Tattoos for Girls

Girls looking to get tattoos have to decide on which artist to choose, which style to get, where on their body to get the tattoo, etc. We’ve tried our best below to show you some of the most popular tattoos for girls and hopefully this will make your research a little bit easier. As tattoos have evolved and artist creativity has evolved, tattoos for girls are extremely popular and the limit to what you can get is truly amazing. Tattoo artists today have a wide range of techniques that have been learned and passed down through generations of artists. In terms of placement, here are some of the most popular tattoo spots for girls followed by some of the most popular types of tattoos girls like to get.

  • Henna Tattoo Meaning

    Henna Tattoo Meaning Henna, known as mehndi in India, is an ink made from the henna plant and used in Indian and other Eastern cultures for the creation of temporary tattoos. These henna tattoos are applied in celebration of a variety of festivals and ceremonies, especially in Indian weddings and religious gatherings like Diwali. The color of the henna dye is a rich brown, mahogany hue that stains the skin’s pigment to leave a stain that lasts for several days. These “tattoos” applied to the hands and feet highlight different cultural symbols and reflect Indian tradition, history, and mythology. Because henna designs are known for their intricacy and beauty, many chose to permanently tattoo these images onto the skin in order to preserve the image. The designs are made of delicate line work, woven together to create artwork that reflects Indian culture. Much like a mandala design, which is often included in henna tattoos, the lines interconnect and expand out, forming various symbols. Common images used in traditional designs are beaming suns, flowers and mandalas, arches and dotted patterns, peacocks and their plumage, as well as lotus flowers. The lotus is one of the most often included symbols in henna designs but also ... See more pictures
  • Animal Tattoo Meaning

    Animal Tattoo Meaning There isn’t just one animal tattoo meaning. That’s one of the many reasons why so many people decide to get a tattoo of their favorite animals. Animal tattoos as a whole are one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world since they can hold many different meanings and because they look good on the skin. Keep reading to see some of the most common reasons for people getting animal tattoos. The first and most obvious reason that people get animal tattoos simply because they like that animal. There might not be any deep meaning behind the tattoo, but they have always liked that species and want to get a cool tattoo design. This is the main reason why every tattoo parlor in the world will have a book full of animals to choose from. Another common reason for getting an animal tattoo is because that animal happened to be the person’s pet or they worked with it (perhaps in a zoo). These are very personal tattoos and they are never the type that people regret getting. They hold a lot of meaning to the owners because they can forever be close to that particular animal. Sometimes a characteristic of ... See more pictures
  • Ed Hardy Tattoo Aftercare

    Ed Hardy Tattoo Fade Protection is a silicone-based skincare and tattoo aftercare product from Ed Hardy that works as a sunless tanner and a tattoo moisturizer. The lotion effectively adds a bronze sheen to the skin with continuous application while protecting tattoos at the same time. Many tanning lotions reduce the vibrancy of tattoos as skin is darkened by the formula but with patented tattoo fade protection technology, tattoos appear vivid even as skin becomes richer and darker in color. With added tyrosine, an amino acid produced by the body to increase melanin (skin’s pigment), the tanning lotion works with the natural chemicals of the body to safely darken skin without the risks of UV rays. The unique formula of Ed Hardy Tattoo Fade Protection allows the skin to darken through this method but also enhance tattoo ink. The product contains synthetic additives, alcohol, unnatural fragrances, and several added dyes to create the lotion’s dark color. The lotion is Jackfruit and Lotus scented and works with the company’s patented Nouritan Technology, as well as Ideal Lift Technology to increase elasticity and Body Fit Technology to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The added bronzers are both natural and unnatural to ensure ... See more pictures
  • Tattoo Supplies

    Listed below are some of the best tattoo supply companies online. They are listed in no particular order so be sure to research each individually to find which is the best fit for your needs. See more pictures
  • Online Tattoo Wholesale

