Angel Wings Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

The sight of angel wings can reference different aspects of angelic mythology, mostly found within the Christian Bible. Wings can be a representation of purity and innocence or the great strength of a warrior, depending on the way they are rendered. Regardless of the wings’ appearance, they convey a heavenly and celestial aura that radiates from the image.

People get angel wings tattoos for various reasons. In most cases, asking them what their tattoo means is going to be the best way to find out the meaning of the angel wings tattoo. However, we might not know someone that has this tattoo, so we will go ahead and try to give you as much information as possible. The angel wings tattoo is a very symbolic image.

In this post, we are going to go over the symbolism of having the angel wings tattoo and what it means to the people that have this tattoo. Angel wings already have a symbolism attached to them but if you were to ask someone with this tattoo, they might tell you something completely different. So, in this, we’ll talk about the meanings of this tattoo and the different variations of this image that people might have tattooed. By the end of this post, you should have a better understanding of the angel wings tattoo meaning.

Angel Wings Tattoo Meaning

The size of the wings often tells a story. Larger, more defined, and more sharply detailed wings can be meant to represent the wings of an archangel, one of the high-ranking warrior angels of God’s army.

They often are charged with bringing the message of God to the people of Earth and appear to various significant figures throughout various religious texts (particularly Judaism and Christianity). The appearance of these wings is often darker and more realistic, lending a graver tone to the image. This enhances the authority that the wings of an archangel command, giving the image the quality of a protector.

Angel wings are also placed on various parts of the body, notably the wrists or forearms to serve as a reminder. This can be a reminder for oneself or a reminder of a loved one who has passed on. Wings often accompany R.I.P. tattoos to show that the deceased has become an angel in heaven.

The appearance of wings is associated with flight and the freedom of that ability, the angelic qualities elevate that image to one of purity and virtue. Not only is the spirit liberated, but also set free into the Kingdom of God to perform good and live on as an angel.

Dark angel wings are also something that people have tattooed on their bodies. Angels aren’t always the ones we see in the movies and read about. They aren’t all good angels watching over us and keeping us on the right path. Sometimes these angels are of the underworld. Lucifer was originally an angel of God and one of the highest order. However, after a battle, he was cast down to the underworld where he became the angel of the underworld. To have the dark wings tattooed on your body means you are embracing the darker parts of life. It could symbolize the occult if you are into that sort of thing.

Angel Wings Tattoo Variations

When getting your angel wings tattoos, keep in mind you can go a lot of different directions with this tattoo. It’s not always as simple as getting a pair of wings on your arm. There are many variations and placements. You can also add images to your tattoo to change the meaning as well. Below are some of the variations of angel wing tattoos that we have seen with some explanation.

Angel Wings on Back

When placed on the back, angel wings are often a tribute to oneself, portraying a stellar quality. If the wings are smaller, delicate, or rounded and appear soft and light, the image is angelic. The symbol is a representation of innate kindness and generosity that makes a charitable personality. They also appear cherubic, conveying a strong sense of innocence and a sweet, adoring air.

One Light and One Dark Wing on Back Tattoo

When you see someone with a tattoo of angel wings on their back, it can mean some of the things we talked about above. However, when you have one dark and one light wing, it can represent something completely different. The light and dark angel wing tattoo represents the struggle between good and evil that we all face. It’s like having the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. It’s something we all struggle with in life. In one ear we’re being told to do something that might be frowned upon and in the other ear,

Melting Angel Wings Tattoo

Often, this tattoo can be tattooed in the watercolor style as this style already has a melting look because there are normally no distinct outlines in a watercolor tattoo. When given the look of melting wings, it might symbolize your struggle to stay on the right path. Life and society tend to pull us in many different directions and influence us in ways that aren’t for the good of our souls.

The melting wings symbolize our struggle with that. Melting is showing that our angelic qualities are slowly melting away and we are becoming the sinning people that we are. However, we weren’t created to be angels. Humans are well known to be sinners and that is ok. This tattoo might also represent the coming to terms with this fact.

Angel Wings with Halo Tattoo

Angel wings with a halo are often representing a lost loved one. It is another way to get a memorial tattoo without saying who it was or adding dates to the tattoo. It is a subtle way to let everyone know that you have lost someone and you are thinking about them. With the angel wings tattoo, you are insinuating your loved one is with the angels in heaven.

One Angel Wing Tattoo

This tattoo is also another way to represent our sinning ways. We might be trying to stay on the right path but in the same breath, we are still humans and we make mistakes. This tattoo is a symbol of our goals to be good people but also says that we aren’t angels yet.

The challenges of life are hard and to make it through, we have to understand that we aren’t perfect as humans. It’s ok to make mistakes and sin. As long as you know your goal is to be a good person then you should be ok.

The angel wings tattoo takes a lot of fine line work and a steady hand. This isn’t something that your next-door neighbor can nail flawlessly. So, when you are looking for the next tattoo artist to complete your angel wings tattoo, take a look at their portfolio and make sure they have work in there that is comparable to the kind of work you’re looking for.

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