Anxiety Tattoos Design, Meaning & Ideas

More people are open about their anxiety issues these days, so it’s not too surprising at all that anxiety tattoos have risen in popularity. What is surprising is just how many different types of anxiety tattoos are out there right now and how easy it is to get a unique one. On this page, we will take a look at why so many people are deciding to get anxiety tattoos these days and some of the designs that look great on the skin.

Really in most cases, anxiety tattoos are all about helping the owner either avoid anxiety or learn to cope with it. It’s one of those tattoos that people want to be able to quickly look at and remember why they got that specific tattoo. If you think about it, there are plenty of tattoos that you can get for these reasons. In fact, you can come up with your own pretty easily since all that matters is what it means to you.

There are many mental health organizations all around the globe and some people like to get those organizations’ logos as their anxiety tattoos. This is a great idea if you happened to be helped by one of those organizations or if you want to spread the word that they exist. This is obviously an easy type of anxiety tattoo to get designed since you just have to find an image of the logo, show it to your tattoo artist, and get it placed on your skin.

If you want to go with a customized design, you might find that a text tattoo is the best anxiety tattoo for you. What you’ll find is that there are dozens, maybe even hundreds, of different text tattoos that you can use as an anxiety tattoo. Because there are so many options, though, it can be a bit of a challenge to settle on just one. The key is to stop on one that really hits home for you and don’t worry about searching for more.

Different variations of the “Never give up” text tattoo are some of the most popular anxiety tattoos out there these days. Obviously, this is a great tattoo idea for anyone who has attempted or thought about attempting suicide and who does not want to go down that road again. It’s also a good choice for people who want to get these words inked on their skin to help others who have almost given up on life.

“Keep Breathing” is another very popular anxiety tattoo since one of the most common symptoms of anxiety is the feeling that you can’t breathe. As with most other anxiety tattoos, this is the type of phrase that you want to get on a very visible part of your body so you can look at it any time that you need it. This is one of the most calming anxiety tattoos that you can get, especially if you feel like you can’t breathe whenever you have an attack.

The simple “Love” text tattoo is sometimes the best choice for people dealing with anxiety. Not only is that one of those most meaningful words in existence, but it’s also one that has many different meanings. Some people don’t want others to know that they have an anxiety tattoo and the love tattoo allows them to have a bit of a hidden meaning behind the text.

If any other words help you to deal with your anxiety, you might find that those are the words that you should include in your anxiety tattoo. Even if you want to put two or three sentences in your tattoo, definitely do it if you know that it will always help you. You might even find that specific words from a book or poem help you out, in which case those words might be the best ones to use.

On top of thinking of the words to use in a text version of the anxiety tattoo, you’ll want to think long and hard about the font that you’ll use in the design. The trick is to find a font that makes the words come to life, which can be a challenge for some people. If you do need help finding a font, you can look up other anxiety tattoos and see if you like a font that someone else used.

If you want to go all out, you can search through fonts online until something sticks out to you. There are many websites that allow you to type in your phrase and see that phrase in each font that they have, which can be very helpful.

If there is any type of character or other type of image that makes you smile every time you see it, then you can use that as your anxiety tattoo. As we pointed out up top, all that really matters is that the tattoo helps you with your anxiety or helps others if that’s what you’re trying to do. Even a smaller design like a heart might be perfect for some people.

After thinking of a great design you can use as your anxiety tattoo, you’ll want to figure out the perfect place to put it on your body. Do you want everyone you meet to see your tattoo or is it just for you? Where does your anxiety tattoo idea fit? These are the types of questions you should ask yourself both before and after you come up with a design to use. You might find that these questions actually help you come up with the perfect design.

It really is great that anxiety tattoos are a thing these days because you know that anyone that gets one will always find a lot of meaning in their design. If you deal with anxiety in your life or you want to support someone else who does, then an anxiety tattoo could be a great idea for you. Just take your time during the design process and hire an artist who will make that anxiety tattoo look great on your skin.

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