercing Supply was established in 2001 and made their name as an online tattoo supplier seeking to make lasting partnerships between themselves and their clientele. They are able to succeed by committing to prompt and reliable customer service as well as fast and easy ordering and shipping. They only advertise and sell products that have been expertly manufactured to be high in quality, long lasting, and durable. Monster Steel advertises themselves as a supplier that helps tattoo artists maintain their practice and stay profitable. The company’s extensive inventory includes dozens of brands and styles of tattoo needles, machines, aftercare products, and body jewellery in order to offer the customer as many options of top quality tattoo equipment as possible.

    Monster Steel boasts exceptional customer service which can be accessed online or by calling their toll free number and speaking to a representative. As a testament to their customer service, any and all products that do not meet customer standards for whatever reason can be returned within 30 days of purchasing in order to leave each client completely satisfied. It is also possible to track an order to keep informed on exactly when it will arrive. They also offer free shipping on orders totalling $200 and larger, encouraging convenient bulk purchasing, although products can be purchased individually as well. Monster Steel Tattoo Supply is a retailer that suits both large tattoo shops who cater to dozens of clients every day but also small studios that house single artists.

    There is no need to shop anywhere else because the large inventory includes all of the necessary equipment and supplies for tattooing, permanent makeup application, and body piercing. Tattoo studios of all sizes will benefit from counting Monster Steel Tattoo and Piercing Supply as their exclusive tattoo supply provider.

  • WorldWide Tattoo Supply


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    Address: 15410 Stafford St, City Of Industry, CA 91744

    Phone: (800) 333 – 4069

    WorldWide Tattoo Supply has been a retailer of tattoo equipment and supplies since 1993, giving them more than 20 years of experience in the industry. The company prides themselves on their customer service and their expansive knowledge of tattooing products and innovation within the craft. Their delivery service is prompt and reliable, backed by a call in, e-mail, or texting service made available to answer any and all questions pertaining to orders and shipping. Customers are able to access a WorldWide customer service representative at any time online, giving them a competitive edge in customer service. Beyond their online retail website, WorldWide products and deals can be purchased at their walk-in store, located in City of Industry, California. They also have distributors in Canada, Taiwan, Argentina, and the UK.

    WorldWide Tattoo Supply is an American company that sells and manufactures almost all of their products themselves, of their own design. They ship locally in the United States but also all over the world. Regardless of where the items are shipped, the process is fast and reliable because WorldWide has offices and warehouses located in several countries. Their products are quality guaranteed and all tattoo equipment like needles and tubes have been manufactured in ISO certified facilities with processes that are FDA approved, ensuring that each item is sterilized and created to exceed industry standards.

    Fair pricing and top of the line products are guaranteed and intended for those who apprentice or work as a tattoo artist. Additionally, for the benefits of artists around the world, WorldWide Tattoo offers free downloads of their product catalog, instruction manuals for various items, and files of flash images that can be used as reference for designing tattoo pieces. Sales and clearance items are constantly available through WorldWide Tattoo Supply, making more products available for smaller budgets.

  • Lucky Tattoo Supply


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    Address: 12141 62nd St. N Unit #1 Largo Florida, 33773

    Phone: (877) 531-7709

    Lucky Tattoo Supply is an online tattoo supply retailer established in 2000 with the goal of providing high quality tattoo equipment, inks, and more to tattoo artists, apprentice or professional, around the world. Based in the United States, Lucky Supply has a warehouse and walk-in retailer located in Largo, Florida along with a tattoo museum filled with memorabilia dating back to the turn of the 20th Century, evidence of their deep-seated connection to tattoo history and its roots. They also have suppliers located in Quebec, New Zealand, and Costa Rica so that tattoo artists all around the world are able to purchase high quality tattoo equipment and products.

    Lucky Tattoo Supply’s customer service goes above and beyond the responsibilities of competitive suppliers by putting the customer first and offering friendly and reliable service instantly over the phone or through email. Customers are even able to request certain items that Lucky doesn’t normally stock and given the promise that the company will find it and stock it so that the customer is able to get exactly what they need. Unique to Lucky Supply, there are dozens of tattoo reference books available that introduce amateurs and less experienced artists to many different styles of tattooing. There are also books included that detail tattoo history and well-known artists, exhibiting Lucky Supply’s affinity with tattooing tradition both in North America and worldwide.

    With 15 years of experience in the industry, Lucky Tattoo Supply membership is exclusive to professional tattoo artists around the globe. It is one of the only suppliers that have introduced a points system through their online retailer where customers gain points for each purchase. Eventually, members are able to receive rewards and discounts, lessening the cost of buying tattoo supplies. Lucky is dedicated to helping artists become successful in the tattoo industry and remain profitable in a tough market.

