Anatomical Heart Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Heart tattoos have long been a way for people to show that they have love in their lives, but modern technology has allowed tattooists the ability to create some amazing anatomical heart tattoos.

What’s great about these designs is that you can use the classic meanings attached to those simple heart shapes, but you also gain a whole host of other meanings with them. Plus, of course, you also get a more detailed and striking heart image that will turn some heads! On this page, we will take a look at why the anatomical heart tattoo is gaining in popularity as well as design options and meanings you can use.

To start out with the most obvious anatomical heart tattoo meaning, you can get one of these fantastic designs to show that there is someone special in your life or that you value love above all other things.

This is the classic “love” meaning that people have been using with heart tattoos for eons now, but getting a realistic heart can actually add to that meaning since you can emphasize the realness of that love. We’re not bashing those heart symbol designs, but instead showing that this is a newer and relatively unique way of using those same meanings.

The anatomical heart tattoo can also symbolize friendship. If two people want to show that their friendship means more to them than just about anything else, they can get matching anatomical heart tattoos. In this way, these designs express that the other person with the tattoo is a major part of who they are.

A black anatomical heart tattoo is a tattoo to get if you want to show how much the loss of a friend or family member has hurt you. This meaning is actually a lot more effective than the black heart symbol since people can actually see the effect that the loss has had on you. You can also add in the person or people’s names in the design, but that isn’t necessary, especially if you want it to be a personal tattoo.

While most people will attach a couple of meanings to their heart tattoos, some do get their anatomical heart design mostly because of the amount of detail that goes into it. These designs show the valves, veins, and each line of the heart itself, making them works of art as well as extremely cool tats. We do recommend that people have at least one meaning to use with these tattoos to make them that much more special, but you can definitely get away with not having any with these designs.

You might think that a realistic heart design wouldn’t work with other images and symbols, but plenty of people do find a way to add more meaning to other designs. The key with these is to only add images that blend well with the heart and that make sense with it. You don’t want to just add in other cool-looking images simply because you think they would look good with your anatomical heart design.

One example of adding additional elements to anatomical heart tattoos is when people put a name or other text above, below, or around their hearts. Text is especially great if you are honoring someone with your heart tattoo, though it can also work in a bunch of other designs. The font is extremely important here since you want it to blend in well with the heart and not take attention away from it. The text should definitely be there to complement the anatomical heart, and you can do this by choosing a font that is both subtle and attractive.

If you want everyone to fully understand what your anatomical heart tattoo represents, you can include any type of image in the background of your design. For example, if you wanted to show that you love traveling, you could include a map or a compass behind the heart. Again, you want any additional images to make your design look better and not take away from the highly detailed heart in the tattoo.

In many cases, people have an easy time figuring out where to place their anatomical heart tattoos, but they don’t necessarily have to go on the chest. You don’t lose any meaning by putting the heart on other spots of your body, but you should make sure that it fits well wherever you plan on putting it. Some popular placement areas include the leg, the ribs, the arm, and even the head. You’ll get a good idea for great placement spots once you have designed your anatomical heart tattoo.

Regardless of the design and the placement, you definitely should get a top tattoo artist to work on your anatomical heart tattoo. These are often very complex designs and it’s vital that they look realistic, so you want to hire an artist who you feel confident will get the job done right the first time.

The good ones will recognize the amount of work it will take to make an anatomical heart design look amazing and will know that their reputation is on the line with your tat. We recommend taking a look at some local artists’ portfolios before you choose one so you can up your chances of getting exactly what you want.

We hope you can now see why the anatomical heart tattoo is so intriguing to people these days. These tattoos look amazing on the skin and they are the type of designs that most definitely turn some heads.

Ideally at least one of the meanings mentioned earlier on this page works for you, but this could be great for you even if you just want an extremely attractive tattoo that you can add meaning to later. Just be sure that you get a good artist to draw up some designs for you, choose a place on your body where it will shine, and then hire a tattooist who will make your vision a reality.

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