    Visit Website Address: 2038 Harrison St. Hollywood, FL 33020 Phone: (855) 244-3735 Online Tattoo Wholesale is an online wholesaler of tattoo equipment and products that is highly reviewed by customers as a reliable and fairly priced retailer. Top quality inks, machines, accessories, and all other tattoo necessities can be purchased online and from anywhere in the world. Their customer service is available 24/7 by phone or email to answer any questions and provide consultation on the best purchases for each customer’s tattooing and studio needs. Online Tattoo Wholesale is an authorized dealer of Starbrite and Intenze inks as well as Mom’s, Dynarex, and Richie Bulldog products, ensuring that they do not sell counterfeit items like less reputable wholesalers. They carry more than a dozen brands of tattoo inks that amount to hundreds of ink colors to supply any color palette and dozens of brands of tattoo machines of all types. There are tattoo kits for both apprentices and professionals that contain all of the tattoo necessities needed for proper tattooing. Wholesale members are offered special discounts as well as coupons that further reduce the already low prices and free shipping on orders 100$ and over when shipped within the United States. ... See more pictures
  • Back Tattoos

    Back tattoos are nothing new, but as tattoo artists continue to get better, people have a lot more options available to them. What’s great about back tattoos is that you can get anything you want in that area, but that also means that you need to take a bit more time to make sure you get it right. On this page we will take a look at why back tattoos continue to be so popular and what types of back tattoos you might want to get for yourself. The back provides a lot of space to work with, more than any other part of the body. This means that no matter how much space you need for a large tattoo design, the space on your back should be enough to handle it. In fact, many people start out with a large tattoo in their backs and then add in even more elements later on. It’s the largest canvas that your tattooist can work with, so if you want a huge, detailed tat, you simply can’t do any better than your back. Anywhere from small and simple images to fully detailed pieces that stretch across the entire back, neck to hips, are placed ... See more pictures
  • Peter Pan Tattoos

    J.M. Barrie’s classic drama Peter Pan has been a whimsical story beloved by both children and adults long before Walt Disney produced their own version. The characters, based on real children known by the author, have become romantic archetypes of eternal childhood and a freedom of responsibility. For many, Peter Pan is a representation of a lost childhood and an attempt to recapture that through a journey and experience. Most often rendered in the cartoon style of Disney, these images represent imagination and adventure. In other designs, phrases and quotes from the prose is taken and incorporated with imagery from the film or imagery described in the drama. “To die would be an awfully big adventure” is the most popular phrase to be taken from the prose and is spoken by Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up and will therefore never die. In this way, Peter Pan is a representation of immortality but also naivety in that he never endures adult experiences. Because of this, he is not able to fulfill Wendy’s desire of romantic love. Another frequently used phrase is the directions to Neverland, “Second star to the right and straight on till morning”, which is sometimes abbreviated ... See more pictures
  • H2Ocean

    H2Ocean is a skincare product line made for the aftercare of tattoos. The company sells both aftercare products as well as tattoo supplies, indicating that they are heavily involved in the tattoo industry, selling to both artists and tattoo clients. Their line of creams, ointments, and soaps can be used alone or together in order to maintain vibrant tattoo color and healthy, moist skin. H2Ocean’s Ultimate Tattoo Care Kit is a three-piece system that contains an ointment to be used for the first couple days following the tattooing process in order to prevent loss of ink from the tattoo. Keeping the skin moist after the initial process is critical for maintaining a smooth, supple surface while the skin heals. When skin dries and begins to crack, the design can become less vivid and start to scab and itch. Using the ointment and then the thick cream will prevent itching and scratching which can draw the ink from the skin and result in a faded appearance. The kit also includes a foaming soap that cleanses as it is used to help protect from bacteria that may cause an infection. The cream can be used for as long as desired, beyond ... See more pictures
  • Needle Supply

    Visit Website Address: 560 N Bullard Ave Goodyear, AZ 85338 Phone: (855) 633-3537 Needle Tattoo Supply is an online tattoo supply retailer intended for professional tattoo artists as well as their apprentices. They are proud distributors of countless favored brands such as Eternal Ink, Tat Soul, Kuro Sumi Ink, Starbrite, Inkeeze, and much more. Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Needle Supply has been invested in the industry since 2005 and continues to prove themselves as a company dedicated to promoting safe and clean tattooing and tattoo products. They specialize in tattoo needles and for four years they sold nothing but their HEXTAT brand of needles, made from stainless steel and crafted with quality. Responding to the demand in the industry for more high quality tattoo products, Needle Tattoo expanded their company and began to sell much more than just needles. Needle Tattoo’s blog is an example of their dedication to the industry and efforts to increase awareness of cleanliness and good practice in artists all over the world. The blog includes tips on properly following health codes as well as information on inks, machines, and other products they sell to ensure that the customer is completely informed on every aspect of ... See more pictures
  • Armor Tattoos

