White ink tattoos are a unique and increasingly popular way to express yourself. These tattoos vary from the traditional style with bold black outlines and instead are done entirely in white ink and can be either very subtle or appear to look like scarification.

The white ink used is not the same kind that tattoo artists use for highlighting and blending in traditional work, but is a thicker, high quality ink designed to stand out on its own.

These tattoos are great for people who may not be able to have traditional tattoos visible in their work environment, do not want to make a bold statement or prefer the sentiment of their tattoo be kept private.

Since white ink tattoos are harder to spot and will likely be seen only by you showing it to someone, it can be a good way to create a tattoo that is meaningful to you.

The subject matter is entirely up to you, but popular choices include simple designs such as hearts, stars or flowers. Many people also choose to use white ink to display a meaningful phrase, name, date or symbol.

There are some things to consider when opting for this style of tattoo. There can be complications with the absorption of the ink so there is no guarantee that your tattoo will be long lasting. These tattoos are best done freehand as using a stencil runs the risk of dulling the white ink with the black lines from the stencil. It is also not recommended to place the tattoo in an area that is prone to receiving direct sunlight as this can significantly fade the tattoo. Be sure to talk to your artist prior to deciding on this style of tattoo to make sure it something both of you are comfortable with.