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There is a huge list of ways that you can show off who you are through tattoos, and Arabic tattoos are one of the newest popular options. They can give you a unique way to tell people who you are while also giving you some cool ink on your skin. On this page we will take a look at why Arabic tattoos have taken off in recent years and some design options that you might like.

In most cases people choose to get Arabic script tattoos because it allows them to express exactly what they want to express through their ink. For example, if you wanted to get a tattoo that represented your determination, you could get an Arabic script tattoo that says just that. Sure, it’s literal, which isn’t great when you get it in English, but the look of the Arabic tattoo takes it to a whole other level. Of course, you could also include a symbol or two to make the meaning clearer for those who don’t understand Arabic.

One of the most popular ways that people like to get their Arabic tattoos is down their spines. Most of the script looks fantastic when drawn vertically, so it just makes sense that many people choose to get Arabic spine tats. It also adds in the extra meaning that whatever your text says is so much a part of you that it connects to your brain directly.

Arabic tattoos also work quite well on the arms, as shoulder, forearm, or even as wrist tattoos. This will depend on the size of the script itself and whether or not you want it to be a public tattoo. Those looking to get a wrist tattoo will either want a short word or one that can wrap nicely around the wrist. The forearm works similarly, but most people get their Arabic tattoos going down their arms rather than across them.

Another great place to put Arabic tattoos is right along the color bone. This makes it readable to anyone who sees it and it does the important thing of going along the natural lines of your body. Some people will even get one set of text on the left side of their collarbones and another set on the right. Just be warned that tattoos on bones can be a bit more painful than tattoos on fleshier parts of the body.

The “Freedom” Arabic tattoo is one of the most commonly seen both because of its meaning and because the script itself has a nice look to it. It’s a very small design that can work just as well as a bicep tat as it would a neck tat. This is the design you’ll want to get if you either feel free from past hardships or you are simply proud to be able to do what you want with your life.

While many people opt to get one-word Arabic tattoos, full quotes are also quite common these days. You can even write out a full paragraph in your Arabic tattoo, though you will probably need a larger area of skin to use, such as your back. Quote tattoos are work fantastically as rib tattoos, and using Arabic script can give the entire quote a mysterious and cool look to it.

Even though most Arabic tattoos are just the script, many people choose to get some kind of shape or symbol around or inside of their script. In these cases it is more about added aesthetics rather than adding meaning to the tattoo, but you certainly can find symbols that enhance the meaning you’re using. While you absolutely do not have to get these accompanying images, you can add to the overall look of the design if you find something that makes the script jump off of the skin a bit more.

Arabic tattoos are a great option for people who know that they want to get text tattoos and they want them to be in all-black. Sure, some people do add in some color to these designs, but the majority of them are all about the design of the script rather than the flashy color. Getting an all-black Arabic tattoo with never give it a boring look, which is not the case with some all-black text tattoos designed in English.

If you are thinking about getting an Arabic tattoo, you should come up with one that both means a lot to you and fits wherever you want to have it placed. We point this out because so many people focus on one and not the other, creating a problem when it comes time to actually get the tattoo inked on the skin. You want to sit down and really think about the meaning of the Arabic words you’re getting, and you will want to think about how those words will look in the area where you plan on getting the tattoo placed. You might have to have 10 or more designs drawn up for you before you actually settle on one that you love.

Regardless of the design you’re choosing to get, you should definitely have a good tattoo artist do the job for you. This will mean doing even more homework, but you will be happy you did since you highly up the chances of getting exactly what you wanted when working with a great artist. These days it’s actually not that hard to find a good tattooist in your area since you can quickly look up reviews of artists in your area. Still, it’s a good idea to physically go into a couple of shops to get a feel for them and to see the artists’ past works.

It’s great that Arabic tattoos have become so popular over the last decade or so because it gives people even more text tattoo options to choose from. They look great, they fit just about anywhere on the body, and people very rarely regret getting them because they have very specific meanings in most cases.

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