Watorcolor Collage

Perhaps you have been considering getting your first tattoo, or maybe you are trying to think of something a little different for your next tattoo. Well, have you ever considered a water color tattoo? Water color tattoos are created utilizing a unique method of tattooing that provides you with an image with subtle shading, gentle color, yet vibrant hues.

Unlike standard tattoos, water color tattooing typically does not begin with a hard, defined outline in black ink, but rather the image is free formed and colored in a somewhat lighter shading to create the appearance of a watercolor painting. While these tattoos can look a bit chaotic at times, they are very controlled and calculated.

Although the shading of the ink is a little lighter than a regular tattoo, these tattoos are still permanent and long lasting. Most tattoos can use a little touch up after several years, and water color tattoos are no different than a regular tattoo in that sense, although they may require attention a few years sooner than a regular tattoo.

As with any tattoo, the possibilities are limited only by the skill of the tattoo artist that is doing the work and your imagination. Splashes of color that look like brush strokes, or dripping, running, splattered paint, or realistic portrait quality images are possible with this technique. Watercolor tattooing opens a whole new world of possibilities for the tattoo enthusiast.

While there are many artists around that world that are able to create beautiful watercolor tattoos, Amanda Wachob is one of our favorites. No surprise, Amanda is currently booked full for the foreseeable future but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate her work. Amanda is based out of Brooklyn, NY and is known for her creative approach and “outside the box” thinking about tattooing. Be on the look out for openings in her schedule if you’re looking for a watercolor tattoo done by one of the best.