    An armor design is a physical representation of a metaphorical armor that is worn by the individual, often to symbolize a hardening against trauma or tragedy experienced in the past. The appearance of armor is a sign of a warrior and a statement of strength, courage, and heroism. There are many different types of armor that work well in tattoo design, hailing from many different cultures. The type of armor can also suggest the heritage or family history of the individual, or simply an affiliation with that culture. Armor designs are usually larger pieces that stretch across the biceps and/or chest, although any area of the body is appropriate. Depending on the personal significance of the armor, the placement may represent the experience that necessitates protection against force or violence. Gladiator-style armor is a symbol of the Roman warriors, often slaves who fought their way up through the ranks. Thick leather, or metal, rectangular plating is layered from the collar and over the shoulder, often rendered in greyscale or with hints of bronze tones. Samurai-style armor can appear much the same, though often covers a larger area, reaching further down the arm when designed as a sleeve tattoo. The Japanese ... See more pictures
  • Barcode Tattoo Meaning

    Barcode Tattoo Meaning The series of thick and thin lines that make up a barcode are an intricate design that relates specific information to a scanner. This scanner reads that barcode and reveals that information. The barcode as an image can hold a plethora of meanings, each particular to the individual who bears it. It can serve as an identification of name, address, birthplace, anything. The barcode is the symbol of a product, something that was manufactured and is to be sold. In this way, the barcode can be representative of slavery, forced labor, or a traumatic experience where individuality was lost. Manufactured products are rarely unique and often one of many, leading to the barcode as a description of conformity. It creates a connection to machinery and robotics, the fabrication of a product. The barcode is also a tracking device and as a symbol, conveys ownership. One who wears the barcode is a product of something else whose ties with the product cannot be broken. The barcode becomes a permanent reminder of one’s creation and origin. Barcodes only exist to be read by machines in order to convey information and are the perfect symbol of technological advance. An individual who feels ... See more pictures
  • Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

    Hawaiian Flower Tattoos Hawaiian imagery is a signifier of island life, calling to mind the calm, cooling ocean breezes, sandy beaches, and laidback lifestyle. The hibiscus flower is the most commonly used image of Hawaiian flora, the yellow hibiscus being Hawaii’s state flower. While hibiscus is found and cultivated worldwide, there are several varieties of the flower that are native to the state. The natural colors of these native flowers are white (the most fragrant and rare), yellow (the official state flower), vibrant red, pink, and a flower whose petals are bright white but fade to a soft pink along the petal. Each of the varieties symbolize the serenity of Hawaii and serve as a beautiful reminder of the island. Alone or as a field for a larger piece, Hawaiian flowers create beautiful imagery with bright and bold colors. Greyscale is used as well, often with the addition of swirling line work or other designs to enhance the image. Simple black lines also work well to create the image of the flower, usually used for smaller tattoos. These flowers can be rendered quite small with less detail and brighter colors and placed in a smaller area such as the hand, neck, ... See more pictures
  • Egyptian Tattoos

    The long-lasting ancient civilization of the Egyptians left behind a rich history full of symbols, signs, and iconography. They are still very cool looking and they bring with them many cool meanings, so it’s not surprising that plenty of people get Egyptian tattoos these days. The key to choosing an Egyptian tattoo is to know exactly what the symbols and other images represent so you can find one that makes sense on you… and looks great! On this page we will take a look at some of the most popular Egyptian tattoos and a little bit of the history behind them. These Egyptian images are rooted in the mythology and religious traditions of the Egyptian culture, often surrounding the concepts of death and the afterlife. That’s important to know since there are plenty of people out there who want to find these exact tattoo meanings to use. If you know you want to get a primary or secondary tattoo that represents death, the afterlife, or something in between, chances are you will find plenty of great Egyptian tattoos that you will like. There are countless images associated with Ancient Egypt including both hieroglyphics and symbols, such as the Ankh, Eye of Horus, ... See more pictures
  • Batman Tattoos

