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Ambigram tattoos are great options for people who want to get unique text tattoos that tell outsiders a lot about who they are in just a couple of words. These designs don’t just say one thing about their owners, but two or more things in a single text tattoo. If you’re interested in getting an ambigram tattoo, check out the info below to see why these seemingly simple designs have gained in popularity over the last decade or so.

An ambigram is a perfectly symmetrical design that reads as the same word, or two different words, when rotated. The letters in the ambigram are designed in such a way to give any word included in the tattoo a nice, natural look without muddling up the opposite side of the design. Some ambigram tattoos have classic designs that have been used by many people, while others are created by the people getting these tats.

The ambigram design most often features the sweeping swirls of a calligraphy-style font, adding intricacy to the image. It doesn’t necessarily take a special technique to make this calligraphy style work in tattoos, but it adds an interesting effect that definitely draws the eye. Now, don’t expect to be able to make one of these designs simply because you know how to write in cursive; but if you practice it and have one or more words in mind for an ambigram tattoo, then there’s a real chance that you can create one on your own.

Because the design creates a word that can be read from dual perspectives, the symbol is one of eternity and fidelity. That’s a very cool meaning that most people don’t even realize comes along with the ambigram tattoo when they get one. This is why many people see these designs as great matching tattoos or couples tattoos.

Any word or words can be used, even a short phrase “carpe diem”, “always in my heart”, etc. And here is one of the main reasons why so many people get ambigram tattoos these days. Unlike most other designs that have set symbols or images, these designs can end up meaning absolutely anything you want them to and they can be any words that make sense for you.

Nearly any word can be transformed into an ambigram and emphasize the significance of that word. While it’s great that you have so much flexibility with these types of tattoos, it also means that you need to put a lot more thought into what you want to be included in your ambigram. It’s best when you have the idea beforehand, but with a little thought you can come up with a great one that does a great job of defining who you are.

“Family” is a popular choice, reading the same when flipped, and emphasizing the bond between family members. What’s really cool about the family ambigram is that it can be done in all lowercase letters or you can even capitalize the “F” if you like that style a bit more. Obviously this is one of those ambigram tats that just about anyone can find some meaning in.

“Dream” is another commonly seen ambigram because of its wistful appearance when rendered in swooping calligraphy. The connotations of the word are also appealing as it brings to mind desires, opportunities, and wonder. Some people take this design one step further by including clouds or other dream-like images around the words to make it pop a bit more. That is definitely not necessary, though.

Ambigrams can also be designed to read differently from each perspective. This way, two words are incorporated in the design and it becomes more meaningful. These can be a bit trickier to design than the words that read the same in each perspective, but multiple words gives you even more ways to describe what’s important to you.

“Faith” and “Hope” create a duality of positive affirmations that may or may not have a religious context. “Faith” often refers to a belief in God, in many forms, and is enhanced by the idea of “Hope” of those beliefs. This is one of those “outside the box” religious tattoos that would work for anyone who does not want to get one of the cliché religious symbols or verses.

“Strength” and “Courage” are another powerful pairing, serving as a reminder of carrying the virtues throughout one’s daily life. You can get this ambigram tattoo if you take pride in being the rock of your group, or you might even get it in a memorial tattoo. Those are also very popular words to use in military tattoos; you can get the ambigram by itself in this case or you can add it to a larger military tattoo design.

Other words are often used that create a duality and an opposition within the design. Word pairings like “Life” and “Death” or “Love” and “Hate” are commonly used because of the strong and confrontational element created. This is a great way to show that you acknowledge your strengths and your faults and that you look at things realistically.

The opposition of the two words invokes the spectrum that exists between the terms, inviting ideas about their personal significance. This is why it is so important that you take your time when choosing multiple words to put into an ambigram. You want to make sure that both are equally significant and reflect what you represent as a person.

“Love” and “Pain” illustrate heartbreak and the consequences of relationships but also the joy of the experience. Anyone who has gone through one or more tough breakups in their lives while also recognizing the value in those relationships might find this to be the perfect ambigram tattoo. This is one of those designs that outsiders will look at and right away feel a little bit more connected to you since most people recognize those two emotions in relationships.

“Saint” and “Sinner” are two words that also illustrate the connection in the duality as well as the good and bad qualities that exist in humanity. Once again, this is an excellent way to show your understanding of what it is to be human. It could be seen as another religious tattoo, but in reality it works for anyone who wants to get an ambigram tattoo that symbolizes the good and bad sides of all people.

Some ambigrams are designed larger with multiple words, creating a square or diamond shape out of the terms. An ambigram that utilizes the four elements can make an attractive design that is more complex and intricate. “Loyalty”, “Honesty”, and “Respect” are examples of a larger ambigram that beautifully dictates one’s utmost personal values.

Obviously you will want to take your time in both choosing an ambigram tattoo and designing it so it looks great on your skin. Once you have come up with the word or words that you want to use in your design, you’ll want to create multiple options to choose from to ensure that you end up with the best possible result. We definitely do not recommend just choosing the first design that you see since that can often result in regrets later on in life. Instead, take a few weeks to draw up multiple ambigram tattoo designs and choose your favorite one.

Even though ambigram tattoos are generally pretty simple to make, you will still want to choose a great tattoo artists to do the work for you. A good artist will ensure that the lines of your ambigram are perfectly aligned with the natural lines of your body, giving the design the best look possible. The designs themselves may be simple, but getting them to look amazing on the skin takes quite a bit of skill so you might want to spend a little bit more money to work with the best tattoo artist in your area.

Ambigram tattoos aren’t quite as popular as other text tattoos, but they are certainly shooting up the ranks these days since they allow people to say a lot about themselves without taking up too much space on their bodies. If you can think of one or two words that you think do a good job of defining who you are, you should definitely look into getting an ambigram tattoo.

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