Armpit Tattoo

One spot on the human body that might seem like an odd place to be tattooed might be the armpit. The armpit tattoo seems like an odd place because it is not a noticeable spot. Many get tattoos to show off their creative side. By getting tattooed on your arm, it shows that you are willing to show off your ideas and you want everyone to see. An armpit tattoo is a surprise because it is somewhat hidden in plain sight.

In addition to the odd location, armpit tattoos can be painful. You might think because the needle isn’t hitting any bones, this location may not be painful. Think again because just like that back of the knee, the armpit can be an extremely sensitive spot to be tattooed. The most seasoned tattoo enthusiast will probably admit this spot is a bit more painful than other areas.

In this article, we are going to review some meanings and different types of tattoos that people like getting in their armpits. We will talk about why somebody might get one of these and what kind of tattoos you might see when someone raises their arm into the air.

Why are Armpit Tattoos Popular?

The armpit tattoo is an easy one to hide. However, this is probably not the reason somebody gets an armpit tattoo. You won’t see too many people with an armpit tattoo for their first one. This is icing on the cake for a tattoo fan. The armpit tattoo will spark conversation and get people to ask why.

Armpit tattoos usually have a them of some sort. The shape of the armpit tattoo must fit the concave shape of the space being used. You might see tattoos that incorporate armpit hair or tattoos that look like they can open and close like the armpit does.

In other cases, the armpit tattoo can look like something that is being released. Imagine the armpit as a cage and you are releasing whatever is tattooed back into the wild. You may see birds, butterflies or something even creepier like a spider. You can get really creative with an armpit tattoo and below are some of our favorites.

Floral Armpit tattoo

The armpit is perfect for most floral tattoos. The shape of most blooming flowers form a circular shape that will fit nicely in the underarm area.

The rose is an obvious choice. The flower of love is one of the most popular floral tattoos to get. However, different color roses symbolize different things. A yellow rose might represent protection against jealous lovers or mature love. White roses represent mysticism or purity. Pink roses symbolize innocence and healing. Finally, red roses are the symbol of passion and love.

A daisy also fit well in the space of the armpit. This flower has grown with popularity over the years. Not only is it a beautiful looking flower, it fits nicely in the armpit. The symbolism of the daisy goes back to the days of powerful rulers. Because of this, the daisy can represent royalty and beauty.

Chrysanthemums are also popular armpit tattoos because of their shape and meaning. This Japanese flower has important meaning for the Far East and West. Cherry blossoms represent spring and the chrysanthemum is representative of fall because they bloom in autumn. It is said the chrysanthemum symbolizes perfection and longevity.

We also see a lot of lotus flowers being tattooed in the armpit. The lotus represents purity of the mind, speech and body in the Buddhist religion. Whether you get it the lotus armpit tattoo for those reasons or because it’s a beautiful flower, it’s going to garner a lot of attention.

Shark Armpit Tattoo

The shark armpit tattoo is also a popular variation people get. It works perfectly with the lifting and closing of the arm. When the arm is lifted, it is supposed to appear as if the shark is opening it’s mouth. This can be a surprising tattoo to see if you are not expecting it, but it is a really cool one when you recognize what it is. People associate the shark with being mean and scary but in this case, it brings the fun out in a situation.

Vagina Armpit Tattoo

The vagina armpit tattoo also seems to be a popular one. We’re not exactly sure why this tattoo is so popular to be placed in the armpit, but it happens to be. These tattoos are usually gotten in jest and to stir up a reaction. You will see many people incorporate the hair from the armpit into this tattoo as to create a more realistic looking tattoo.

Hairy Armpit Tattoo

This tattoo coincides with the hairy armpit tattoo. However, you can get really creative using the hair of the armpit as decoration on a tattoo in the armpit. One of our favorites is seeing the troll tattoo in the armpit. If you don’t remember the trolls with the spikey hair, we suggest taking a look. These toys first came out around 1960 but made a reoccurrence in the 90’s and most recently in 2016 with the movie called ‘Trolls’. When the troll is tattooed in the armpit, the armpit hair can be used for the troll’s head and in effect, creating a really unique and hilarious tattoo. After all, the point of getting a tattoo is to have fun and to get reactions out of it. One sure fire way to get a reaction is with a troll tattoo with your armpit hair.

As you might gather, the armpit tattoo is a lot of fun for the people getting it. Tattoo enthusiasts will usually use the armpit as a way to create a unique tattoo while using the opening and closing of the arm as part of the show. You can go a lot of different directions when getting an armpit tattoo. We hope that by reading this you get a better idea of some of the things you can do with an armpit tattoo.

If you are having trouble deciding on a tattoo or you need some help finding your perfect artist, reach out to us. We would love to help you with a recommendation.

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