Alice in Wonderland Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Alice in Wonderland tattoos are fantastic for anyone who loves this classic story, the look of the characters, or what one or more of the characters stood for in the story. Alice in Wonderland is perhaps as well known for its artwork as it is for the story itself, so it just makes sense that people like to get Alice in Wonderland tattoos. On this page, we will take a look at the story, some of the characters found in that story, and some great Alice in Wonderland tattoos that you could get.

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland served as a tapestry of imaginative stories and characters for countless children and adults, beginning in the mid-nineteenth century until today. That makes Alice in Wonderland tattoos a bit more interesting than other types of tattoos since there are people of pretty much all age ranges that might be interested in these designs. Some love one of the characters, while others have great memories of watching some of the scenes of the story unfold.

The original tales of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been adapted a few times, the most popular of which being the Disney cartoon film created in 1951, although numerous version have been made. And that adds in even more options for people looking to get Alice in Wonderland tattoos. You can use some of the artwork from the original books, or you might opt to get your tat based on one of the more modern versions of those characters and scenes.

The allegorical and wildly whimsical characters are instantly recognizable and point to an eccentric soul. These might be some of the best tattoos to get if you simply want to tell the world that you are a little bit odd and proud of it! For that you can pretty much choose any of the characters in the story since they all brought their own eccentricities to the table.

One of the most well-known characters from the stories is the Cheshire Cat, a striped rotund feline with a wide, exuberant grin. He speaks in riddles and leads others to question and inquire about his paradoxes. The Cheshire Cat, often rendered in the violet and lavender stripes that originated in the Disney film, is a representation of unorthodox genius. The cat is a wealth of intrigue and mystery, an image of mischief and cunning.

You’ll want to get a Cheshire Cat tattoo if you want to get a unique tattoo that represents your mysterious side. You could also get this Alice in Wonderland tattoo if you simply like that huge grin of his. Perhaps the best candidates for this tattoo are those who both love cats and love the Alice in Wonderland story. Regardless of why you get the Cheshire Cat tattoo, you should be sure to at least include that crazy grin of his since that is his trademark look.

The Mad Hatter is another paradoxical figure, both insane and a creature of intelligence. His mercury-induced madness is a symbol of lunacy within authority figures, but also a representation of the hardship of poverty in Britain in the 1800s. He is pictured with a large hat, featuring a card reading “10/6”, a reference to the price of the hats the Hatter sold at one time. Like the Cheshire Cat, the Hatter speaks in unfathomable riddles but is an obstacle for Alice rather than a friend.

The Mad Hatter is a fantastic Alice in Wonderland tattoo to get if you like the look of the character, if you like the mix of crazy and smarts that he brings, or if you just see yourself as the Mad Hatter of your group. Of course, you might check all three of those boxes, which would make this tattoo even more perfect for you! Mad Hatter tats are usually quite large to show off all of the character’s features in full detail, but you could also opt to just get his face or even just his hat if you wanted to.

The March Hare, the hasty white rabbit that carries the pocket watch, is an integral character in the tale. He serves as a representation of stasis, a creature trapped in a state of perpetual hurriedness. The rabbit is linked to the Mad Hatter through friendship and aid in each other’s madness. The timepiece that the rabbit carries is a symbol of a memory that cannot be forgotten, whether wanted or not.

Another symbol of lunacy, The Queen of Hearts is the monarch of Wonderland, epitomizing the insanity that rules the place. She is sometimes depicted as a playing card, often with the image of white roses dripping with red paint. The roses are a representation of a façade for madness, one that cannot quite mask the true insanity. This is one of the better Alice in Wonderland tattoos to get for people who want a unique way of getting a playing card tattoo, or for those who want to show that they have a crazy side.

This leaves Alice, the seemingly innocent and guileless girl who serves as a symbol of sanity and reason in the chaos. Portrayed in a light blue dress, she is a figure of calmness. And that might be perfect for some people. Those who get an Alice tattoo might want to say that they are the normal ones in their lives and they live in a very weird world. Design-wise, you could get any version of Alice, but you’ll want to think about what you want to include in the background if anything. You could also have her in the foreground of the tattoo and all of your other favorite characters from the story behind her.

Some people will only include their favorite character in their Alice in Wonderland tattoos, but many will include two or more to show their love for the story itself. You might choose to do this because you just so happen to love more than one character or you might do it to show that you share traits of those characters. If you do choose to go this route, think long and hard about the expressions they have on their faces and their body language since those are the features that will tell others what your Alice in Wonderland tattoo actually means.

Rather than just showing some love for a character or two, some folks opt to instead get an Alice in Wonderland tattoo of their favorite scenes from the story. Remember, the fantasy world itself is quite beautiful, so you might opt to go with a scene from the story to both show why you love the book and movies so much and to get a very attractive tattoo.

You have plenty of design options when it comes to Alice in Wonderland tattoos. You can get a heavily detailed and realistic-looking design, or you can keep it simple with outlines or silhouettes of the characters. This comes down to both your budget and how much you want your tattoo to “jump” off of your skin. It’s a good idea to get multiple designs drawn up for you so you can know how much they cost and how they might end up looking on your skin. If you love one that costs a bit too much now, don’t settle for a cheaper option; just wait a bit until you can afford to pay for that design.

Regardless of the type of Alice in Wonderland tattoo you choose to get, you absolutely have to work with a top artist in your area to ensure that the work is done right. Even if they are just using an old piece of artwork or a screengrab from one of the movies, you still want someone who will be able to make it fit nicely on your skin and who can make all of the details pop. You’ll definitely want to get a great artist if you plan on getting one of the more heavily detailed pieces we went over above.

As you can see, there are plenty of great Alice in Wonderland tattoos to choose from so you can show off your fandom of the stories. If you happen to be a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland or you just see yourself in one of the characters, then you are definitely a prime candidate for one of these tats. Just take your time with the design process and work with an artist who will do your Alice in Wonderland tattoo justice.

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