    There are plenty of great superhero tattoos out there, but there is no doubt that the most popular ones are the many different types of Batman tattoos. They represent all that is cool in comics and superhero movies, and most of the Batman designs out there look extremely cool as tattoo designs. If you are wondering if a Batman tattoo is the right tat for you, the information below should help to make your decision that much easier. Batman, or Bruce Wayne, is a globally iconic superhero created by DC Comics at the end of the 1940s. He maintains justice in a city analogous of New York with vigilantism and brute force. Because of his absence of super powers, he relies on his own martial arts skills, quick wit, and an array of gadgets. The fact that he is so human yet is a real superhero, people seem to relate to the caped crusader more than just about any other superhero. No matter what type of Batman tattoo someone gets, you can be sure that they love Batman’s many great qualities and understand that he is flawed like every other human on the planet. Batman’s humanity makes him a relatable character as ... See more pictures
  • Small Tattoo Ideas

    There are a lot of reasons why someone would be interested in getting a small tattoo. Maybe they want a personal tattoo that they can keep to themselves. Maybe they want a design that will fit on a finger, toe, wrist, or ankle. Regardless, it’s a good idea to have some design options to choose from before you commit to a small tattoo. Below you will find a bunch of the most popular small tattoo ideas. The initials Whether they’re your own or the initials of a loved one, one to three small letters are easy to find a spot for on your body. The back of the neck is a good one if you want it more concealed, or some initials between your thumb and wrist makes for a classy yet edgy tattoo. You can also split the letters up, perhaps putting one on the back of each of your arms. The flower What’s great about the flower tattoo (and others on this page) is that you can go in so many directions with it. If you want an extremely meaningful tattoo, then you can easily find a flower that fits your personality and wants. If beauty is a bigger factor for you, ... See more pictures
  • Chest Tattoo Ideas

    A prominent area of the body, chest tattoos are often large, intricate, and hold significant meaning to the individual as they are easily seen and interpreted by others. Some people find that coming up with chest tattoo ideas is easy since they can get pretty much anything that they want in this location, while others find it to be a bit tougher to come up with ideas because they want to get the perfect chest tattoo. On this page we’ll go over a bunch of great chest tattoo ideas and why they might be the right ones for you. More so than most body areas, the chest requires a time-intensive tattooing job since the artist needs to ensure that every line works with the client’s body. What this means to you is that you need to take your time to be sure that the chest tattoo idea you’re thinking about really will suit your specific chest area. After that it is just a matter of finding a way to make it work with every curve and line on your chest. Larger pieces, with or without arching words or phrases are done often on men and women, projecting a specific theme or idea ... See more pictures
  • Rosary Tattoos

    Rosary Tattoos In Christianity, Catholicism focuses on the worshipping of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit through indirect communication. This places incredible significance on the Saints, Apostles, and Mary the Virgin Mother of God. The rosary seeks to communicate with God through repetitious and methodical prayer. Each bead of the rosary represents the sequence of prayers that are to be said in order to complete the rosary. Rosaries are carried by priests, nuns, and devote worshippers. They have made a popular and beautiful image for tattoos to convey a complete dedication to the word of God. Often pictured with a cross, a bible, or praying hands, the rosary is an instant identifier of a believer of the Christian faith. Although is it specifically used by Catholics for prayer, it is a symbol ubiquitous to all Christians. Traditionally, the sequence of the prayers is ten Hail Marys followed by the Lord’s Prayer and then the Glory Be prayer. This is continued until the beads on the string are completed. Other prayers are often inserted into the sequence. The image of the rosary, consisting of 55 beads, 50 in a loop with a tail of 5 beads, ending with a crucifix. The rosary ... See more pictures
  • Hawaiian Tattoo Meaning

