111 Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

Number tattoos often hold special meaning for people and the 111 tattoo is no different. This tattoo symbolizes different things, such as good luck, prosperity, and independence. It can also be associated with certain groups and cultures.

In this article, we will explore the different meanings behind the 111 tattoo and show you some great examples.


The study of numbers is called numerology. This practice includes looking at numbers, combinations of numbers, and dates. People who practice numerology believe that there are associations with different numbers. They use these meanings to interpret events in their life and help them make decisions about the future.

111 Tattoos

These tattoos are either shown as 111 or the Roman numerals III. Some tattoos show three lines so it is not always clear if they represent the number 111 or not. Most 111 tattoos are completed in black ink and are relatively small in size. Common locations for this tattoo include the wrist and forearm.


The number 111 is sometimes associated with unity, harmony, and wholeness. It is associated with the idea that we are all connected as part of a greater whole. The number refers to a connection to the universe or to God. 

A person may choose to get a 111 tattoo to represent their belief that all people are interconnected. It shows how they feel about the world and how they relate to others. These individuals see themselves as being just one part of the universe, living in harmony with everyone and everything else. 

Finding Your Purpose

Another meaning behind the 111 tattoo is that it is connected to finding your purpose in life. The number represents a desire to learn more about who you truly are and why you are here. Some people refer to this as having a sort of spiritual awakening in which everything becomes clear. 

People may opt for a 111 tattoo if they are trying to find meaning in their life. They might be struggling to understand what their purpose is and feeling as though they don’t have anything to offer. The tattoo can act as inspiration for them to keep searching for a reason and not to give up.

Alternatively, the 111 tattoo may symbolize that a person has discovered what their true purpose is. They may have done some soul-searching and realized why they were put here on earth. As a way of commemorating this realization, they may choose to get the 111 tattoo.

New Beginnings

The number 111 can represent a fresh start or a new beginning in a person’s life. It refers to making some sort of change that leads to a new direction. For example, this could be a career change, the birth of a child, or relocating to a new area.

Someone may decide to get a 111 tattoo after they have made a fresh start. Perhaps they have decided to return to school and start in a new field of work. Or they may have ended an unhealthy relationship. The tattoo represents their willingness to leave the past behind them and look positively toward future opportunities.

Wealth and Abundance

Another interpretation of the number 111 is that it represents abundance, prosperity, or wealth. For those people who follow numerology, this number can bring not just money but other forms of abundance into their life. For example, the number 111 can bring more happiness and more friendship.

A person may choose a 111 tattoo because they are hoping to attract more wealth and abundance. They may feel that this number will help bring prosperity to their life in one way or another. Having a visual representation that the person can see every day can help them achieve their goals and encourage them.

Independence and Individuality

For some people, the number 111 is associated with independence. These people tend to be self-reliant and do not depend on others for their success. They take the initiative and desire to be able to support themselves fully. This number is also connected to individuality, for example, choosing to express oneself without regard for what one’s peer group thinks.

People may choose to get a 111 tattoo to express their individuality. Many tattoos, including this one, show a person’s personality and character traits. The 111 tattoo displays that the person values their independence and who they are. It shows that they are capable of taking care of themselves without relying on other people.

Three Percenters Group

Some 111 tattoos, specifically those that are written in Roman numerals as III, are connected with a group called the Three Percenters. This group has members in both the United States and Canada; however, they are mainly an American group. This extremist group holds the belief that the American government infringes on their rights and freedoms. They advocate for armed resistance and violence against the government.

People may choose to get this tattoo if they are a member of the Three Percenters Group. Someone who holds similar beliefs but is not an official member may also choose to get this tattoo to express their ideas.

Native American and First Nations Culture

There are certain tattoos that consist of three vertical lines that resemble the Roman numerals III. Certain First Nations tribes in Canada and Native American tribes in the United States have these tattoos. They are usually done on the face, with the lines going from the bottom of the lip line to the end of the chin.

Individuals in these tribes might choose to get this tattoo because it is part of their culture and heritage. These tattoos have been done for over 10,000 years and show a strong association with a person’s ancestry. 

Unlike most 111 tattoos, these line tattoos are generally done in parts and are tattooed on women. The first line is usually tattooed when a girl transitions to womanhood with her first menstrual cycle. A second and third line are added when the woman gives birth or when she develops a new skill.

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