Anubis Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

If you enjoy reading about Egyptian mythology or you just like cool-looking tattoo designs, you should definitely learn about the Anubis tattoo. This is one of those rare tattoos that looks great in many different forms and it has its own very unique meanings that you can use with it.

On this page we are going to go over some of the main reasons why people choose to get their Anubis tattoos and some of the many different ways that you can get it designed if you decide to get one.

Anubis represents many different things to many different people, but the one thing that no one can deny is that he was the god of the dead to the ancient Egyptians. Some saw him as a good god who watched over the dead, while others saw him as the one who pulled people into the darkness. In either case, he was seen as a very real god and was both feared and honored in Egyptian culture.

One of the more common reasons why people get their Anubis tattoos today is because they want a cool-looking design that symbolizes mystery. The fact that Anubis is usually designed as a man with a jackal’s body is in itself a bit mysterious, so when you see one you often want to know a bit more about the owner.

The Anubis tattoo is also a great idea for anyone who wants a design that represents darkness without it having to be a very dark-looking tattoo. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are evil or that you worship satin, but it usually does mean that you recognize that you have a dark side. Most of us do have a dark side, so if you think about it just about anyone could get one of these tats and have a meaning that works.

Another reason why someone might decide to get the Anubis tattoo is because they want something that represents power. Considering that Anubis is a god who was said to run the afterlife, it’s hard to think of too many better symbols of power. You can use this meaning if you feel like you have control over your life or if you are trying to gain more control.

You might also find that the Anubis tattoo is a cool design to get if you are looking to add an image into a memorial tattoo. That might seem odd, but Anubis is also known as the “protector of graves,” so it actually works quite well for this reason. This is an especially good idea if you are looking to combine a bunch of different images into one memorial tattoo; in this case you can make Anubis the focal point of the design or have him just be one of many equally important elements of the design.

Some people might even decide to get their Anubis tattoos because they just want a sleek looking design that comes from Egyptian mythology. Usually we’d recommend having a better reason to get a tattoo, but this is a bit different than those other cases. If you simply love Egyptian mythology and find that this is the best image to use to show that, then that is definitely a good enough reason to get an Anubis tat.

It used to be that everyone got the classic Anubis tattoo by using one of the few illustrations that were preserved, but that’s definitely not the case these days. Some people give him new characteristics in their designs, such as mechanical parts or armor, while others will give him a cool staff or jewelry to wear. You can even give him a specific expression to show which meanings you are using with your tat.

In most cases the head of a jackal is included in Anubis tattoos, but the rest of the image comes down to the owner’s personal tastes. The head works well if you are getting a tattoo on your shoulder, but you would probably want to include at least some of his body if you are including him in a sleeve design or you are getting a back tattoo version. If you already know where you are going to place the tattoo, then you should have an easier time coming up with a design to use.

Some people have a very tough time figuring out how to design their Anubis tattoos since they want to make one that is as good or better than the great ones that are already out there. We definitely recommend having a pro artist come up with some sketches for you to look through to give you a better chance of ending up with a fantastic tattoo. This might add to the overall costs, but it’s totally worth it if you end up with something you’ll always love having on your skin.

No matter what type of Anubis tattoo you plan on getting, this is the type of design that you want to have done by a very experienced tattoo artist. These are often quite complex designs, so you want to have a tattoo artist who has done created some amazing designs in the past.

You might want to go into multiple shops to check out their past work before you commit to an artist. What you really shouldn’t do is walk into the first shop you come across and hope that you walk out with exactly what you were hoping for; that rarely works out as people planned.

As you can see, there is a lot more to the Anubis tattoo than meets the eye and we think it will continue to be one of the most popular Egyptian tattoos for years to come. They are attractive designs that have some very interesting meanings to them, so it’s really not surprising that so many people like them. If you want to get an Anubis tattoo, make sure that you take your time during the designing process and then hire a top tattooist to make your tat for you.

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