  • Needle Supply


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    Address: 560 N Bullard Ave Goodyear, AZ 85338

    Phone: (855) 633-3537

    Needle Tattoo Supply is an online tattoo supply retailer intended for professional tattoo artists as well as their apprentices. They are proud distributors of countless favored brands such as Eternal Ink, Tat Soul, Kuro Sumi Ink, Starbrite, Inkeeze, and much more. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Needle Supply has been invested in the industry since 2005 and continues to prove themselves as a company dedicated to promoting safe and clean tattooing and tattoo products. They specialize in tattoo needles and for four years they sold nothing but their HEXTAT brand of needles, made from stainless steel and crafted with quality. Responding to the demand in the industry for more high quality tattoo products, Needle Tattoo expanded their company and began to sell much more than just needles.

    Needle Tattoo’s blog is an example of their dedication to the industry and efforts to increase awareness of cleanliness and good practice in artists all over the world. The blog includes tips on properly following health codes as well as information on inks, machines, and other products they sell to ensure that the customer is completely informed on every aspect of their purchase. This information also helps the customer choose the right products for their tattooing style and needs.

    Machines, needles, inks, medical supplies, tubes and grips, and much more can be purchased through Needle Supply individually or in larger quantities. Piercing supplies can be ordered as well as body piercing is often another component of the modern tattoo studio. The competitive prices of Needle Supply make them a first choice among many tattoo artists to fulfill their tattooing needs. The fast and reliable shipping, available to anywhere in the world with a post office number or address, has led to customers counting them as their exclusive tattoo equipment supplier.

  • Online Tattoo Wholesale


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    Address: 2038 Harrison St. Hollywood, FL 33020

    Phone: (855) 244-3735

    Online Tattoo Wholesale is an online wholesaler of tattoo equipment and products that is highly reviewed by customers as a reliable and fairly priced retailer. Top quality inks, machines, accessories, and all other tattoo necessities can be purchased online and from anywhere in the world. Their customer service is available 24/7 by phone or email to answer any questions and provide consultation on the best purchases for each customer’s tattooing and studio needs.

    Online Tattoo Wholesale is an authorized dealer of Starbrite and Intenze inks as well as Mom’s, Dynarex, and Richie Bulldog products, ensuring that they do not sell counterfeit items like less reputable wholesalers. They carry more than a dozen brands of tattoo inks that amount to hundreds of ink colors to supply any color palette and dozens of brands of tattoo machines of all types. There are tattoo kits for both apprentices and professionals that contain all of the tattoo necessities needed for proper tattooing. Wholesale members are offered special discounts as well as coupons that further reduce the already low prices and free shipping on orders 100$ and over when shipped within the United States. In addition, the membership comes at no cost to the customer, a benefit to using Online Tattoo Wholesale so for tattoo supply. All orders are shipped from a safe and clean warehouse located in Florida where the inventory is carefully housed. They guarantee satisfaction with each order and provide refunds on almost all purchases made, without charging extra fees.

    Online Tattoo Wholesale has deals every month for the online customer as well as discounts for larger quantity orders. Their sales and clearance section is constantly being updated in order to give opportunities for all types of budgets and ensure that they are offering the best deal in the industry.

  • Kingpin Tattoo Supply


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    Address: 9715 International Ct Saint Petersburg, Florida

    Phone: (888) 299-5675

    Kingpin Tattoo Supply is a tattoo supply online retailer that appeals to professional tattoo artists and tattoo studios. Established in 1996, Kingpin began as a shop that specialized in constructing custom tattoo needles to fit each individual tattoo artist’s needs before expanding into a wholesale supplier and retailer of tattoo supply. Because the company started out exclusively as designers of tattoo equipment, they can be trusted as experts in the industry rooted in a tradition of tattoo artistry. They manufacture their own line of tattoo machines, using their expertise to create a quality product that can be shipped worldwide. Additionally, Kingpin sells countless other brands in order to offer a wide selection to the customer. All necessary parts and accessories are available as well, making their website the only retailer that a tattoo artist requires to fulfill all of their tattooing needs.

    Kingpin prides themselves on customer satisfaction, advertising the motto “where customer service and quality meet”. As a company based in the United States, they hold offices in both Florida and California and allow shipping from both the east and west coast to ensure that delivery is fast and reliable. With a large inventory focused solely on the art of tattooing, unlike other tattoo supply websites, Kingpin is known as a knowledgeable and trusted source for tattoo equipment ranging from machines and ink to practice flesh and clean room products. They also sell flash images and other studio equipment as well as art supplies for practicing the craft.

    Kingpin Tattoo Supply sells their products almost exclusively to industry professionals in an effort to distance their name from amateurs and poor tattoo work. Customers must register as professional artists on the website to purchase products, creating an atmosphere of reliability and security for the tattoo artist and their clientele.

