Buddhist Tattoo Meaning

When it comes to tattooing, religion is always a popular topic when looking for something to get inked. Tattooing is one of the more popular ways to show your devotion to your chosen religion. Some of the more popular religions these days include Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and our subject today, Buddhism. Buddhism has the fifth … Read more

Crane Tattoo Meaning

Animals are fantastic subjects for tattoos because there are an array of different animals that symbolize different traits and characteristics. Most of us have a favorite animal or feel we connect with something. A spirit animal if you will. The key is to find the one that represents the characteristics that you value. It can … Read more

Swan Tattoo Meaning

Animal tattoos are some of the most symbolic and beautiful tattoos someone can get. For every animal on the planet, you are likely to find some sort of symbolism that applies to you. You’ve got animals like the lions and gorillas that represent courage, strength and power. These images look great when tattooed. They are … Read more

Chain Tattoo Meaning

When people see the chain, there is often a negative connotation attached to the image and it makes sense. In most cases the chain represents locking someone up or holding them down. The phrase is used in many cases and people even refer to their significant other as the “old ball and chain”, representing the … Read more

Bobby Pin Tattoo Meaning

Chances are, we have all seen a bobby pin. Whether you know this hair device by the name ‘bobby pin’ or in the United Kingdom, ‘kirby grip’, the object is the same. This has been a fashion tool for woman since it became popular in the 1920’s when the ‘bobbed’ hairstyle was sweeping the world … Read more

Spoon Tattoo Meaning

When researching tattoos, you are bound to see some images that you never thought would be a good image for a tattoo. However, this is generally because you just don’t “get it”. Damn near every image in the universe has some symbolism and meaning to somebody. Just because you wouldn’t get doesn’t mean it isn’t … Read more

Spiral Tattoo Meaning

At first glance, the spiral tattoo can be just another simple, hypnotizing design. When looking into it more closely however, you will find that the spiral tattoo is much more than just a design but holds strong significance and symbolism in the world as we know it. Not only does this symbol look unlike any … Read more