    As you probably guessed, there is more than just one Hawaiian tattoo meaning. Don’t worry, though, because we will cover all of the most popular meanings on this page. We’ll go over the origins of many Hawaiian tattoos as well as some of the designs that can be added to the tattoos to give them a bit more meaning. The Hawaiian tattoo is one of the oldest types of tattoos out there, but it has gained a lot of popularity outside of the Hawaiian Islands in recent years. The reason for that is because the majority of the designs look great on the skin regardless of tone. If you are thinking about getting a Hawaiian tattoo, check out some of the meanings below to see which one(s) make sense for you. The Hawaiian Islands were inhabited by Polynesian people hundreds of years before they were claimed by the United States. The mythology of these people is rich, storied, and full of iconography. The images of these myths are rendered using a combination of geometric shapes and swirls that resemble the land and waves. Tattooing is a custom that has been practiced within Hawaiian culture for thousands of years and has made use ... See more pictures
  • Breast Cancer Tattoos

    Breast Cancer Tattoos While there are a variety of breast cancer tattoos, all of which are extremely personal to each individual, the pink breast cancer ribbon is the most common symbol of awareness, survival and remembrance. Mastectomy tattoos are received specifically by those whose breast tissue has been removed because of breast cancer and usually seek to cover the scarred area. Breast cancer tattoos are not only received by those who have experienced cancer but also friends and family who want to support survivors and deceased loved ones. The pink ribbon is not always used within a breast cancer tattoo but the color pink generally is, identifying the cancer as a disease that effects almost exclusively women. When a more masculine symbol is desired, pink boxing gloves are used to symbolize the fight against the disease. The ribbon is usually included, tying the gloves together, however the color is not always a vibrant pink, but generally remains within the same color palate to ensure the image is recognized as a symbol of breast cancer survival. The pink ribbon is used ubiquitously to convey awareness of breast cancer and rendered in various ways. The ribbon is used on its own or as ... See more pictures
  • Browning Tattoos

    Popular with hunters and fishermen, Browning Arms Company is an American company that manufactures firearms for hunting, fishing equipment, and other hunting and wilderness gear. The company is named after famed firearms designer and developer John Moses Browning whose designs heavily influenced civilian and non-military firearms, as well as military. Browning, as an infamous firearms manufacturer, is often associated with Gun Rights advocates as well as the NRA. With a variety of pistols, rifles, and shotguns available, as well as outdoor gear, they are a symbol of the United States’ second amendment movement as well as hunting, survival, and the great outdoors. The Browning Company is well-known in North America and have been a resource for hunters for nearly 150 years and is a source of pride for many Americans. Because Browning was born and lived in Utah, many gun lovers in this state receive a Browning logo to commemorate his contribution to the hunting industry. The icon for the company is the contoured lines of a stag’s profile with large antlers. The deer faces to the left with two-pronged antlers rising above him. The silhouette is outlined in a thick black line that allows negative space to create the ... See more pictures
  • Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

    The phoenix is a mythical creature that is said to be immortal. It is depicted with great plumage that is typically set ablaze. Even without any special meaning, the phoenix tattoo usually looks fantastic on the skin because it is a unique looking (mythical animal). However, these tattoos are often much better when you do use one of the great meanings. On this page we will go over the origins of the phoenix and plenty of excellent phoenix tattoo meanings. It is legend that the bird set itself aflame to die and then was born again three days later from the ashes. In tattoo form, you can easily depict this by placing the phoenix over flames. You can also show the phoenix coming out of the ashes if that image works better for the meaning you want to use. Either way, it creates a striking image that will turn some heads. This fiery bird is known in a variety of cultures, each with their own meaning and symbolism of the phoenix. This is important because you might find that your ancestors looked at the animal differently than others did. This could help you to narrow down your phoenix tattoo meaning options. In ... See more pictures
  • Scripture Tattoos

