Tattoos for Girls

Girls looking to get tattoos have to decide on which artist to choose, which style to get, where on their body to get the tattoo, etc. We’ve tried our best below to show you some of the most popular tattoos for girls and hopefully this will make your research a little bit easier. As tattoos have evolved and artist creativity has evolved, tattoos for girls are extremely popular and the limit to what you can get is truly amazing. Tattoo artists today have a wide range of techniques that have been learned and passed down through generations of artists. In terms of placement, here are some of the most popular tattoo spots for girls followed by some of the most popular types of tattoos girls like to get.

  • Wrist Tattoos for Girls

    Wrist tattoos for girls are really popular when looking to get a small tattoo. The placement is feminine and that is what matters to most women. Also, you do want to show off your tattoo, so the wrist is an easily exposed part of your body that can be seen almost all of the time. Here are some of our favorite wrist tattoos for girls: See more pictures
  • Sleeve Tattoos for Girls

    Sleeve tattoos for women are becoming more and more popular as the popularity of tattoos grows. Getting a sleeve takes a lot of dedication, as most sleeves involve multiple sessions and many hours. Some sleeves contain a common theme while others might involve a special meaning to the person getting the sleeve. Here are some of our favorite sleeve tattoos for women. See more pictures
  • Leg Tattoos for Girls

    Leg tattoos for girls are a wonderful place to get a tattoo. Every artist like to work on the leg as there is lots of room to work and the tattoos sit nicely. leg tattoos can be very sexy and leave a lot of room to work in. Placement and flow are important on any tattoo and that applies for leg tattoos as well. Below are some leg tattoos for girls that we saw and wanted to share. See more pictures
  • Forearm Tattoos for Girls

    Looking for a bold place to have a tattoo? Look no further than your forearm. The nice thing is that you’ll still be able to conceal your tattoo in case of a meeting or just feel like hiding it. Forearm tattoos for girls have also become more popular as tattooing has become more mainstream. Check out some pictures below of forearm tattoos for girls. See more pictures
  • Lower Back Tattoos for Girls

    Although lower back tattoos for girls got a bad rap because of the term “tramp stamp”, it is still one of the sexiest placements on the female body. Tramp stamps are almost always done by bad artists, but a good lower back tattoo done by a great artist can really make that an excellent place for a woman. Floral tattoos on the lower back are one of the most popular types tattoos for that placement. Here are some of our favorite lower back tattoos for girls: See more pictures
  • Stomach Tattoos For Girls

    Although it’s a tender spot to get a tattoo, stomach tattoos for girls are wonderful place to get a tattoo if you’re into being bold and like to show off you’re ink and your body. As with any tattoo, placement and the flow of the tattoo are imperative to making a clean looking tattoo but with the right artist, stomach tattoos can be beautiful. Here are some of our favorite stomach tattoos for girls. See more pictures
  • Back Tattoos for Girls

    Back tattoos for girls have become extremely popular. The back is a location on the body that can be shown off or concealed if needed. That’s the beauty of getting a tattoo in a spot like that. Women can show it off in the summer or hide during those important meetings and still feel like you’re representing who you are. Below are some back tattoos for women that we love.   See more pictures
  • Side Tattoos for Girls

    Side tattoos for girls have recently become more popular. While easy to conceal when needed, the side tattoo is a bold tattoo for anyone to get. Any kind of tattoo looks good on the side from script to large scale tattoos. As long as the tattoo is aligned correctly and fits the woman getting it, the side tattoo can be a thing of beauty. We’ve shared some side tattoos for girls below in case you’re looking for ideas.   See more pictures
  • Ankle Tattoos for Girls

    Ankle tattoos for girls tend to be really subtle and small. It’s easy to cover with a sock or shoe, but it can be shown off in flip flops, heels, or barefoot on the beach. Here are some of our favorite ankle tattoos for girls:   See more pictures
  • Hip Tattoos for Girls

    Hip tattoos for girls are one of the sexiest tattoos out there. This is mainly because it’s a really sexy part of a women’s body but also because the artist tends to use the natural curves of the women to make an outstanding hip tattoo. Here are some of our favorite hip tattoos for girls: See more pictures
  • Arm Tattoos for Girls

    Arm tattoos for girls is a growing trend in the tattoo industry. Tattoo sleeves are among the most popular arm tattoos, but some women have tattoos just on their upper arm (think Pamela Anderson’s barb wire). When getting a sleeve or arm tattoo in general, make sure you’re comfortable with a lot of exposure, because women tend to have exposed arms a lot of the time, especially in warm weather cities. Here are some of our favorite arm tattoos for women:       See more pictures
  • Chest Tattoos for Girls

    Chest tattoos for women are a bold tattoo placement. Getting a tattoo on your chest not only hurts, but it also strongly pushes the envelope in terms of placement for women. A lot of times women that get chest tattoos get them when they don’t have many other body parts available. There are the select few that get them to represent where the heart is, but most designs are large and bold. Here are some of our favorite chest tattoos for women.   See more pictures
  • Rib Tattoos for Girls

    Getting a tattoo on your ribs is extremely painful, but girls continue to get them because of the way it flows with the female anatomy. Rib tattoos drawn freehand are particularly elegant because they can be drawn exactly to the curves of the woman getting tattooed. Here are some of our favorite female rib tattoos. See more pictures
  • Neck Tattoos for Girls

