If you are an Aries, an Aries tattoo might be a great way for you to show off your pride in your sign to the world. What you’ll see on this page is that there are many ways to get an Aries tattoo designed, and even more meanings that you can assign to your tattoo. Keep reading to find out all of the information you’d ever need to know about Aries tattoos!

Those born under the sign of Aries, between March 21st and April 20th, are known for their brave qualities, among other things. Unsurprisingly, many people born in March and April want to show off their pride in these qualities by getting Aries tattoos. Believe it or not, you can attach all or just some of these meanings to your design, though some images make certain meanings more obvious than others.
The sign of the Aries (♈) is the noble and steady ram. Unlike other zodiac sign tattoos, you won’t find too many Aries people who veer away from the main symbol too often. Sometimes it will be a much more detailed ram, but there’s pretty much always some kind of ram in an Aries tattoo. That being said, there are other symbols and images that you can use.

The sign itself (♈) is a replication of the ram’s head, a symbol of the Aries head-first attitude. It is a popular image for conveying the Zodiac symbol. Not only can you get a large Aries symbol, it also works quite well as a smaller tattoo. For example, if you were looking to get a great wrist tat to show off who you are, the Aries sign is a fantastic way to do just that.

The ram is a representation of the Golden Fleece (aka Chrysomallus), a legend of Greek mythology. In this story, a winged ram is both a hero and an object of great value, a symbol of kingship and valor. The Golden Fleece that covers the legendary winged ram is sought out by Greek heroes who must undertake great feats in order to obtain the fleece which was guarded by a dragon.

The image of the winged, golden ram, the origin of the constellation of Aries, is the ultimate symbol of the Zodiac sign. It conveys the bold and strong-willed qualities of the Aries. This is the type of Aries tattoo that you’ll want to get if you’re going for the epic look. It works quite well as a back tattoo, and this placement also allows you to easily include other Aries symbols if you want to.

A butting ram is a popular image for the Aries, displaying the bold and forward confidence of the sign. Some people get just one ram “butting” straight out of the skin, while others will get two rams butting each other (you can find plenty of these images on the internet if you need some inspiration). The key with these designs is to get a lot of detail in the horns to show that they represent the strength of the animal.

Depicting the ram head on with its large horns framing the visage is another perspective that shows these qualities. In fact, many Aries people will show very little of the ram’s face in these tattoos. Taking it a step further, you can completely take out the ram’s face and get a ram horns tattoo, which doesn’t lose any of the Aries tattoo meanings that you’ll want to use.

The horns themselves can also be used to portray the more specific obstinate characteristics of the ram. If you are a stubborn person and know it and you want to find an Aries tattoo that really defines who you are, then the horns might be perfect for you. Sure, stubbornness isn’t a “good” quality, but if you use it to your advantage and you recognize that it’s part of who you are, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with owning it through your Aries tattoo.

The Aries constellation can also be used as a striking tattoo, which in the Western Zodiac creates the image of a kicking ram. The constellation is one of the dimmest but ubiquitously written about in many ancient cultures. Egyptians worship the constellation as a representation of the ram-headed god Amon-Ra, a representation of fertility and creation.

The symbol of the ram, steadfast with their aggressive horns, Aries are a force to be reckoned with. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are out to intimidate, but they are often the type of people who will react quickly when threatened. This is yet another meaning that is inherent in all Aries tattoos, though you can make it clearer by giving your ram and menacing expression.

Another great Aries tattoo meaning is determination. Quite a few signs are known for representing determination, but none are like the Aries. There is simply no stopping an Aries who knows what he or she wants, so don’t even try to get in their way! If you are an Aries and find that you are constantly trying to take actions to reach your goals, then this will be one of the Aries tattoo meaning that you’ll want to use.

If you take pride in your courageousness, then you’ll definitely want to look into getting an Aries tattoo. Rams do not run away no matter how tough of a situation they are in, and neither do many people who are born under the Aries sign.

Aries are also known for their assertiveness. When they see their goals are attainable, they will not let anything get in the way of them. If this describes you, then definitely use this Aries tattoo meaning regardless of the design you choose to get.

Honesty is yet another common trait of an Aries. Obviously this is an excellent trait to have since it tells others that they can speak openly to you without having to worry that you will gab. There are plenty of great tattoos that you can get that symbolize honesty, but it is automatically included with any Aries tattoo that you get; if you actually want to use this meaning, of course.

Ruled by the Roman god Mars, the god of war, Aries are symbolized by their independence and their ability to manage any situation that is thrown at them. Regardless of whether you get a tattoo of Mars or not, you can use this meaning to show that you work well on your own. This is a fantastic meaning that plenty of Aries will want to use whether alone or with any of the other meanings found on this page.

Many people who get Aries tattoos take so much pride in their sign that they choose get it on visible parts of their bodies. It’s pretty easy to get most of these designs anywhere on your arm, and the smaller symbols can even work as finger or neck tattoos. As we pointed out earlier, though, you will want to use your back or your chest for larger designs so you can put as much detail into them as possible.

Style and budget will help you to determine what type of Aries tattoo you will get. If you like the look of black and gray symbol designs, then one of the smaller Aries tattoos might be best for you. If you want a large and in charge design, then expect to end up with a striking design that will probably cost you quite a bit of money.

If you take your time with the design process and find a good artist in your area, chances are you will always love your Aries tattoo. As you have seen, there are a lot of great designs that you can choose from and chances are at least one of those meanings that we mentioned defines part that you are perfectly. These great tattoos to show off who you are in tattoo form and people very rarely regret getting them.

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