    Scripture Tattoos Scripture is a passage taken from the Bible and is used as a reminder of goodness and virtue throughout the day. The Bible holds thousands of passages that hold a variety of messages that inspire and serve as a devotion to the Holy Trinity of Christianity. While there are many ways to render a desired passage of scripture, they all invoke the stories of Jesus Christ and the works of God found in the Bible. Often, the scripture is tattooed without any additional imagery in order to focus completely on the words and their meaning. A beautiful, flowing script is usually chosen to emphasize the glory of the words. Minute designs, swirls and curls, are often included in the calligraphy-style font to create a fuller image. The location of the passage in the book is sometimes added as well (John 3:16, etc.). Scripture is also often rendered with a crucifix, rosary, Bible, or other relics of Christianity. To further identify the passage chosen as scripture from the Bible, the words are written on the image of an ancient page, representing a page from the Bible itself or a scroll. Often, the page is meant to appear as if it is ... See more pictures
  • Ambigram Tattoos

    Ambigram Tattoos An ambigram is a perfectly symmetrical design that reads as the same word, two different words, when rotated. The design most often features the sweeping swirls of a calligraphy-style font, adding intricacy to the image. Because the design creates a word that can be read from dual perspectives, the symbol is one of eternity and fidelity. Any word or words can be used, even a short phrase “carpe diem”, “always in my heart”, etc. Nearly any word can be transformed into an ambigram and emphasize the significance of that word. “Family” is a popular choice, reading the same when flipped, and emphasizing the bond between family members. “Dream” is another commonly seen ambigram because of its wistful appearance when rendered in swooping calligraphy. The connotations of the word are also appealing as it brings to mind desires, opportunities, and wonder. Ambigrams can also be designed to read differently from each perspective. This way, two words are incorporated in the design and it becomes more meaningful. “Faith” and “Hope” create a duality of positive affirmations that may or may not have a religious context. “Faith” often refers to a belief in God, in many forms, and is enhanced by the ... See more pictures
  • Tattoo Goo

    Tattoo Goo is a line of tattoo aftercare products specifically designed to promote fast healing immediately following the tattooing process. The products, ranging from lotion with sunscreen protection to ointment, also provide comfort during the healing period where the skin is sore and swollen. There are options for immediate aftercare, sensitive skin, and a line that can be used continuously to help maintain the vividness of body ink. The lotions help to keep the skin from over-drying and cracking, which can lead to loss of ink. When ink is lost from the tattoo, pulled out from the deeper layers of the skin, the design is left appearing faded or incomplete. Natural ingredients like olive oil, panthenol (B5 vitamin), lavender oil, as well as sunscreens protect ink and help prevent secretions. Tattoo Goo’s salves contain beeswax to create a thicker ointment that is appropriate for new and older tattoos. The salves both heal and protect, moisturizing and soothing the skin. Unique to Tattoo Goo, a cleansing soap can be purchased and used as an antibacterial agent to prevent infections and keep the skin fresh and clean. It works by removing the layers of dead skin that are presented as the tattoo ... See more pictures
  • Greek Tattoos

    Greek Tattoos Tattoos of Greek design encapsulates a wide array of images and icons from Ancient Greece millennia ago to the flag, landscapes, and ruins that exist in modern Greece. Architecture and sculpture is often emulated in Greek designs as well, capturing the timeless beauty of the incredible artistry of the Greeks. Words and letters from the Greek alphabet are also used, allowing the beauty of the ancient lettering to take focus. Various famous phrases are often used, rendered in the original Greek lettering. Any word or phrase, celebrated or not, can be written in Greek, although words of Greek origin are most often used, such as Utopia, and Agape which is defined as a divine, universal love. Individual letters can be used, invoking the history that has been linked to the character. Alpha (A,a) is a symbol of the beginning as well as leadership and authority. The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, Delta (Δ, ), is a symbol used to denote change in scientific and mathematical equations, opposed by the tenth letter Kappa (K, k) which denotes a constant. Omega (Ω, ω), the last letter of the alphabet, is also commonly used as is symbolizes authority, just below Alpha. ... See more pictures
  • Dragon Tattoo Meaning

    The dragon tattoo is hugely popular not only because looks great on the skin, but also because there are plenty of dragon tattoo meanings to choose from. You can get a dragon tattoo in just about any color and any size, which means that it is one of the more customizable tattoos. On this page, we will go over some of the most popular dragon tattoo meanings and their origins. The dragon is a mythical creature whose name is derived from a Greek word meaning “huge serpent”. This creature has ties with several cultures from European folklore and Middle Eastern mythology to Asian influence. While not everyone will use these more ancient dragon tattoo meanings, some do like the fact that they can attach these stories to the dragon images that they choose to get. In European culture, dragons were seen as creatures of evil that must be slain by a noble knight. The evil dragons that are seen in current books, TV shows, and movies often get their influence from those classic European tales. An easy way that people can show that their dragon tattoos are of the more evil variety is to show fire coming out of the dragon’s mouth ... See more pictures
  • Firefighter Tattoos

