Aquarius Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

One of the easiest ways to show your pride in being an Aquarius is to get an amazing-looking Aquarius tattoo design. What’s great about Aquarius tattoos is that you can choose any of the traits that you (and others) value the most and show them off with some ink. On this page, we will take a look at the different types of Aquarius tattoos that you can get and some of the meanings that you might want to use.

Those born between January 20th and February 18th enter the world under the constellation of Aquarius and are known for their fluid and friendly personalities. Anyone can get an Aquarius tattoo, but it usually only makes sense for those who are born under the sign. Of course, if the sign represents many of the things that you are, then you might actually be a better candidate for one of these designs than an actual Aquarius!

A sign that thrives in deep and swirling waters, the symbol of the Aquarius is that of the water-bearer. The symbol itself is easily the most popular Aquarius tattoo that there is, but you can do a lot with that symbol to make it your own. Some people actually prefer to keep the symbol as simple as possible so they can fit in on a certain location on their bodies, while others will find a way to blend it into a much larger design. With all of that being said, you don’t have to get the Aquarius symbol to show your love for your sign.

Their significance as humanitarians and world leaders is embodied in the metaphor of the water-bearer, a being whose existence serves the good of humanity. If you take pride in being someone who does love giving more than receiving, then this is definitely the Aquarius tattoo meaning that you’ll want to use. What’s kind of great about this is that the meaning won’t be clear to those who don’t read up on zodiac signs, which makes sense for people who use this meaning since they don’t do it for recognition.

The Aquarius constellation is a depiction of an ancient deity from the Babylonian era holding an overflowing vase or cup. As with other zodiac constellation tattoos, you don’t have to show the outline of the constellation if you’d prefer to keep it a personal tattoo or if you want it to be a mystery to onlookers. If you do want people to know what it is, you can get an outline of the constellation or you can put other Aquarius tattoo designs in or around the stars.

Just about every Aquarius tattoo is a symbol of bounty, good omens, and goodwill. In a way, you can look at them as good luck charms. If these are the primary meanings that you want to use, then you’ll probably want to get it placed in a location that you can see at all times. These Aquarius tattoos are generally best as forearm and wrist tattoos.

One of the oldest and most active constellations (multiple meteor showers can be seen running through the constellation annually), the form of Aquarius has been noted in dozens of ancient cultures. In all mythologies, the water-bearer is a gorgeous, desirable being who goes on to serve others in some way. And this is why people might decide to do a bit more with the constellation version of this tattoo; they might add a large, glorious water-bearer image inside of the constellation both to show how important it is to them and because it looks so great on the skin!

The image of the constellation is often pictured with the waves of the zodiac sign, emphasizing the quick-flowing intellect of the Aquarius. Blending these two images can be a bit tough considering that water and stars don’t always mix in artwork. This is why it is vital that you work with an artist who knows what he or she is doing and can make the entire design pop off of your skin. When done correctly, you will end up with a complete Aquarius tattoo that represents anything you want it to.

The water-bearer can be illustrated in various ways, depending on the intent of the image. A beautiful woman with long, flowing hair holding or carrying a vase spilling with water is a popular choice for men and women. It emphasizes the sensitive, caring, and compassionate qualities of the Aquarius sign while incorporating the myth behind the constellation. Mermaids are used as well to add focus to the aquatic nature of the zodiac sign, or other majestic creatures like tigers, elephants, etc.

These are important things to keep in mind when choosing an Aquarius tattoo design since you want a tattoo that you like to look at and you want it to have meanings that reflect who you are. It’s always difficult to pick the exact images that will make you a proud member of your sign, but that’s especially true with Aquarius tattoos. Chances are you will love the idea of getting a lot of them, but you will need to take your time and condense that list down to the one(s) that you think will work best as tattoos.

The image of a strong, muscular man pouring an enormous vase of water serves well as a more masculine symbol. It portrays the bolder and more self-sustaining qualities of the Aquarius, highlighting their authority and tendencies toward leadership. If one of your favorite traits is leadership, whether because you are a leader or because you want to be one, then this might be the best Aquarius tattoo for you. Typically this is a larger design, but if you are on a budget or simply just want a smaller tattoo, then you could get an outline of this masculine figure.

The image of the overflowing vase is an attractive Aquarius symbol on its own, focusing on the generosity of the Aquarius person. The seemingly endless stream of crystal clear water is also a symbol of the fluid wisdom and inquisitive nature of the sign. These are great qualities to have, so it’s no surprise that many Aquarius people want to show their pride in those qualities with Aquarius tattoos. Plus, an overflowing vase can look amazing when designed correctly, making it something that is both meaningful and draws the eye.

Just about every Aquarius out there takes pride in being original in all they do, and this is a meaning that you can attach to any Aquarius tattoo. There aren’t too many other designs that you can choose to represent originality, so this could be absolutely perfect for an Aquarius who also happens to be a unique individual. It should be pointed out that most people who see Aquarius tattoos will not recognize this meaning, though most folks won’t care too much about that.

Regardless of whether you are getting a simple Aquarius symbol or a larger design, you simply have to work with a good artist and a good tattoo artist (sometimes the same person). They will be able to help you to tweak any Aquarius tattoos that you want to get, making them both fit well on your body and look amazing. This is definitely not the type of tattoo that you want to go half-in with considering how meaningful it can be. Your best bet is to search online for high-rated artists in your area and then go in and tell them about the ideas that have been running through your head.

If you are patient in the design process and you attach meanings that work for your personality, then there’s a great chance that you will end up loving your Aquarius tattoo. Most people don’t regret getting tattoos of their zodiac signs since they are so personal, and that is especially true with Aquarius tattoos. Just choose one or more of the meanings mentioned above, choose a location that you think will make it look great, and let a good artist do what they do.

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