  • Dragonhawk Tattoo Supplies


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    Phone: (626) 249-0256

    Dragonhawk/Tattoo DIY Supply Company is an online retailer of countless brands of tattoo equipment and inks marketed to professional tattoo artists worldwide. Established in 2001, Dragonhawk has come to be the number one choice for tattoo supply in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Georgia. Known for their prompt shipping and lean towards tattoo education, their bounty of tattoo knowledge and tutorials are made widely available to viewers of the website, whether items are purchased or not.

    As a part of their guarantee of quality, the company provides a year warranty with each product to ensure that the customer is purchasing a long-lasting and reliable item. In addition, they claim fast shipping all around the globe, regardless of location, as fast 10 days or less when shipped within the United States. Dragonhawk puts quality control ahead of all else in their company, requiring the products that they sell to endure several processes of testing before they are packaged and shipped. All departments of the company are in close contact in order to communicate errors or fallacies found in products so that faulty items are removed and rejected from warehouse locations. Dragonhawk makes themselves available for easy contact in order to provide reliable customer service to all consumers. Consumers can live chat, call, email, or Skype with a customer service representative to receive answers to questions about orders, shipping, returns, or to voice any other concerns.

    Dragonhawk sells tattoo machines, among all other tattooing necessities, as well as individual parts to create a custom tattoo machine. Dragonhawk understands the various styles of machines and tattooing and encourages custom building and design in order to better suit those differing styles. They also sell tattoo kits for amateur tattoo artists to better assist them in their journey to becoming experienced professionals.

  • Eikon Tattoo Supplies


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    Address: 689 Innovation Drive Kingston, ON Canada K7K 7E6

    Phone: (800) 427-8198

    Eikon Tattoo Equipment and Supplies was established in 1994 as a small operation that became a large-scale tattoo supply company over the span of 21 years. A product of their decades of tattoo innovation, their line of power and meter supplies is well-known in the industry along with their line of coil tattoo machines and tattoo needles. They are based out of Kingston, Ontario but are known and ship all over the globe. As an online tattoo supply retailer, Eikon is committed to keeping up with industry standards as well as providing tattoo education through online video tutorials and reliable customer service before and after order have been shipped.

    Eikon’s line of tattoo power supplies are Canadian-made with high quality parts to create a power supplier that is unparalleled by the competition. The website contains several troubleshooting videos along with information about the machine, ensuring that the customer is well informed about the product and its operation. Being able to properly utilize the product to its fullest extent without frustration or uncertainty allows the customer to get the most for their money but also feel satisfied with their purchase. As an example of their dedication to customer service, Eikon’s website provides a survey for all clients to rate their level of satisfaction. This enables the company to keep up with the customer’s demands and better fulfill their needs.

    Eikon Tattoo Equipment and Supplies online inventory provides the tattoo artist or shop owner with all of the tools necessary to tattoo with confidence in reliability and sterility. Their products can also be purchased through dozens of other distributors both in-store and online all over the globe. The authorized list of distributors ensures that only authentic Eikon tattoo power supply and meters are sold outside of their online retailer.

  • Bishop Tattoo Supply


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    Address: 23892 Remme Ridge Lake Forest, CA 92630

    Phone: (949) 600-6340

    Bishop Tattoo Supply is an online retailer of tattoo equipment and supplies based in the United States. They are famously known for the Bishop Rotary tattoo machine, a machine that made its debut nearly 15 years ago and was designed specifically for endurance and reliability. Bishop Tattoo Supply was founded in Orange County, California by owner Franco Vescovi in 2009 after years of tattooing and designing rotary-style tattoo machines to suit his personal style. Unlike many other online tattoo suppliers that sell piercing supplies, Bishop focuses solely on tattooing as a testament to their dedication to the tattooing industry.

    The Bishop Rotary tattoo machine is one of the only designs that can be used for up to four hours without running the risk of stress and pain on the artist’s wrist. It is perfect for those who have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel or injuries from long-term tattooing as the low-vibration does not wear on the wrist as other machines do and is lightweight (only 3.8 ounces). All Bishop tattoo products are proudly made in the United States of America, although many other brands can also be purchased from the online retailer. Additionally, the company provides information and videos on product usage, maintenance, and repair, as well as training videos in order to support the artists that purchase their products. Even more, Bishop Tattoo Supply offers a one year warranty on all of their tattoo machines so that in the event that the machine performs below standards it can be returned and replaced. They also repair machines at a fraction of the purchasing price.

    Bishop Tattoo Supply has a monthly newsletter available to all artists and customers who would like to receive information on new products and other innovations within the industry. Bishop Tattoo is dedicated to artists all around the globe and providing them with information to help improve their practice.