Airplane Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Airplanes represent so much more to people than simply machines with engines and wings that get us from point A to point B. Those who choose to get airplane tattoos often get them just as much for their meanings as for their cool looks. On this page, we will take a look at some of the airplane tattoo designs that you can choose from and some meanings you might want to attach to the design that you end up choosing.

One of the most common meanings given to airplane tattoos is adventure, meaning that the owners themselves love adventure or are adventurous. This is the meaning that most people will recognize as soon as they see an airplane design, so there’s really no need to add any other symbols or images to make it clear.

The only thing you could do to perhaps make the design more “adventurous” is add a blue sky and perhaps some clouds in the background to show the plane flying through the air.

Obviously, the airplane tattoo is also a perfect idea for anyone who simply loves to fly. It could actually be the best tattoo for pilots since they are showing off what they love to do the most while also giving them a fantastic piece of art to look at. If you are a pilot, you’ll probably want to get a tattoo of an airplane that you’ve flown, but that really isn’t necessary since you don’t lose any meaning by using another plane.

The airplane tattoo is also quite popular for people who are in or were in the military, particularly those in the Air Force. In these cases, the tattoo is of a military plane and will usually include a symbol or two of that military branch. The plane itself can work as the whole design or you could include other military symbols that mean a lot to you. These can also be great tattoos to get if you want to honor a family member who was in the military, in which case you can add some of their information right there on the side of the plan or even above it in the sky.

The airplane tattoo can also be used in designs that are meant to honor someone special in your life that flew planes. In these memorial designs, names, dates, and other significant images are often included to add even more meaning to the tattoo. The plane itself is usually the focal point of these designs, though, since they are usually the largest image in the design.

If you want to put the past behind you and only look toward the future, an airplane tattoo could be a great way to show that. These designs usually have a plane flying forward with a trail behind them. This plane tattoo meaning can work for a lot of people, though they are best for those who both like the meaning and the look of the plane. In these cases, you can choose to use any plane that you want, though these designs are generally less detailed since the meaning has more to do with the individual than the plane itself.

There are quite a few different directions that you can go in with an airplane tattoo design. You have so many design options, in fact, that it can be pretty tough to come up with the perfect one. We recommend taking a while to look over a bunch of planes from the present and past and then choose the one that pulls you in the most. Of course, if you are choosing to get a smaller plane or an outline of a plane, you don’t need to put in as much time researching different aircraft.

If money is no issue and you want to get a heavily detailed airplane tattoo, you could choose to get a war scene design or just a very large airplane that you love. One example of these heavily detailed designs is when people get a war scene sleeve on their arms that shows two or more planes flying around with a very dramatic sky in the background. Some people will even go all-out to get every little detail of a plane’s propellers spinning in the air, which looks absolutely awesome when drawn up correctly.

Those looking for a smaller airplane tattoo design might opt to get just the outline or silhouette of a plane. These work quite well as wrist, forearm, finger, neck, and leg tattoos. The truth is that you do not lose any meaning by getting one of these smaller designs, though they might not draw as much attention as those larger designs. You can actually add quite a bit of detail into these smaller designs just not as much as you can with large planes.

Regardless of how you get your airplane tattoo designed, you absolutely have to find a great artist in your area to do the work for you. The good ones will help you to make any final tweaks to your design and they will tell you exactly how it can be situated on your body. You want an artist who will walk you through the entire process and who can execute the design the way you want it to be done. It is well worth your time to look into all of your local tattoo shops before you commit to one.

As you can see, there are quite a few airplane tattoo design options out there and possibly even more meanings that you can attach to one of these tattoos. When done correctly, these are absolutely amazing tattoos to get since they do the job of being eye-catching while also meaning a lot to their owners. If you do plan on getting a plane tattoo, be sure that you have multiple designs drawn up so you can choose the perfect one, and then find an artist who will make it look perfect for you.

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