Armband Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

Chances are you have seen people with inked bands around their arms, but did you know that many of those armband tats have armband tattoo meanings attached to them? These tattoos are excellent for people who want to get creative, cool-looking tattoo designs that also happen to hold some interesting and sometimes very personal meanings.

On this page we are going to go over why so many folks decide to get their armband tattoos and some of the meanings you can use if you decide to get one yourself.

As you probably already know, armband tattoos have been extremely popular for a long time now. They did seem to peak at the start of the century, but they have definitely picked up some steam in recent years, too. That’s because people realized that there are a lot of different types of designs that can work as armbands.

It used to be that many people decided to get these tats because they gave them a tough guy/girl look, but these days it seems like more and more folks are choosing them because these armbands can give them a unique way to add a meaningful piece of art onto their skin.

Armband tattoos can have plenty of meanings because, well, there are plenty of different armband tattoo designs. One or more plain black bands can represent deep meanings for some people, and the images that some people include in their armband designs hold special meanings for them too. Some tattoos don’t work as armbands and there is no way around that, but the fact is that most tattoo ideas can be converted into some nice looking, meaningful armband tattoo designs.

There are tribal armband tattoos, Celtic versions, and a number of other types of armband tattoos. Tribal armbands used to be the most popular when armband designs first started to pop up everywhere, but nowadays people combine those ideas with their own design ideas to make unique pieces. For example, you can take the classic tribal armband tattoo and blend in a nature landscape to give it a more personalized flavor. You can even separate two or more bands and put meaningful words between them.

In a lot of cases, the basic armband tattoo meaning isn’t very deep at all. That is because many people get an armband that because it looks nice on their skin. On top of that, it is usually placed around the bicep, so it is hidden away while the person has a shirt on. However, those looking to get a meaningful tattoo can very easily convert an armband tat into a very meaningful design.

Keep in mind that just because these armband tattoos don’t appear to have deep meanings does not mean that they don’t hold any meaning to their owners. You might think that you see very basic designs in someone’s armbands that are just there to make the design look nice, but in a lot of cases the owners are quite proud of what those tattoos represent.

What appears to be something basic might actually represent something dear to the owners, so it’s important that people recognize that these types of tattoos are often more than they appear to be. Of course, as we pointed out above, there are ways to make these tattoos’ meanings a bit clearer by simple making some tweaks.

Not only can the armbands themselves have meanings but they can also come with other designs mixed into the armbands, making a more unique tattoo with a more unique meaning. This is usually done by thickening the armband a bit and embedding images, symbols and/or shapes into the designs. You can even remove all of the lines from the design and simply have your tattoo wrap around your arm in a straight line.

Sometimes armband tattoos are thought to be a sign of strength, especially when more in-shape men or women have them on their biceps. The tattoo grabs observers’ eyes and it usually elicits a response of respect to the owner’s physique. In this respect, the armband tattoo will also serve as a form of motivation to the owner since they will always want to keep their arms in shape.

Solid black armband tattoos are commonly worn to represent mourning. When a person loses a loved one, they will get a solid black armband to represent that loss and to show that they want to keep the person close to them. Some people will have multiple black armbands when two or more people they have loved pass away.

One of the most popular armbands is the barbed wire tattoo, which has multiple meanings. Traditionally, Russians and Japanese convicts would get the barbed wire tattoo to show that they have been behind bars. In other cultures, they have been seen as one of the cooler armband designs so they hold a bit less meaning.

Hawaiians have been using the armband tattoo to represent pride for a long time. There are many Hawaiian armband designs, including water designs and themed designs to represent the exact places where they come from. Most of these armband tattoos are much larger and will cover up to or more than a third of the arm.

The armband tattoo is one of the trendiest around, so that alone could be seen as a meaning. For example, a famous celebrity might get a nice-looking armband tattoo and hundreds of people will follow suit. When this happens, the people who got that same armband tattoo might feel at one with that celebrity or they might feel like the tattoo itself will give them an extra boost in life.

Armband tattoos come in a variety of readily available designs, so they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. We don’t recommend just picking one out of a tattoo book, though, unless you are absolutely sure that a plain armband is exactly what you want and what you’ll always like having on your skin. The key is to choose one of those readily made designs and come up with a way to change it in some way (drastically or subtly) so you have something that is both unique and meaningful to you.

Every armband tattoo meaning is going to be a little bit different than the others, so it’s no surprise that they continue to be so popular. Two people might have very similar tattoos, but chances are those two tattoos represent completely different meanings. One person might be honoring a loved one with their armband that while the other person is showing pride in their own traits.

These days most people want to have unique designs and what’s great about armband tattoos is that they can easily be turned into new designs. There are no rules to armband tattoo designs other than the fact that they are supposed to be on the arm and they are supposed to wrap around the arm. The size is up to you, the amount of “bands” is up to you, and the design itself is completely up to you.

You can turn a landscape or a cityscape into a fantastic armband tattoo, and you can even make an armband design that is completely made up of your favorite flowers. Many people assume that armband tattoos have to be plain black bands, but that’s just not the case anymore.

The armband tattoo is an excellent choice for people who love the look of black and grey or all-black tattoo designs. You definitely can get these designs in color, but the classic look is solid black or mostly black with a little bit of grey. These designs work well with every skin tone and, should you decide to get other tattoo or you already have some, you don’t have to worry about the armband tattoo clashing with the other designs on your body.

If you do decide to get an armband tattoo, it would be a good idea to hire an artist who has a reputation for doing excellent work. You want the bands to look good from every angle and you want the line work to be absolutely perfect, so hiring a top artist can certainly up the chances of you coming away a happy customer.

Most tattoo artists have made plenty of armband tattoos in the past, so a good idea is to look through some of their past work to get an idea of how they will do with your design. Also, the good ones will ask you about your armband tattoo meaning and will be able to help you find a way to make that meaning shine through your design.

We hope you now have a better understanding of what armband tattoos are and some of the meanings that you can use with these tattoos. These tattoos have definitely evolved over the last 10 or so years and they are no longer looked at as cliché tats. If you have a tattoo idea and you are trying to find a cool way to put that tattoo on your body, you might find that an armband tattoo is the best way to go.

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