Atheist Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Atheist tattoos, which fall into the “skeptic tattoo” category, are designs meant to show people’s pride in being atheists or to bring awareness to atheism. There are actually a bunch of symbols and larger designs to choose from now, so atheists can easily tweak their tattoos to make them their own. Below you will find some information on atheist tattoos, including the meanings behind these designs and some of the ways that you can get them inked on your skin.

Obviously, the main reason why people decide to get atheist tattoos is because atheism is part of who they are and they simply want to show that through a design. Some people see this as atheists trying to push their beliefs onto others, but the vast majority of these tattoos are simply a way for people to show part of who they are. In fact, these atheist tattoos can very much be compared to religious tattoos as most people are getting them for themselves rather than trying to bring attention to what they have on their skin.

Some people take this a step further and want to show their full-blown pride in their beliefs (or non-beliefs, depending on your take on it). In these cases, the owners of these tattoos want people to see them because they want others to know that atheism is a part of their lives. These tattoos are usually placed in very visible parts of the body, such as on the hand, wrist, forearm, or even the neck area.

As we pointed out up top, sometimes the point in getting atheism tattoos is to show others that atheism is a really widespread thing that a lot of people “believe” in. Some still think that atheism is quite rare, so these tattoos can make it clear that there are atheists all over the globe. In these cases, people usually get the well-known atheist symbols as a way of showing comradery with all other atheists.

Yet another reason why some people get their atheist tattoos is to let other atheists know that it’s okay to go public with their atheism rather than keeping it to themselves. It is a way for an individual to show others that it’s okay to say that you don’t believe in any gods and that there are other people out there that feel the same way. This is another atheism tattoo that is usually placed on a visible spot of the body since the people who have them want others to look at it and talk about their tattoos.

Just about all of the atheist tattoos that you’ll see will have some type of “A” in the design, sometimes more than one A. They are usually very simple designs, so some people will choose a unique font to make their tattoos stand out a bit more. What’s great about these tattoos’ simplicity, though, is that they work very well as small tattoos and can be placed anywhere on the body. In most cases, these are also very inexpensive tattoos, and that’s another pro for some people.

One common atheist tattoo design found in the United States is the American Atheist logo tattoo, which has a small A inside of an atomic whirl. The whirl is based on the Rutherford model of the atom, which atheists use to show that only through science can humanity get better as a whole.

The whirl itself is the most complex part of these tattoos, and it’s important to make it look accurate if you decide to go this route with your design. Many tattoo shops already have this design in their books, so it could be as easy as just walking in and picking a place to put the symbol.

That atomic whirl is also used in many other atheist tattoos and can easily be added to just about any atheist tattoo idea you can think up. In fact, probably about 70 percent of all atheist tats have some form of the whirl included. It’s definitely a good idea to include it if you are trying to bring attention to the movement or you are attempting to make it clear that you are an atheist to others.

Another popular atheist tattoo design is that of an A surrounded by DNA. This is a nice way of showing that atheism is part of who you are and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. These are the atheist tats that are often the most complex because people will choose to get the DNA in a realistic way. Plus, DNA tattoos look fantastic as forearm tattoos, so some atheists will want to go all out with their designs.

A big part of the atheist belief system is evolution, so many people choose to include each step of humanity’s evolutionary progress in their designs. An easy way to do this is to get a circular or semicircular design and have an ape slowly evolving into man around the A or the atomic whirl. Obviously, these tattoos will take a bit more work to design and will be a little bit more expensive since there are more images being included.

Most people take a lot of pride in their atheist tattoos, so you will usually see them on very visible parts of the body. You don’t have to get your tattoo on your arm, hand, or neck, but these are the spots that people choose when they want others to know that atheism is part of who they are. If you aren’t trying to bring attention to it or you simply want to show your pride in different ways, don’t think it’s not okay to place it somewhere else. It can work just as well as a rib, back, chest, or leg tattoo if you prefer to get it in one of those spots.

As you can see, there are many reasons why people choose to get their atheist tattoos and quite a few ways to get these tattoos created on your skin. If you are interested in getting one, be sure to find a good artist in your area to do the work for you.

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