    Firefighter Tattoos Some of the bravest and self-sacrificing people, firefighters are often considered modern-day heroes. Firefighter tattoos are received by both firefighters and those who seek to support or remember a firefighter who has made an impact. Many firefighters receive tattoos to commemorate their service and proudly identify themselves as a person of community service, much like members of the military. There are common firefighter symbols that serve as appropriate designs for a firefighter. A crest with the emblem of a firefighter helmet, an axe, ladder, and firehose nozzle layered in the center, often sandwiched between two banners that read “Fire Rescue” is a general sign. It is often seen in greyscale but almost always a vivid red when colored to represent flames and heat. A firefighter helmet on its own is another commonly used symbol. The number of department or fire hall is usually included on the helmet, specifically referencing the station where the individual worked. Flames and smoke are often added into larger pieces to add dimension and emphasize the dangers of the occupation. National flags are sometimes included as well to convey a sense of nationalism, a pride in the country for which one is serving. Hydrants and hoses are ... See more pictures
  • Redemption Tattoo Aftercare

    Redemption Tattoo Aftercare is a tattoo skincare product that can be used during the tattooing process as well as after to help with the healing process. The company is one of the few USDA approved products that does not contain any petroleum-based ingredients, ensuring that it is safe for sensitive skin. Used by the tattoo artists during tattooing, Redemption Tattoo gel will work to soothe the skin, replacing the petroleum jelly that is still used by many artists and tattoo shops. The gel helps create a more comfortable tattooing experience by moisturizing the skin and reducing the pain and soreness that is felt during healing. It doubles as an aftercare product as well, maintaining the skin’s moisture to aid against over-drying and the scarring it may lead to. The product can also be used before receiving tattoos to keep the skin soft and smooth, giving the tattoo artist a supple canvas to work on. All of the ingredients used in Redemption Tattoo Aftercare products are 100% organic and suitable for sensitive skin and those concerned with using non-organic substances. The first ingredient listed is castor oil, a by-product of castor beans. In addition, coconut oil, sunflower oil, calendula oil, and ... See more pictures
  • Loyalty Tattoos

    Text tattoos continue to be popular these days even as artists get better and better at making more elaborate tats. One of the most popular of those text tattoos is the Loyalty tattoo. The reason for this is because the word loyalty holds deep meaning to just about everyone and it is equally important to both sexes. If you are thinking about getting a Loyalty tattoo, be sure to check out everything written below to see why it is so popular and the different styles that you can choose from. Loyalty describes a deep devotion between two or more people, in the sense of friends, family, and other relationships. In some cases, the owner of the Loyalty tattoo wants to show that they are loyal to everyone close to them, rather than to just one or two people. The tattoo itself might not clearly show who the owner is loyal to, which is why this is considered to be a very personal and meaningful tattoo. A connection is indicated with the word “loyalty” as well as a bond that includes a mutual trust. While the tattoo might seem to only indicate one meaning, “trust” is usual implied since the owner is trying ... See more pictures
  • Triforce Tattoos

    Triforce Tattoos Stemming from the Nintendo video game series The Legend of Zelda, the history of the symbol is rooted in the plot of the game. The triforce symbol is a representation of the Golden Goddesses, three fairies that serve as a form of creator. The three triangles of the triforce icon symbolize these three goddesses and the incredible power which they harbor. The symbol itself is therefore an image of immense power, courage, and wisdom held by ancient beings. In the video game, the symbol often appears on the hand of whoever collects all three triforces, offering only the worthy and honorable a wish to be granted. The design is often tattooed onto the hand, large or small, as a representative of the fable. The triforce is usually gold, as it appears in the game, if it is not rendered in black. A variety of the triforce symbol, known as the Hyrule Royal Family Wingcrest incorporates the triforce symbol with other iconography from the video game’s lore. A bird symbol is placed underneath the triforce which is cradled by the upstretched wings. It is a symbol of an ancient goddess as well as the royal line that reigns throughout the game ... See more pictures
  • Tattoos with Meaning