    Neck tattoos for girls are gaining more steam in the tattoo community as people want to show off their ink and show their uniqueness. The neck is also a sensitive place to get a tattoo but totally worth it when all is said and done. It’s also considered a “job killer” so keep that in mind before you get a neck tattoo. Here are some neck tattoos for girls that we love.   See more pictures
  • Dragon Tattoos for Girls

    These mythical, fire breathing creatures called dragons have a legend of being terrifying monsters that would burn down any village that might be as unfortunate enough to be under it while looking for it’s next meal. However, dragons also can mean widsom, good luck, and goodwill. These creatures have a tendency to seem very masculine but they are also very sleek and beautiful. Dragon tattoos for women aren’t any different than what a man might get. Dragons, capture many different qualities and have become very popular designs for tattoos. Check out some of the dragon tattoos on women below. See more pictures
  • Gun Tattoos For Girls

    Most people might think of gun tattoos and think they’re reserved for guys. However, the woman of today is a lot more independent and more willing to take on these “masculine” images. Weapons have long been popular images to get tattooed and depending on who the canvas is, these can mean a variety of different things. Gun tattoos for girls look very cool when done right. Check out some of these beautiful and sexy images below if you need any ideas for your next gun tattoo.   See more pictures
  • Butterfly Tattoos for Girls

    Butterfly tattoos have always been a favorite in the tattoo world for women. Butterflies are beautiful, delicate and graceful. In addition to having these meanings, there are so many different kinds of butterflies that one is almost guaranteed to find the perfect one for them. You’re generally not going to see a great deal of men getting butterfly tattoos but some of these insects do have features that could be pulled off by a man. Check out some of these pictures of butterfly tattoos for women to see if you get any ideas. Many artists have different styles so please enjoy some of the pictures. See more pictures
  • Small Tattoos for Girls

    Small tattoos for girls are becoming very popular because they are inexpensive, subtle, and can be hidden if needed. Even though you may think a small tattoo can’t have detail, think again. As artists are becoming better with line work, small tattoos for women are becoming more of a trend. Here are our favorite small tattoos for girls: See more pictures
  • Cross Tattoos for Girls

    Cross tattoos for girls are really popular in all shapes in sizes. Whether it’s a big religious sleeve or a simple cross on your wrist, these tattoos mean a lot of different things to a lot of women. Obviously religion is a huge reason to get a cross tattoo, but that isn’t the only reason girls get them. Sometimes they could symbolize a loved one who has passed or just belief in a higher power. Here are some of our favorite cross tattoos for girls: See more pictures
  • Lion Tattoos for Girls

    Lions are king of the jungle, so why would girls want a lion tattoo? For one, lions are all about family. They protect the pride no matter what and the Mom usually is really protective over her cubs. On top of that, lions are beautiful creatures with piercing eyes that look great on the female body. Here are some of our favorite lion tattoos for girls. See more pictures
  • Sugar Skull Tattoos for Girls

    Sugar skull tattoos for girls typically celebrate the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos in Mexico. They are usually really colorful and are becoming an extremely popular tattoo choice among women. Placements usually are within a sleeve or half sleeve, on the leg, or sometimes on the back. Here are some of our favorite sugar skull tattoos for girls: See more pictures
  • Flower Tattoos for Girls

    Flower tattoos for girls are the most popular feminine subject matter. Whether it’s a lily, rose, or sunflower, flower tattoos for women are everywhere. Placement is a key when choosing your flower tattoo, and some of the most popular include the back, arm, and leg for larger floral pieces. Here are some of our favorite flower tattoos for girls: See more pictures
  • Tribal Tattoos For Girls

    Tribal tattoos done in the United States had a reputation of being a man’s tattoo. However, these tattoos look great on women too and hold meaning. Men weren’t the only people in these ethnic groups that had these tattoos. Just as many women had these tattoos and they’re starting to gain steam in the US. Like any tattoo, it really depends on the placement of the tattoo and the flow to be a great tattoo. Below we’ve shared some tribal tattoos for girls to take a look at.   See more pictures
  • Cute Tattoos for Girls

    Everyone has a different definition of cute. Our definition is based on both placement and subject matter. So if you’re looking for cute tattoo for girls, below are some of our favorite designs done by outstanding artists. See more pictures
  • 3D Tattoos for Girls

    3d tattoos for women are becoming more popular because of the talent of some of the tattoo artists out there. With realism artists popping up everywhere, the demand for 3d tattoos has grown exponentially the past few years. Here are some of our favorite 3d tattoos for women:   See more pictures
  • Tattoo Quotes for Girls

    Getting a quote tattooed is one of the most popular types of tattoos. Some women get small short phrases or quotes, while others can get an entire scripture tattooed. Here are some of our favorite tattoo quotes for women: See more pictures
  • Beautiful Tattoos for Girls

    Most women want to get a beautiful tattoo. Whether it’s floral, script, or any other beautiful tattoo design, girls are looking for an artist that can do a beautiful tattoo that will last them a lifetime. Here are some of the most beautiful tattoos for women that we could find: See more pictures