Ankle Tattoos

Looking to find some great ankle tattoo ideas? Check out the list below to see some of the most popular ankle tattoos.

The anchor

When you get the anchor tattoo, you are saying that you will stay afloat in life and that you will not let others sink your boat. Obviously this is a tattoo meaning that will work for a lot of people, and it works excellently as an ankle tattoo. You can decide to get one of the many classic anchor tattoo designs, or you might prefer to design your own, perhaps with some other additional small designs around it.

The rainbow

The rainbow tattoo represents many things, including equality and finding happiness after tough times. If you were looking to get a more colorful ankle tattoo, you really can’t do too much better than the rainbow. Some people get the rainbow by itself right on the side of their ankles, and others surround their sun with the sun, rain, and even a cloud.

The musical note

Music lovers looking to find a design small enough to fit on their ankles should definitely consider a simple musical note tattoo. You can get any note that you want, though it seems like a lot of people prefer the treble clef over the many other musical symbols out there. It has a clear meaning and it looks just as good as a simple black tattoo as it does with more design elements.

The flower

The flower tattoo is a great idea for people regardless of where they want to get it placed. It works well as an ankle tattoo because it can be designed to work with the lines down or around your ankle. There are hundreds of great flower designs that each have their own meanings, so take your time if you plan on getting a flower ankle tattoo.

The palm tree

If you love the summer and/or you love to take trips to tropical places, then you might find that the palm tree tattoo is the ideal choice for you. This is yet another great ankle tattoo that looks equally good as a colored design and as a fully-black silhouette. Most palm tree tattoos have a bit of a curve to them to show them moving in the wind, but you can also get it so it is going straight up and down your ankle.

The star

Whether you love space, are a dreamer, or just want to reach your personal goals, the star tattoo can be a great design for anyone looking to get a smaller ankle tattoo. What many people like about the star tattoo is that it can be completed in about five minutes if you get the most basic star outline. Of course, you can also dress it up a bit by making it colorful, making it a shooting star, or by adding in even more stars.

The zodiac symbol

People still love to read their horoscopes, and even those who don’t still seem to like their zodiac symbol. Regardless of when you were born, your zodiac symbol should be able to fit comfortably on your ankle. What’s great is that you usually have at least three or four symbols to choose from, so you can find something that fits your tastes and your artist should be able to find a way to make it work on your ankle.

The sailboat

If you love the sea or you’re an adventurous person, why not get a sail boat tattoo on your ankle? Most people who get sailboat ankle tattoos stick with very simple designs made up of just a few lines, but you can get yours as detailed as you want. In fact, one design that works very well is having ocean water going around your ankle and then have the sailboat “sailing away” on it.

The bird silhouettes

Even though you can get a tattoo of your favorite bird on your ankle, usually those fully-detailed bird tats are placed elsewhere on the body. The ankle is the perfect place to get a flock of small birds flying up, down, or around your ankle. Getting them in silhouette form makes the tattoos pop a bit more on this part of the body.

The seashell

The seashell ankle tattoo is absolutely perfect for those who love to take walks on the beach or have great memories of doing so. These small shell designs are great for the heel area or even a little higher up on your ankle. Like most of the other ankle tattoo suggestions on this page, the seashell ankle tattoo usually looks quite a bit better in bold, black ink than as a colored tattoo.

The ankle bracelet

The ankle bracelet tattoo might just be the best jewelry-style tattoo that you can get. If you have a favorite ankle bracelet and want to have it permanently on your skin, by all means get it designed! If you want a more meaningful anklet tattoo, then you can attach stones to it that have their own great meanings. You have thousands of design options at your disposal when it comes to ankle bracelet tats.

The feather

What’s great about the feather tattoo is that it usually gains its meaning from the type of feather it is. This is a classic Native American tattoo, but plenty of people with no Native American ancestry can find meaning in one of these designs. You can have your feather tattoo going down the side of your ankle or have it attached to a string around your ankle and have it fall straight down your foot.

The short quote

Have a favorite short quote from a book or a song that you want to get tattooed on your skin? Your ankle is a great place to get it since these are usually more personal tattoos and short quotes look fantastic going down or around the ankle. All you have to do is choose a quote and then look for a font style that you like.

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