    Tattoos with Meaning See more pictures
  • Three Lines Tattoo Meaning

    Three Lines Tattoo Meaning Three single lines is a simple tattoo design that can hold a plethora of meanings and is easily manipulated by other imagery incorporated into the image. Three lines offers a lot of potential for a tattoo that can be personalized to many different individual needs. The lines can be rendered thick and bold or as thin as a pencil line. They can be colored, color can be added into the background or the lines can be black or fade as they progress. The lines can swoop around the body and create rings or can form any type of shape from a simple square or circle to a hexagon. The significance of the lines generally lies with the number three and the various indications of that number. Three bold, thick, black lines that wrap around the arm or leg, or any other body part, is often an expression of symmetry and the uniformity that is found in nature. In other cases, the three lines can be symbolic for three significant people, periods of time, events, or any other place or idea. Without additional images or script, the lines are a subtle symbol of what matters most to the ... See more pictures
  • Three Arrows Tattoo Meaning

    An incredibly simple and yet versatile tattoo design, the three arrows can be rendered in a number of ways and hold countless meanings to the one who receives it. The simple design can be chosen simply for aesthetic appeal or for a complex reason that is very personal. The design can be sacred or solely a representation of art and appearance. The three arrows may be designed facing up or down, north, south, east, or west to denote a specific direction, stacked in a vertical line or a placed in a horizontal line. These minute differences in design create difference significance for each direction. Most generally, three arrow tattoos are done simply and delicately and placed in a small area of the body like the wrist, fingers, behind the ears, or anywhere else the individual choses. Arrows may be rendered as minute “V” shapes that can be done in any thickness or thinness. This simple symbol is a representation of movement and direction, especially when the arrows are all pointing in the same direction. It can be used as a reminder of motivation and forward thinking. If the arrows point in different directions, one away from the body and the ... See more pictures
  • Ear Tattoos

    On such a small, and sensitive, area of the body, tattoos placed on the ear are generally delicate and simple. The space does not allow for much detail or intricacy so images chosen are usually creative and personal. Piercings are often incorporated into the images as well because of the commonality of ear piercings. They can be used to enhance the design chosen and added another element to the tattoo. Small designs are generally chosen; small hearts, flowers, bird silhouettes, music notes, or shapes like triangles, circles or simple line work. Because the ear is an obvious symbol of hearing and sound, images and signs of sounds and noises represent memories that are significant to the individual. Images on the ear also give the impression that the design is a representation of what is on the individual’s mind. Music notes or other signs of musical notation are a fitting choice for a musician. It symbolizes the love of music and the idea that it is heard or thought of constantly. Leaves and flowers are often used as well, conveying a love of nature and the outdoors. The jewelry of piercings are sometimes incorporated with flowers, serving as the center and creating ... See more pictures
  • Technical Worldwide Tattoo Supply

    Visit Website Address: 68 Cabot St West Babylon, NY 11704 Phone: (800) 295-8991 Technical Worldwide Tattoo Supply is an online tattoo equipment supplier that is both knowledgeable in the industry and dedicated to tattoo artists and their clients. As one of the largest and most sought after tattoo ink suppliers in the world, Technical Tattoo Supply is a reliable source of durable and quality tattoo machines, needles, machine parts and accessories, inks and much more. Owned by American tattoo artist Carlo Fodera, the customer service staff employees experienced tattoo artists that are ready to answer any questions as well as provide tips and tricks of the trade that will help improve technique and direct the customer towards the right products. Their presence at tattoo conventions around the country is an indication of their enthusiasm about tattooing and their desire to bring tattoo education to the public. Technical Tattoo Supply is determined to ship orders as quickly as possible so that the customer is able to maintain shop fluidity. In an effort to shorten shipping time, orders are shipped the same day that they are purchased and received more quickly by the customer. Their main office and warehouse of inventory is located ... See more pictures