Biohazard Tattoo Meaning

Biological hazards, or biohazards, are a substance that is harmful to humans and can even be harmful to animals. The list of substances that are hazardous goes on and on, an example would be a virus, any toxins, and microorganisms that may carry a threat to humans and animals alike. You may have seen the … Read more

Forget Me Not Tattoo Meaning

Forget me not tattoos are becoming a very popular tattoo amongst those looking to have a floral tattoo or add to an already existing floral sleeve. Forget me not flowers are a turquoise or light pastel blue flower that have a little yellow circular interior. Forget me not flowers start to bloom in the spring. … Read more

Mayan Tattoo Meanings

The Mayan civilization is one of the oldest, most ancient civilizations discovered to this day. Not only did the Mayans discover ways to build large structures with sophisticated water and farming systems, but they had all types of symbols and even created a unique system for writing. To date, the Mayan civilization is seen as … Read more

Torch Tattoo Meaning

The image of a torch containing a flame of fire is one that can be taken in many different ways, but in the end, the meaning of this graphic remains the same. There is a reason why the image of a torch is so well adapted in our society. We look at the Statue of … Read more

Peace Sign Tattoo Meaning

Throughout history and within different cultures around the world, there are many different symbols that represent ‘peace’. The most common symbol however since the 1950’s has been the one that we all know today, which is the circle with a line going down the center, halfway down two other lines branch out to the rim … Read more

Chicano Tattoos Meaning

A Chicano is a person of Mexican decent and usually a man or boy. As with most cultures, the people of Mexico have a big sense of pride when it comes to where they are from and their culture. So much so, they brought into the United States to stay. The Mexican culture has impacted … Read more

Pinky Promise Tattoo Meaning

Have you been looking for a symbol to have tattooed on your body that has a great amount of meaning behind a small image? We know the struggle. There are a lot of symbols out there. The hard part isn’t finding something small with a lot of meaning, but more the idea of having to … Read more

Jester Tattoo Meaning

Movies have given the jester a whole new context to the way we have traditionally looked at them in the past. The women and men who choose to have tattoos of jesters on their body are surely not picking mainstream tattoos that we are used to seeing in the flash books. Jesters hold certain symbolic … Read more

Punisher Tattoo Meaning

If you are looking for a tattoo that sets you apart from the rest and gives you look of “don’t mess with me”, the Punisher tattoo is one of those. This Marvel character is well known for being one tough SOB and for those that have a similar mindset or physical prowess, this tattoo might … Read more

Plague Doctor Tattoo Meaning

When talking about some strange looking costumes or outfits in history, one cannot forget about the plague doctors going back to the 17th century. The black outfits with the bird mask and long beak just give you a dark feeling and probably because they were dealing with death on a daily basis. Seeing the image … Read more

Hope Tattoo Meaning

The word ‘hope’ is a four letter word that has an incredible amount of power behind it. To hope for something is to desire with anticipation of that particular thought or object. Hoping for an object or an idea is one thing, to give hope and wish for hope is more about faith. Hope is … Read more

Trinity Tattoo Meaning

For those with an affinity for religion, they like to represent their faith in many ways. If you walk into the home of someone of faith, you are bound to see symbols around the home that represent this their specific religion. You might see them wear jewelry or wear clothes that have symbols of their … Read more

Thor’s Hammer Tattoo Meaning

In both Greek Mythology and the comic books, there aren’t many weapons that bring more attention than Thor’s Hammer. Thor’s hammer, or Mjölnir, is known as one of the most damaging and coolest weapons of all the Greek heroes and comic book heroes. This being the case, it is no surprise that it is so … Read more

Biker Tattoo Meaning

There are certain groups of people that you look at and just think they are one tough brand of people. In many of these cases, these people have tattoos all over them or specific tattoos that make you want to just steer clear. In this case, the group of people we are talking about are … Read more

JSS Tattoo Meaning

You might have been walking around and noticed a small tattoo that started popping up a few years back that said “JSS”. If you are like me, you probably wondered what the hell that meant. I immediately started thinking about the “WWJD” acronym but found out this three letter tattoo had a much more significant … Read more

Balloon Tattoo Meaning

The balloon is the kind of image that symbolizes a lot of different ideas. Balloons have been used in all sorts of paintings and art installations all over the world for many years. Kids and adults both enjoy balloons in certain cases because we all loved balloons when we were kids. It is no surprise … Read more

Tattoo Price Estimate

Price is always a factor when getting a tattoo and many would love to get a tattoo price estimate before they step into the shop. Estimates are a little easier to give than an exact price and, in this case, you can get an idea of what it might cost you based on other tattoos … Read more

Tattoo Prices Chart

When looking to get your next tattoo piece, there are a lot of things to consider. In most cases, you are going to have a good idea of what you want in a tattoo before you start looking for your artist and if you aren’t sure, you can ask an artist to sit down with … Read more

Tattoo Prices By Size

When thinking about getting your own tattoo, there are plenty of things to factor into your decision. Things to consider include what kind of tattoo you want. You have to decide the design and the meaning behind the design. Next comes deciding what artist you are you going to pick to give you your tattoo. … Read more

Magnolia Tattoo Meaning

Flowers are some of the most beautiful things on earth and whatever you believe that led them to exist is a wonderful thing. We appreciate their beauty and scent as well as what they represent. Flowers are some of the most symbolic things on the planet and this is why they are so popular with … Read more

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